Simon looked at the woman a moment, stunned, then crowed down by Jodie as well, his hands on the bars as he said in a hurried voice, "Yuli. Yuli! Are you alright?!"

His face was stricken. He knew her oh so well...

"Why are you hear?!" he added, his confusion apparent.

Was she... having herself smuggled out of the country maybe? Odd way to do it...
Yuliana scrunched her eyes closed, her hand coming up to press her hand against her forehead, clearly dizzy from something. She began to crack open her eyes. It was good that the cargo hold wasn't nearly as bright as up on deck, but it was still a shock to her system without the blanket covering her. She squinted at Simon, trying to piece together his face and voice.

And then it hit her.

She gasped, lunging her hand forward and gripping his fingers through the bar.

"Simon! Vhat...Vhy are you here? Vhat are you doing?" She began to press herself up upright, neck clearly stiff from strain. "You are here to rescue me?"

Played By: Vyreia
"I wish I was..." said Simon, looking back into her eyes. "I am just here to watch over the cargo that belongs to Astrid Iver..."

He glanced at Jodie, then looking back at Yulianna he said, "I guess... you are part of that cargo... but... why? I don't understand...."

His head was spinning. Did Astrid some how know and...? No. She couldn't. And why would Yulianna be of interest above any other?
Yuliana's expression dropped, and she visibly slumped back.

"Oh..." She pressed her lips together. But soon her brows furrowed together, and she glanced up. "Astrid Iver? I...I don't understand. I vas on my vay back home and vas jumped on in street. Middle of street! Zhere vere people around and none of zhem care; it vas not even all zhat dark; lights vere around and nobody even vatch...like I am ghost. Zhey don't tell me vhy zhey take me; put bag over my head and gag me. I tried to scream and break out, and zhen I am made to drink..."

She glanced around her.

"And now...I am cargo?"

Played By: Vyreia
Jodie bit her lip.

"Yes...I think so. I think...Mistress Iver may have bought you, and arranged for you to be shipped out to her rings for some reason. Perhaps you will become part of her new feature. Apparently the VIP sections are getting lingerie waitresses...it might not be ideal but...there's worse, right? I can't think of anything else why she would want to buy a woman."

But she knew as she said the words, that they didn't make sense. And that was why she was saying them. It was to either offer hope or to allow Yuliana to come to her own realisation. But if Astrid really wanted women as servers, she would not have to kidnap them and ship them in secret. She would simply pay them...

Played By: Vyreia
Simon stared back in silence. He felt like he was going to be sick, but finally he said, "Do you owe a big debt? Did you have enemies that might have... sold you as repayment?"

Looking at Jodie then and knitting his brow he said, "Does Mrs Iver… Normally do this? Kidnap people for her entertainment?"

He didn't think of Yulianna as a fighter...

Then he remembered she was also a werewolf... He knew far better than Jodie what Yulianna was likely meant for.
Jodie grimaced.

"In her eyes, she's simply paying for their service just...not directly to them. But...yes. This isn't an common thing." She shook her head. "This doesn't even make any sense! She doesn't do this to random women...criminals maybe. But not innocents...Surely not..."

Played By: Vyreia
"I don't know..." said Simon, shaking his head. "But... she... has these fighting rings. Sort of like... well think Roman gladiator games and such. I think she might want you to fight in them..."

He knew his words were probably confusing Jodie. Looking to her then he said, "I'm not sure Mrs Iver considers her human..." He glanced at Yulianna, but he couldn't see a point in hiding her secret at the moment. Looking back at Jodie he said, "She's a werewolf."

It would be perfect for Astrid. Likely she considered Yulianna a beast. And she wouldn't have to worry about her refusing to fight because... well if she didn't get her wolfbane potion she would fight anything on a full moon regardless of her human desires..
Jodie took a deep breath, closing her eyes.

"Fuck." She whispered, massaging her temples. "A fighter...and a pretty face. She's the perfect mix. Why am I even surprised..."

She looked back to Yuliana, frowning.

"I'm sorry."

Played By: Vyreia
Yuliana grit her teeth, and then banged angrily on the bars.

"Net! You do not just put on sad eyes and say sorry! Your mistress stole me from life to parade around show like animal! You help me get out of here." She turned to Simon. "You vill help me out, da? Ve are still friends. I just got life back on track...you remember me helping you so long ago?"

Played By: Vyreia
Simon took a deep breath, looked ready to speak, but then a curious expression came to his face. He looked back and forth between Jodie and Yulianna a moment before saying in a suspicious tone,

“Wait a minute... is this some sort of sick test? Jodie... is this really your shapeshifter friend? Or sister? You are only here with me so I can be certain it’s not you, but it’s to see how I’ll react? If I’m loyal enough to our mistress? That’s it, isn’t it? Or it is Yulianna, but the kidnapping was a set up. You are suppose to report back if I wavered, or tried to help her, or whatever...”

It was all making so much sense now...
Yuliana's eyes widened. She saw Jodie also confused, about to speak, but Yuliana beat her to it. She lunged her arm out of the bars and gripped Simon by the collar.

"Net! Are you some kind of idiot!?" She yelled, clearly getting angry at the accusation. "You zhink I am so villing to just hop in box on boat to novhere so zhat you can have little test!? It is zhe middle of Summer - I cannot be avay from home! I have Olivia back zhere; she is home alone! She vill vorry. She cannot be left like zhis - she is just a kid and shouldn't be vorrying about me like zhis and you are here accusing me of doing zhis on purpose like sick freak!?"

Played By: Vyreia
Simon calmly reached up, peeled Yulianna's fingers from his collar, then stepping back he said, "You don't know what you are talking about Yuli. Of course I was not implying that "Yulianna Petrovna" is in on a plot... I was implying that you are either not who you say you are... or you were "kidnapped" only to test me."

He then looked at Jodie and said, "You think I am playing around here? Please... answer my question?"
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