Magda blinked, but then nodded to Ivan's words.

"Ya! What Captain says. And if I ever need it I can always use magic or a wig or something. it's only hair. But it's far more practical this way." She smiled.

In reality, she was extremely happy to finally get a good change after so long. She loved her hair...but this would be good for her, she was sure of it.

Played By: Vyreia
“Captain?” Said Nathan, looking over to Ivan who merely shrugged.

“Alright Captain...” he said slowly, “We can do it your way. Although I don’t like your implication that my idea was a lie to my wife. Your men are animals. All men are really. I realize this mor and more now that I have a daughter.”

Waving a hand at them then he said, “Alright. Go... wait.” He leaned forward in his seat, peering at Magda a moment before saying, “One word of advice... Don’t start dating, or sleeping with a Watchdog. Leads to unnecessary drama, you are only planning to be with them for a month or so, and I don't think Astrid would be very pleased with you. Let us not remind her so soon that you are most definitely not your sister.”
Magda ducked her head a little. "I wasn't really planning to date or uhm...or sleep with any."

Not that she hadn't thought about it. Of course, one thing that did make her wildly different from Petra was the fact that she found Nathan rather attractive. She knew exactly why Astrid had gone for him, but had kept that little piece of insight away from her sister. Even as Petra had expressed confusion, Magda had remained quiet about it. But just...looking at him alone...

Magda turned her face away, ignoring the pink on her cheeks at the ideas floating in her head.

"Thank you, Sir." She said simply.

Played By: Vyreia
Nathan noticed nothing, having already returned to his paper work. But as the door closed behind them, and they began to walk down the hall, Ivan said,

“Why were you blushing just now?” Looking ahead he said, “I vould think vorking with Mrs Iver so many years you would be use to worse then question about your romanic intentions... which he is right about of course. Do not get involved with any of them.”
"What?" Magda said suddenly, snapping her eyes up at him. "U-uhm...nothing. No reason." She looked away again, clearing her throat as she pushed her hair back over her shoulder.

"It's different coming from him. He has a different air to him. Don't you feel a little more unnerved when Mrs Iver asks you intimate questions?"

Played By: Vyreia
“Yes,” said Ivan a bit stiffly, “But Mr Iver does not...”

Ok that wasn’t true. Nathan talking about everything. But...

“Ok, I see your point.” He said. “But she is very invasive. No boundaries. She is most...”

But then he suddenly fell silent, pressing his lips together before saying in a controlled tone, “She makes Mr Iver happy. That is most important. She is a fine, intelligent woman.”

He walked on a bit further then before saying, “You won’t... really act as her spy, yes? I am putting my neck out for you and I don’t need that right now.”
Magda furrowed her brow as she walked.

"No. Jodie is her spy, not me. And remember, if anyone tries to impersonate me," She looked up at him, offering a toothy smile. "my favourite flower is still a daisy. Even with a new look, I still like pretty flowers."

She was actually excited. Perhaps a little too hopeful, but the idea of being a part of Watchdogs, to be someone different, to perhaps be herself for once...it was all very exhilaration.

"So when do I get to start training?"

Played By: Vyreia
"Right now," said Ivan, his eyes still forward, a determined look on his face. "And your favorite flower won't be daisy. It will be snapdragon. Same with everyone else I trust.'

" You make good point about this Jodie." he said going on, "She is loyal to Astrid first. Not saying this is bad thing but... Watchdogs is loyal to what is best for Iver Hall and all occupants. Jodie is a spy, we are protectors. Different jobs. Besides... I want to protect my security from their games. The idle rich get bored too easily I think."

Leading her outside then he said, " first rule you must embrace. When it comes to security we know better than them. They think they know more but they don't. We protect them from themselves. One on one... Mr Iever would beat me maybe 9 out of 10 times. Doesn't matter. Does not mean he really has the ability to protect himself or Iver Hall. He knows how to throw strong spells around. Does not mean he knows offensive and defensive strategy. It does not mean he know all elaborate security spells. It does not mean that he has the time effort or presence of mind to constantly be on his guard and watching his own back, as well as his wife's and now newborn daughter. You understand this?"

He said, stopping and looking at her. " if they dig their fingers too deeply into security matters it is not good for us... And it is not good for them. They forget sometimes that just because their blood is pure... they don't bleed less easily than regular people."
Magda looked up at him as he spoke, listening carefully to his words. This was all very real. It was happening right now. He was going to train her to be a Watchdog, a real one. Maybe it was just to ensure protection of his employers, but maybe it was also because he wanted to give her a purpose. Both were honourable reasons.

She stopped with him, nodding.

"I understand." She pressed her lips together. "If I'm honest...I've always been more of the follower. Petra came up with a lot of the strategies; I just took a lot of the brute force into it. Is that where I would be best? Or should I also learn how to think strategically?"

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan pursed his lips, then said, "That is good question... and difficult one to answer. Honestly I like having followers who don't question my orders, or Kyle's. In a tricky situation? Look to Marcus Reef, or Caleb Pryer, or maybe someone more experienced. I think that is best for now. If you have no goals of one day getting higher position..."

But stopping himself he shook his head and said, "I forgot. Plan is for you to be here two months tops. So don't worry. Yes. You leave strategic thinking to me and Mr Bowden. Now I have first task for you. Go send a message to Mr Bowden. Tell him there needs to be a meeting tonight with all available employees."