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 #26368  by Ciceron York
"Ah, yes. Uncle Donovan. If not him perhaps we name him after Uncle-"

He found himself cut off, his eyes snapping to Aidan in disbelief. He wasn't entirely sure what to do then, his focus shifting to Nathan.

"Perhaps ten minutes will do some good to establish a bond.It's vital for mother and baby to bond within the first eight hours of birth...we can decide firmly on a name later." He said sternly at the end to Aidan before turning to leave. "If anything happens, we'll be right outside."
 #26369  by Viola York
Viola lifted her head as soon as Aidan put his foot down. She furrowed her brows, watching carefully. Apparently the baby was called Dorian then...

She glanced up at Aidan, unsure quite what to say.

"That was kind of hot." She whispered, perhaps to herself. Her vision was a little foggy, but she was aware enough to know what was going on. "I've never seen you act like that. Who knew, all you needed to do was become a father. Easy stuff...easy..."
 #26373  by Nathan Iver
Nathan looked over at Aidan in surprise. He wasn’t sure wether to be angry or amused! Who did he think he was? Didn’t he know everything he had was because of him?!

But when Ciceron spoke Nathan looked over at him, then nodded, deciding to go with amused... But he had better not push it!

“We have something to discuss anyway...” he said, picking up his coffee mug and leaving with Ciceron.
 #26374  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan tried not to let Viola’s words affect him much. He knew she could blow hot and cold in an instant. But still... it felt rather good.

And she wasn’t arguing with the name! Had he won?...

Or maybe it was the pain killers she was on...

“They were pissing me off...” said Aidan, glaring at the door. “All my life Nathan had told me what to do because he supposedly knows better. Ciceron doesn’t remember I exist half the time, and you...” Aidan trailed off a moment before saying, “Well you plan to tell me what to wear, how to eat, how to dress, stand, and even make love... so I figure this is one thing I am going to decide.”

He was silent a moment, taking a seat again before saying, “But thank you for not shouting me down...”

Dorian began to squirm a bit, and then make some unhappy noises. Aidan tried bouncing him a bit as he said, “How a out Dorian Greyson Iver. I think Greyson sounds distinguished...”

The baby began to fuss louder.

“Uhm...” said Aidan, looking a bit confused. “Are, uhm... are you going to... breast feed it or, erm... bottle?”

He could easily imagine Viola opting to never breast feed the baby... but... did they even have formula around? Or a bottle?!
 #26376  by Viola York
"You're taking the whole 'literary' theme a bit far there.As much as I don't want to conform to what Nathan wants..." She sighed, wiping her face with a towel. "I think the middle name should be one of the names he suggested - it might pacify the nagging a bit. Dorian Jerret Iver doesn't sound too bad...Dorian Emlyn Iver...whichever. Dorian Grayson Jerret Iver...this is getting dumb."

She tried to ignore the baby's sounds.Already, this was going to be irritating. If she was honest, she wanted to be left alone so she could curl up and mourn her once-functioning body. Maybe it really was the drugs. She turned her head to look at Dorian, swallowing thickly. Carefully, she reached out to take him, unsure of what to expect.

He was lighter than she thought he would be, and she tried her best to hold his head and adjust her clothing. She really didn't know how to handle it.

"Can you just...help me take my shirt off or something."
 #26378  by Aidan Rogan
“Ok,” said Aidan, standing up.

After helping her out he sat back, watching her try to figure this new thing out before finally saying,

“Can you believe this thing is ours? We have to feed it, change it, clean it... I am already feeling overwhelmed and it has hardly done anything yet.”

But looking to Viola then he said, “But you were amazing... actually. I don’t know how you did it! You are really strong. I think I would have died if it was me. I actually almost did and I was just sitting there or running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”
 #26411  by Viola York
Viola didn't know how to hold a baby! She sort of tried to imitate the way she'd sewn Hera do it. Was this right? How was she supposed to angle him? What if he didn't want to drink and- ah! Okay. He did. That was a weird feeling.

"It was one of the most painful things...not quite as bad as crucio but bad enough...it doesn't hurt anymore but I'm going to presume Ron laced me up with some good painkillers."

