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 #26394  by Markus Green
He was late from work, a little too late for his liking as the moon highlighted what parts of the alleys it could touch he horridly made is way down it. Usually he'd use the floo but for some reason it hadn't been working that week, they had started to think that someone had messed with it...though finding out who was not proving to be easy for them.

Pulling his jacket closer to him he saw the end, the main street in view just as a group of men. Gruff...homeless looking appear in front of him.
"Look it here boy's! Someone of Money!" The tone of the main screamed run, but the only way to go was deeper into the alley.

"I want no trouble, just on my way home." He tried to move around them, only to get shoved on the nearest wall.
"I said," The man cut in. 'Well ya found it.'
 #26395  by Blain Tudor
Nightcaps with his buddies, well work buddies always tended to run rather late. Something was would normally bother another person, to Blain it was fine. Given his job he could handle himself, and thus walking to his home in Knockturn alley hadn't been a problem. Sure at times he had to raise a fist...prove a point, and everytime it happened he did just that. Tonight was no different as he headed down the alleys that would get him home faster, after all how was he going to miss is t'v show and be happy about it? He wasn't.

He'd gotten down the second one when he saw the local homeless terrorizing another person, Something told him now he would be late.
"And what....might that be?" He appeared behind them, his eyes trialing up to see who they were bothering. Now it wasn't just him being a nice person, now it was personal. Rejected or not the man was still his blood.
"I'd suggest you move along, before I have to prove myself..." He looked at the group, a couple being people he'd had to put in their place before. "Again." He finished.

Pale, and warnings given to the other men about his temper they left. Blain shaking his head,
"Really? At this time of night?" He asked once the men were out of sight. "You should know what crawls out of their holes around here, given where you work." He reasoned.
 #26401  by Markus Green
The men did not seem to want to relent, the accountant starting to regret not taking Benji's offer to meet him in order to walk home with him. He was about to speak again, his hands in the air when someone else joined into the situation. He just hoped they weren't more friends of these men who seemed to have it out for him for no reason...Once he saw who it was he was wishing it was. He did still have his wand after all. Using it on these men and not dealing with the man who was his biological half brother? He'd take that, anyday.

"Work ran later, I have no power in that." And those papers needed done, he ran his hand through his longer hair and cleared his throat. "So um..thank you...I guess...I'm going to go now. Before anyone else gets their idea." He said, turning towards where the street was ready to welcome him.
 #26402  by Blain Tudor
His hand slapped his jeans, a sigh escaping his lips.
"Look mate, I'm sorry about barging into your place of work. I should have...I don't know...kept it to owling you...or something." He saw the man pause his steps a bit.
"Can I at least...walk you out?" He asked. "Just incase?"
 #26403  by Markus Green
He stopped, looking behind him. The man looked utterly defeated. He followed his own sigh, turning around he looked him over...nothing threatening about the request. The man seemed to be trying to respect his wished, hadn't hit him with the 'can we just get to know each other angle' just yet. While he didn't like it, this man hadn't given him any logical reason to be rude or defensive.
"Uh...sure." He waited for the man to catch up.

"Why are you walking down these area's anyway, if there so dangerous and all." He asked, trying to make polite conversation once they started walking.
 #26405  by Blain Tudor
Inwardly he cheered, seeing this as a success as he caught up with the taller man. His hand in his pockets he shrugged, he didn't look like he came from money...so no one really bothered him. Someone like his half brother who had obviously been adopted into money? They normally got bothered, and when they did it was usually Blain who broke it up.
"Place really doesn't bother me, I live around here actually."

"Actually two of the men bothering you tried the same thing with me when I first moved down here." He explained, "So, why not use the floo at your job?" He asked, trying to keep away from personal questions.
 #26406  by Markus Green
"You what?" He gave the man a look of 'why' as they walked, the shadows dancing around them. "This place isn't very...welcoming." He explained tryin not to be rude. "I wouldn't know why anyone would want to live here is all." He shrugged, not being offensive in the least. At least he thought he wasn't being offensive.

