"Alright, no need for the sass." She commented, thinking further. She stepped closer to him, looking down, hands on her hips.

"You...don't get to be vulnerable very often. Your times of being vulnerable are often related to weakness, so you are more drawn to sexual or relationship situations where there's a clear power dynamic. It's why you are so mesmerised by Astrid; she gives you an excuse to hand yourself over to her without feeling entirely powerless. But...you only like being this way by choice...you want enough power to choose when you want to be submissive..."

She leaned down, looking him in the eyes, trying to study him.

"You're so complex..." She muttered. "So much to unpack...so much to unravel. But was I right? You like to be dominated in private?"

Played By: Vyreia
Simon leaned back a little from her as she drew in close, then slumping in his seat, arms crossed, he glanced off to the side as he muttered, "Maybe... some times.... Alright, yes. That is something I enjoy."

He blushed a little, then looking back at her he said, "And some times I like to dominate. Everyone likes change... I like some pretty dark stuff in fact. But not all the time."

Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea after all but.

Folding his arms back onto the chair, looking strait up at her he said, "Ok, next question. I haven't actually seen your real body yet, remember? I intend to..."

But he wasn't so sure that would happen..
Jodie looked carefully at him.

"You've never truly divulged in your darkest fantasies with anyone. Not even spoken of them. Dreamt about them, been close...but you've never experienced anything like it and you're aching to try at least once." She spoke without really thinking. But she was really starting to study him now.

Played By: Vyreia
Jodie blinked, and then stood back up, humming. She sighed, and soon pulled her shirt off, showing the top half of her voluptuous figure.

"You like when women cheat on their partners for you because it feels like more of a success on your part."

Played By: Vyreia
Simon heaved a deep, satisfied sigh as he looked at Jodie.

Yes... that was nice. But when she asked her next question he smirked and said with a shake of his head, "You reeeally like to think the worst of me, don't you? Ah but no. That would be a no." He then began to eye her up and down in a very obvious way.

This was definitely more fun then thinking about Yulianna...
Jodie clenched her jaw. Well, she hadn't wanted to think bad of him but...it just sounded that way. Rolling her eyes, she next went for her jeans. But...she hesitated, looking down at her fingers that rested on the button. It was like she was trapped in a sudden thought. But she had to push through. So, she started unfastening them, sliding them off before stepping out, revealing the rest of her figure.

But even as she stood there, despite trying to appear comfortable and confident, her expression was shaky. She had to look away, forcing her hands away from fidgeting with her nails.

"You want to sleep with me because the more you hear about my insecurities and dislike for sex, the more you want to be the one to change it and imprint on me like you have for other women. You want me as a conquest and another notch in your belt."

Played By: Vyreia
Simon had been enjoying the show, not noticing her insecurities at first as he was paying more attention to her beautiful body... But at her words his face sobered up, and he looked down, lips pressed firmly together.

Why did she have to ask that?

He glanced up at her and noted how she twisted her fingers together, how she stood, her expression...

He felt a little guilt creeping in. But it wasn't like he had twisted her arm. Still...

Shaking his head he said, "You wouldn't be just a notch Jodie."

He ran his fingers through his hair, almost nervously, then said, "But you are basically right on all that. Because I am a creepy loser. A creep who... who made a... a game out of your questions so I had an excuse to see you naked. Because I knew I would never have any other chance."

Gesturing at her he said, "You are just... so fucking beautiful! And you are able to pull my card on just about everything. Like you know me. And yet you still want to be my friend... I don't get you Jodie."
She swallowed, grabbing the other chair and seating herself, taking a long breath. She could handle this...but she was already feeling that little nag to just...tweak herself. Just a little bit. Maybe he wouldn't even notice...but she forced herself not to.

"You don't get me...so why not take your chance and play the game too?" She asked, looking up at him.

Played By: Vyreia
Simon looked back at her a moment in silence, then said with a nod.

"Alright... my turn is it?"

He looked at her hard, then said, "You don't have a good relationship with your father."

It was a good guess..
Jodie lifted her chin.

"Start with your shoes." She spoke simply before continuing. "My father and I are very close. I was always known as a daddy's girl. He liked to do trainspotting, and sometimes took me camping when I was little."

She cleared her throat, waving her hand to signal the next question.

Played By: Vyreia
Simon raised his brows in surprise. Damn... every girl who slept with... "You me to tell me you don't have daddy issues?.. Oh alright!"

He smiled, then kicked his shoes off, exposing only a pair of black socks. He then said, "I suppose you are expecting me to catch up in questions? That is why I have to go again? Well alright then, uhm… One of your favorite things about this job is that it gives you an excuse to be in any body other than your own."
Simon's face registered shock, his brows jumped. Did she know that because of her digging? But then wouldn't she had phrased that differently? How did...? What?!

He probably looked as uncomfortable as he felt.

Simon drummed his fingers on his arms a moment, then said, "Mrs Iver as made you transform into Petra."

Well it wasn't a denial... He was asking the next question because it was his turn! Obviously...
Jodie's eyebrows raised significantly. She...actually hadn't been certain about that one. It had been based off a few off-hand jokes at Simon's expense during drunk nights out with the Watchdogs. Or was it just rumours? She wasn't entirely sure where the notion had come from, but it had become a suspicion more as time went by. But now she knew it was true.

Clearly, they were not pleasant experiences.

At his statement, she recoiled a little, and then started to shake her head. "She asked...but never made me. And Petra was far too willing to drop everything and come to her need for me to step in."

She nodded to him.

"Your shirt."

Played By: Vyreia
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