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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Ciceron knew what the dosage was. He knew he was supposed to ration it over two to three days. But after the screaming match he'd just had, and the built up emotions festering inside his heart, he knew he couldn't even bring himself to care about the possible side effects. He'd climbed the tower, fidgeting with the bag, already feeling as though he was in a transcendent other world.

But he made it to the lab, clearing off a table without thought for Viola's notes, and carefully poured the powder into strips. He wasted little time getting to it.

By the time he'd taken two doses, he could already feel the affects heavy on his mind; hands felt light, colours vivid, eyelids heavy. He couldn't resist one more hit, and soon tried to stand immediately after, swaying before grinning wildly. He meandered over to the window, watching out over the acres, the air seeming to dance around him.

This...this was great.
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When Danica first arrived at the tower she opened the ground level door and entered. It was cold, and dark inside the first floor lab.

“Ron,” she called out into the dark.

Odd how her voice seemed to be swallowed up in the black. She crept a few more steps in and felt a shiver run up her spine. It was as though the very walls were watching her.... suddenly she heard a nice and she whipped around, eyes wide but.... there was nothing. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was not alone.

Finally she found a door, just as she was going to give up. Opening it she saw a stair case twisting up.... beginning to ascend she was glad she had changed her clothing. Gone was the beautiful dress. Now she wore a dark maroon blouse, wide belt and a pair of black jeans, cuffed at the bottom because of the length. They were Astrid’s after all... oddly enough as she had never seen the woman wear anything as casual as jeans. Perhaps she and Nathan liked to spice up things in the bedroom by roll playing as normal people? They were also a bit tight as Astrid apparently wasn’t quite as curvy as Danica, but they would do.

She had searched for Astrid and Nathan, but had been told they went for a walk to the stables?! Of all times... But she quickly slipped up to Astrids room, and found a rack in her giant, walk in closet, of pre pregnancy clothing. She was sure she wouldn’t mind...

ABut she also quickly discovered that Astrids feet were much narrower than her own, so giving ip, and beginning to worry about her husband, she hurried out, slipping out a servants door so as not to be seen. And wouldn’t you know it... her heals were no longer in the garden! Some busybody had apparently brought them in and likely given them to security.

No time!

She had made her way down the foot path to the tower....

When she finally found Ciceron... she did not know what to say. How could she save him from himself if he didn’t even want to see her? But she was not a little mouse. She was not a York woman. If Ciceron wanted her to be both strong and self sufficient... but al so meek and docile... he had married the wrong woman! He did that! No one forced him to propose! And so she was here.

She looked at the back of his head a moment, took a deep breath, then said, “Ron...”

She waited until he had turned, then said, “you should not be alone... you took something that could be dangerous to you....”
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Ciceron's head seemed to lull to the side as he turned to face her in the darkness. He gave a sardonic smile, resting back against the edge of the window. His thoughts felt fuzzy, and he could barely decipher between anger and peace.

"What did I take?" He spoke, tone uneven. "I've never stolen anything from Iver Hall...well, not recently but..."

He sniffed, lifting his hand up and wiping his nose, eyes hooded as he looked over her.

"When did you get that outfit. You look like...well...you..." He gestured to her. "You have good childbearing hips, y'know...nice thighs...you should wear tight jeans like that more often..."

He began to slide down the wall a little, but propped himself up.

"Do you..." He sniffed. "Do you want to share some Litka with me?" He spoke, gesturing to the rest of the powder on the table, apparently giving the substance a name.
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Wow... she had never seen him like this! If she hadn’t know she would have thought he was a bad imposted!

Child barring hips! The nerve! Danica smoother her hands over them a moment as though to press them in.

“It’s Astrid’s. I borrowed it. I didn’t want to tear the hem of my dress even more and... I didn’t know if I would be needing to pick you up off the floor.”

Danica eyed the power, then said, “And no...I don’t want any. And I think you are done.” Walking over towards it she said,

“How much did you take? That man.. Jasper... he said you really must not double dose.”
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Ciceron burst into laughter, leaning closer to the edge of the windowsill.

"Double!? Ha! No-no, of course not double. Triple perhaps but..." He gave a dismissive wave, but then saw her approaching the powder, his expression changing.