"Broke, we don't know how but we suspect someone's messed with it." He said, his one hand clutching his bag with financial information. Work he was once again bringing home. Work he'd be messing with till probably five am the next morning, not that it bothered him. He liked working with numbers. It wasn't a job to him.
 #26407  by Blain Tudor
He raised an eyebrow,
"Well, not everyone can afford to live in a nice area with a nice house." He chuckled, though he saw the man's point. With all the creeps around it wasn't the most...nicest place to call home.
"And it really doesn't bother me." He added, though he could see why it could bother others.

"Oh, well that explains it. You don't come down this way a lot then." Something he was happy about. He didn't know why though, it wasn't like he knew this man. He wanted to...but...
"Bringing work home?"
 #26522  by Markus Green
"You think, I'm that kind of person?" He shot back, turning to look at Blain. He hadn't grown up a Binx, Benji took him in when he was down and out. Before the system got to him after the attack on Batsu manor. He was far from privileged.
"I didn't grow up with these clothes, or anything you see on me." He countered. He didn't care if living in knockturn alley bothered the man anymore. He was offended at the accusation.

"No, I don't." He responded. "Because a few months ago I was still blind, and lets just say I knew better than to take these alley's with no sight." He added.
"As usual, what's it to you?"
 #26523  by Blain Tudor
Shocked at the come back from the younger man he blinked, processing....thinking about what he'd said to get that reaction. Obviously this guy had a chip on his shoulder about something to take his words so...personally.
"Woah, hold the fire. Meant nothing by it." He put his hands up in defense, maybe his wording had been wrong but...he didn't feel it warranted that.

"Blind?" He raised an eyebrow, motioning the man to go on walking. He didn't need to spend a lot of time dodging creeps while they made their exit.
"Nothing, just...respect man. Just respect." He said once the man started walking. "It's nice to see someone other than me bringing work home from the office."
 #26524  by Markus Green
He raised an eyebrow,
"Watch your mouth. Some of us earn our standing in society." He mused, Hold the fire....yeah right. The only thing he was holding was...the words he really wanted to say but was too polite to say them. Something the twins had been trying to put a stop to for years. 'Speak up Mark!' or 'Tell them how it is!' coming from their mouths.

"Don't ask." He merely said, turning to continue his pace. "I take it you work an office job then?" If the man brought papers home and all...normally such a thing indicated an office job.
 #26525  by Blain Tudor
'Noted.' He said, letting the subject matter go before any chance to get to know the man was gone. His hands back in his pockets he heard the leaves break under his boots.
"Actually I'm a debt collector." Inwardly happy the other man had been the first to change the subject. "Ever hear of knockturn betting Company?" He asked.
 #26526  by Markus Green
"Yes actually," He dodged some woman's arm carrying some belongings. "A friend of mine works there, same job title." He added, Though he knew that the Japanese man in question used it as a cover job and nothing else he assumed he did a few jobs now and then to keep it looking natural. He didn't think Mr. Takayama would be stupid enough to not keep up appearances.
"Short, Asian...moody?" He described him.
 #26527  by Blain Tudor
"Oh, your talking about the one that never shows in person." He put two and two together. There was one person with his job title that insisted he get his jobs via owl...all they really knew about him was he was Japanese. The rest? Well he didn't know if he was 6 foot or 4 foot, not that it mattered at the end of the day. Only would It matter if he was getting the mans jobs, which he never did. That meant the man was doing his job and keeping personal relationships out of it, nothing wrong with that.
"Wait," He paused, realizing what Mark had just said. "You know him? What's the dude even like mate?" He asked, now wanting to know.
 #26528  by Markus Green
He looked behind him, before focusing back on the road. Guess Shiro hadn't been lying when he said he refused to meet his boss's in person.
"Keeps to himself, dependable." He shrugged, not really knowing much else to say. After all he wasn't about to spout that Shiro just used his position as a cover job.
"Respectable." He added as an after thought. "Why? If you've never met him...you probably won't meet him in the future...so what's it matter?" After all, he didn't plan on bringing Blain into his personal matters. Blain wouldn't meet his brother, Prudence much less the Japanese man whom had helped them.