Looking down, she watched the little thing in her arms for a moment. He seemed peaceful now, at least. Despite her stoic face, she felt an overwhelming rush of something as she watched. This child was hers. She could barely believe it! If she was honest, she didnt kniw how she felt in summary. She had rejected the idea for so long that the mixed feelings were coming to a head.

She looked to Aidan, taking a breath. "Our lives will never be the same, you know. We're the only ones that get to understand each other...so maybe we should ignore what I said about wanting to sleep with other people. Maybe we should just...give this a real go. At least for a little bit."
 #26413  by Nathan Iver
Nathan and Ciceron had gone into an enjoying room, but soon made their way outside to get some fresh air... and to be out of ear shot.

After lighting up a cigarette, Nathan turned to Ciceron and said, “Alright Mr Man-With-The -Answers... tell me this, my initial thought is that we don’t mention this little adventure to Astrid at the moment.”

He offered his cigarette case to Ciceron, then added, “These nights Astrid would like to be picturing me either working in a Viola free lab, or sulking in a King sized bed alone,” he said with a bit of an eye roll. “Not delivering her baby... my possible first born in her eyes. But,” he added, holding ip a finger,

“I remember how you claimed honesty from the start, complete transparency, was all she wanted...”

He then looked very pointedly at Ciceron, waiting for an answer.
 #26414  by Ciceron York
Ciceron took the cigarette. He had always been so against smoking, but here he was, with all this stress and pressure from his surroundings. Nathan clearly had a lot of responsibilities to put on him by now. He lit it, taking a long drag and looking out to the gardens.

"Perhaps...you can be honest and frame it better. Say you did come to help due to how serious Viola's situation was; I came to assist. That's the part she will be irritated by - she knows very well that you couldn't just leave her to her own devices in the fear of something happening to her. But she will be annoyed regardless because of the timing."

He took another drag.

"So, I suggest you tell her how you looked down at this little baby, and all you could think about was how much better it will feel to hold your own baby. Say that you wanted to see her immediately." He glanced at his watch. "I would say you go rather soon as she should be getting ready for bed...or not, I don't know your wife. Either way, if you wait until morning, she doesn't know the time-span. You could have stayed the night with Viola and she doesn't want that."

"We say you was with me in the tower, which you was, Jodie arrived which is also true...and then upon leaving a member of security collared us. So now we've delivered the baby, made sure it was safe, and then leave. If you leave this for longer than it needs to be, she will try to figure out what you was doing in the gaps."
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Nathan took a long, deep drag of the cigarette, then let it out slowly, watching the smoke as it billowed in the night air and slowly vanished.

He was silent a good wile longer before saying, “And what if that wasn’t what I was thinking? Lie and say I thought of my own unborn child? When really all I was doing was wondering if it was actually my own?”

Turning and looking at Ciceron once more he said, “I think you would agree some times a lie is necessary...? Or is it something I simply leave out and hope she doesn’t ask for my thoughts?”

He didn’t know if Ciceron actually had an answer for that, but he thought he finally made his point on the matter of needed lies...
 #26416  by Ciceron York
Ciceron looked to him carefully, taking a breath.

"I think that's your decision to make. But maybe consider why you want to lie - is it to truly help Astrid? To make her feel better? Or is it to save yourself an argument, or avoid the potential discussion? It's clear that the thought is running rampant in her head whether you mention it or not, so is ignoring it or trying to cover it up really what's best to fix it?"
 #26417  by Nathan Iver
“You have a way of putting things...” said Nathan slowly. “... that is positively irritating.”

But what he really meant was Ciceron had a way of putting things that showed Nathan’s view was not nessesarily the correct one. Truth is, Ciceron was always very diplomatic in how he gave his advice, for the most part at least. It was needed, but that didn’t mean Nathan liked hearing it, even wile grudgingly appreciating it.

“Send for a healer,” said Nathan firmly. “She will need to be checked on again and have follow up visits in place to ensure all is well. And send word to Hera. Viola might not want to see her cousin, but that woman has more experience with taking care of a baby then any of us that souround Viola at present. Hera might not be happy with Viola either but... if she can forgive you she can get past whatever issues the two of them have for the sake of the child.”

And with that he turned and vanished into the night.

His place was back at Iver Hall. He would catch Astrid before she turned in for the night... or at least before she fell asleep. Especially considering she likely heard of the commotion when Aidan arrived there looking for him...