"Hey! Back off!" He stumbled forward, striding toward her as if to intercept. "I'm not finished. Why are you here anyway? Can't you just let me enjoy one thing without trying to ruin it? Merlin, what is with the women in my life. All a set of harpies, intent on destroying the only things I find enjoyable."

He stepped in front of her, stopping her of getting any closer, brows furrowed.
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Danica’s eyes flashed.

“I am not going to let you destroy your life!” She snapped. “I am not going to let you kill yourself tonight and I am not going to let you rely on this shit to make it bearable! This is the last time you will take this, do you hear? You think you hate your life now? Just wait until you can’t even function with out taking a hit.”

Softening her tone then she brought her hands up to his face and said, “Think about what you are doing? Think about everything you care about? All of it, gone. What would Nathan say if he knew?”
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Ciceron pulled his face away, seemingly uncomfortable as he shuffled from foot to foot.

"He'd probably berate me or something. Not for my sake, but for the fact that I'm simply around to help him solve his problems. Probably shake his head and tell me what a disgrace I am; he should have never let me marry into his family, blah blah blah."

He turned away, sitting heavily at the table and holding his head in his hands, sniffling. Just a moment ago, he felt on top of the world, floating around enjoying the feeling, but now...it felt like a ton had been dropped on his shoulders. Before she could stop him, he had turned and taken another dose quickly, squeezing his eyes shit and knocking his head back.

"Everything I care about leaves eventually. Why spend the time getting attached when I know it's going to vanish. You'll leave me too..."
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Danica gasped when he took another dose, then marching up to the table she raised her hand and slashed it across the remaining rows of powder, knocking it into the air and onto the floor, at the same time hitting the bottle that contained the rest so that it went across the room, smashing against the wall.

Turning to look at him then, she shook a finger in his face and said angrily, "You are the one leaving me! You asked me for a divorce more than once tonight already! I am the only one who has a right to hurt over who is leaving who!"
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Ciceron's eyes widened as his property was thrown about, and he stood up, far too quick for his liking. He felt drunk. Hazy even. And he stared down at her, teeth gritted.

"Then tell me the truth. Did you cheat on me?"
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"You really think I am carrying on with Astrid?" She said, blinking wide and surprise. "My cousin's wife?! Well let me tell you... If I even liked women I would not go after one who was nine months pregnant! With my cousin's baby! At a wedding in front of everyone! Why does everyone take me for a simpleton?! If I did do that it would be because I wanted to be seen and make you jealous!"

Crossing her arms and tapping her foot on the ground she said, " I told you I was talking to her about how to deal with our fight! She was giving me advice. She did lean over and kiss me... Which I was completely taken aback by... By way of describing how it was I could approach you in a way that might be both surprising and seductive. Why do men think that anytime two women kiss, or hold hands, or do anything of the sort, that means there is sexual tension between them! It's because if men did it it would mean there was. But it's not the same for women! Get that through your thick skull. We are comfortable showing each other affection without worrying that the other is now in love with us. Let me guess," she said, angrily knocking some loose curls out of her face,

"Who is your closest friend? I bet you have never even given him a hug because that would just be too much! No wonder men like you are such physical creatures when it comes to showing affection... It's because you are repressed from it when you are not actually with a woman!"

She turned from him, tossing her head and crossing her arms, but then she said over her shoulder, "You are just angry that you weren't there to see it. I know how you men are..."
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"The closest thing I have to a friend is Nathan...and he is my boss." Ciceron said blandly, starting to feel a wave of drowsiness before holding his head with his hand.

He frowned, turning away also, stumbling toward the window.

"He hasn't even bothered to come see me. I need him..." He felt his legs buckle, and his knees hit the concrete floor with a hard crack. But he didn't feel it, staring out the window, edging closer. "I need him to tell me what to do now, to advise me like I had to him. He asks me all the time what to do about Astrid; he loves her a lot...he doesn't want to lose her, but he's never even suggested leaving her. Maybe I'm weak...maybe I should have let you marry Jonathan Black. I'm sure he still has a warrant out for my death."

He leaned over the windowsill, looking at the hard ground below.

"I keep saying I want to divorce you...but who am I kidding. You have me by the balls. If I divorce you, Nathan will shove me out of the circle for disgracing his family. What a fool I was for marrying a woman like you...my better in every way, and I am sat here crying like a coward. There will always be someone you lust after more than me...I bet that kiss with Astrid was more pleasurable than anything I've ever done to you..."
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Danica winced as Ciceron’s knees hit the ground. That was going to hurt in the morning. And then he went on, feeling very sorry for himself. She wondered what was true and was was the drug.

