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Stories taking place in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.
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Blain Tudor, Knockturn Betting Co.

Magical ★ Debt Collector
Dependable, explains why he hadn't been tossed the man's jobs...and he judged by the fact he'd never met him that he kept to himself. He was asking for somethin more personal, did the man have a family? On second thought that wasn't his business. Did the man live in another country? That might explain his request to be owled his jobs.
"You've never wondered about your co-workers?" His hand still in his pockets. "and I mean really wondered about who they were?" He added to his question.

"Guy's been a mystery to us all. We humans don't like not knowing at least a little after all."
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Mark Binx, The Blue Lagoon

Magical ★ Accountant
Seeing as most of them were family...and he knew them no. Those who weren't were family friends.
"Not...really." He said, his foot finally stepping out of the dark alley way. "Well...thanks." He offered the man a handshake but dropped it. "Somethings, curiosity kills the cat Mister Tudor." He gave one last head shake before heading down the street.

Played By: Maki
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Blain Tudor, Knockturn Betting Co.

Magical ★ Debt Collector
"Not a problem." Though the hands never touched, the man handing him one last bit of advice before turning to leave. And as he did leave Blain just stared...wondering what that even meant. Curiosity kills the cat?
"huh...ok." He muttered more so to himself, running his hand though his short hair. "Guess...I was the cat in that example. Good to know." His feet heading to his flat, cursing silently the fact he'd missed his tv show after all.