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 #26195  by Danny Fox
Summer was starting to make its way into the northern hemisphere, and it seemed like it was taking its good old time getting to the places further north that he wanted to go. Thankfully, England was starting to warm up a bit, and the twenty-year-old thought it was about time to get up that way, after spending months in Italy the Mediterranean.

He pulled on his backpack, containing all of his earthly belongings-- of course it was charmed a little to make sure that he had space for some of the bigger things while still being comfortable while traveling. Stepping off of the train, he looked around, shivering a little at the chill in the air and heading toward the exit where everyone else seemed to be heading. He didn't know where he was going exactly, but he knew that it would be an adventure, and that was the whole point.
 #26314  by Miyuki Takayama
She'd escaped, her father here for a meeting with this Ambrose guy and leaving her with Mr. Hijiri was a massively bad idea. Though Mister Hijiri had always been dependable, loyal...even like a puppy dog to her father he just didn't have her energy and that would probably cost him after today. She wanted to see the world, see people not like her...at least her facial features. Sure she had white hair and blue eyes but she had the same face as her people. These new people had always interested her so much more. The 6 year old Albino looked around in amazement.

It was only five minutes into her running around without an adult she saw him. A guy with a backpack, but what could be in it? She dared not get close though, looking from the corner with only her head in sight. She needed to know what was in that bag, so much so she didn't notice the guy who bumped into her putting her into the open...and on her butt. A pout crossed her features the guy walking off without mutter much a word, and suddenly...she missed daddy.

Looking around uneasy Hijiri was gone, the young man no longer in her sights she wanted Hijiri back. In reality, all she looked was terrified...scared. Not confused, something she most defiantly was.
 #26325  by Morgaus Blackwell
Finally it was summer. And Morgaus couldn't wait to go off and adventure. The soon fifteen year old was planning on sneaking out of the house to try to ride her motorbike and take all the train rides she wanted. Her Aunt Marysse still giving her money whenever she wanted it was a help with that.

In fact she had just been at the train station looking at cities trying to find out where she wanted to go first when she noticed a guy shiver a little bit. "A little cold for that outfit," she said lightly to the guy. "I'd offer to give you something warmer if I had it," she added not aware whether he was a wizard or not.

Just than she heard a shuffle. Looking around she noticed a little girl alone. A little hard to miss when she was so pale in skin tone. Morgaus decided to walk over and offered her a hand up.
"Are you alright? Where are your parents?" she asked the little girl.
 #26342  by Danny Fox
Danny paused and noticed how everyone around him hat jackets and immediately felt like an idiot. Especially when he heard someone comment on it. He turned around to see a girl, younger than him, and raised his eyebrows and held up a hand in defense. "Hey, it's the time of year that it's supposed to get warm," he commented in his American accent, looking down at his khaki cargo shorts and tshirt. Perhaps it had been silly of him to not think about it beforehand, but he wasn't ready to admit defeat just yet.

He followed the girl's gaze and found a very blonde kid sitting on the floor with no adults around her. Looking around a little, he chimed in. "Do you need help?" he asked, carefully moving toward where she say, crying.
 #26379  by Miyuki Takayama
She understood only help out of all of that, her fathers wanting her to not know English heavily effecting situations like this. To be fair on her fathers side of things he expected her to stay with his friends...and his friends to make sure she stay with them. Something that obviously didn't happen all the time here in England, even more so in a crowded station where one could easily lose the other person. She looked up at them, shy and with no one to hide behind. Hijiri was...
"Hijiri-san wa...doko....? Hijiri ga hitsuyo!" Now a bit of unshed tears showed.

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"It will get warm next week. But not shorts weather yet," Morgaus chuckled and looked at him for a moment. He was kinda cute. "I'm Morgaus by the way," she said with a smile towards the older man.

As the young girl spoke in another language she frowned for a moment. "Do you happen to know Japanese?" she asked Danny. "I can only guess Hijiri is a name," she added and stood up. She walked towards a young woman asking if they knew Japanese explaining the situation.
 #26486  by Danny Fox
Danny had no idea what the kid was saying. He noticed her obvious albinism and part of him thought that was really cool, but he wasn't really focusing on that too much. More the fact that she was alone and crying. He definitely did not speak Japanese. How this girl even know that it was Japanese was beyond him.

"Uh, no..." he replied, watching her trying to find someone that did. Instead he knelt down a few feet from the child and used his calmest voice. "Hey... You're gonna be okay. I promise. We are gonna find your mom or dad and everything will be great. You'll see." He knew she wouldn't understand anything except his tone of voice.
 #26630  by Miyuki Takayama
While the man didn't look threatening...He wasn't Hijiri, She continued to look around for the man hoping he would show.

Unsure of these people she stated looking around. Walking off into the crowd in a movement of confusion as she tried to find her fathers friend.
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London, and with such nice weather the woman and her one body guard was enjoying a day out before her radio showing the next morning. She'd just gotten off the train, her black blouse and pants with many pockets having gems on them being her choice of wear for the day. She'd been glad the hotel was near by, the day was getting hotter and she was naturally like always....in all black.
"naneun talchulguga issdago saeng-gaghae. jeogie?" She scratched her cheek gently just a woman came up to her. Blinking she paused...Japanese? Of coarse she knew Japanese, Everyone who read a paper knew she was Japanese.

"Why..." She looked to see the albino child with Asian features. Oh, that's why. Her heart went out for the girl, while another side of her was ready to chew out the girls parents for losing her in a country that wasn't her own.
"Yes, Yes I do." She walked on over. "Excuse me sir," She knelt down beside him, making sure to keep a distance from the frightened child.

"Kon'nichiwa. Daijōbudesu. Ryōshin no ibasho o oshiete moraemasu ka?" She asked, with one hand out. Not looking away from the other two she asked the adults a question.
"Seen any albino's other than her? Usually this is genetic." Though that didn't mean it couldn't have been her great grandfather...it was worth a shot.

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 #27312  by Morgaus Blackwell
Morgaus had returned. Not finding anyone or anyway to help the girl out she looked at Danny. "How can we help her? Neither of us speak the language and I don't really know what to do," she asked him. He was clearly older than she was and she thought perhaps that might work.

But she kind of fidgeted with her jacket as she asked. "Are you warm enough now?" she asked as the sun had come down on them a little bit.
 #29282  by Danny Fox
Danny was freaked out. London was not what he was expecting in the slightest. He'd been here for about twenty minutes and already he was finding himself in trouble. He didn't like it one bit. Maybe it was easier for him to talk a break from traveling, or at least travel in the United States or a few weeks.

He stood there, looking at the blonde girl who had come back, then to the little albino girl, and then to the other lady that had come to help. "Hey, it seems like you all have this under control, so I'm just gonna... I'm gonna go," he said, taking a step-skip backwards, nearly running into an old man, and then disappearing into the crowded station, not to be seen again.