She inched forward a bit, listening to all he had to say and when he finally came to the part about her having him by the balls she almost smiled... but a frown followed at once. He felt he couldn’t leave her because Nathan would say no. Which was true enough. She could hear him already. But that wasn’t what she had hoped to hear...

She looked to the side and say a large glass bottle. She wanted to throw it at his inconsiderate head! But... surely he wasn’t himself.

She walked over to where he knelt, looking out the window. She then pressed her back to the wall beside him, then slid down until she was sitting on the ground, just looking at him.

Finally she said, “Very craft of you to convince yourself you are the one sucked into marrying me and that you are pitiable because I had ulterior motives. Yet you are the one who basically married me to please your boss and reclaim a family name that was lost to you. You didn’t even know me and you swooped in and courted me, impressed me, played the perfect part because you knew how to play a woman like a fiddle. And then once you had me you regretted it. I wasn’t what you wanted after all. You married me to fix your life and now you wish you could throw me away like I was a broken tool.”

She took a breath, then said carefully, “Is Viola’s son yours?”
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Ciceron stared forward.

"If I really wanted to impress Nathan, I would have married Rose." He said bluntly.

But then she asked her question, and he turned his head to face her, staring her in the eyes.

"I don't know." He frowned, looking once again to stare at Iver Hall. "When I married you, I begged every God out there, every figure out there, that he isn't mine. I picked you because I thought you was different, something special...you would be good for me, and would help me reach a better potential. That...and your wit and intelligence was simply..."

He inhaled sharply at the memory.

"Simply the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Every time I cast my eyes upon you, I gladly signed another piece of myself to you. I wanted you to be mine, simply so I could be yours. I wanted to feel what it would be like to have a woman such as you look across a room and say to her friends 'that one's mine.' I wanted you to ruin me for every other woman out there."

He looked down again, almost wishing he could be down there with the flowerbeds.

"I thought I'd found happiness with you. And then suddenly Viola was pregnant. Nathan and Astrid were at each other's throats. Ivan was being forced to leave Iver Hall. Emilia was back to remind me how much I fucked up. But despite all of that...I still had you. The one thing I had done right...and then I am reminded that I am Ciceron York, and my entire life is a series of fuck ups and failures."

He was silent for a long moment.

"I had a dream I would die tonight."
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Danica felt that familiar squeeze in her chest. Couldn’t he stop and think for one moment how he hurt her with every word?! Why was she no longer good enough? It wasn’t just because of a name... but then he said his last words and her head snapped up.

“A dream?” She said. She knew his dreams. His dreams were visions! Viola’s child could be his?! She couldn’t deal with that now. Who was Emilia? Didn’t matter....

Danica climbed to her knees, then sitting back on her heels she reached out and took hold of his real hand, with her other she took out her wand (which she had retrieved from security)and then waved it quickly over their hands, muttering a spell on her breath. Suddenly clamps began to form around their wrists with a magical chain forming between them. Looking up at Ciceron she said, “You are not throwing yourself from that window unless you intend to take me with you! And I won’t let you do anything else either! Unless that drug kills you then that is that!”

It was only after the impulsive move that she began to question her judgement in that moment...
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Ciceron snapped his head up, furrowing his brows and staring at her.

"What are you-" His words were cut off by hers, and he had to take a moment to consider what was happening. She would want to die with him? No, surely not. She just wanted him to think that in order to reconsider. How had she known he was intending to throw himself from the window?

Perhaps his consistent staring had made it obvious.

But perhaps it was just the push he needed. He surged forward, pressing his lips against hers, pushing her back until she was on the floor, his body on top of hers as he used the magical bind to hold her hand above her head, his hips pressing against hers. He slid his hand down, internally revelling in the feeling of those tight jeans hugging her curves. He didn't exactly know what had made him so aroused, but he could feel it now, and it was likely she could to.

His lips moved to her neck, and he began to lick up her skin to her earlobe. Huh. Make up? Why was she wearing make up on her neck? Was that normal? It must have been. The skin felt a little different under his tongue. Perhaps it was a mole. He couldn't remember ever seeing a mole but...why was he even thinking about that?! The drug clearly made him hypersensitive about tiny details!