Ciceron cleared his throat awkwardly. Though if he was honest with himself, he would have been far more concerned had he not had so much to drink. And he was still drinking. He hated smoking too, and yet here he was, wishing there was more of the cigarette to go at.

"I wouldn't say I'm attracted because of being related...it's more that...it feels so off limits. It's morally and practically wrong. I've always been a stigma for laws of the world and how things work, and cousins shouldn't work together in that way, which is what made it more appealing when there was something. Viola and I have always had a strange relationship."

He ran his hand through his hair.

"We had aligned goals from when we were children; both spoilt rotten, both secretly malicious, both striving to be the best. The first time we slept together was after Emilia died...a year or two after. It was the anniversary of it...I don't know exactly how it happened. We were drinking - it's always the way how these things happen - and she must have said something provocative or something. And then the main men in the family were killed, and Viola had more freedom to do what she wanted..."

"She dated Persky for a while. And after relentless boredom, she came to me...I said no. I was trying to recover from the whole uhm...Hera situation." He shook his head. "It was only leading up to Viola's engagement to Gavin that we re-entered that kind of relationship. She started living here, I was in need of a release from bad times, and she wanted someone to take her mind off you. She was...passionate. Desperate. She scarred my back, I'm sure. We barely even spoke during any of the times; sometimes barely even hello or goodbye surrounding it. I wouldn't say it was out of love or genuine interest of relationships - it was a primal need that was to be kept between us. It felt dirty and wrong...and I suppose that's what made us keep going back to it."

He crushed his cigarette under his foot, and then gestured for another. He needed it after all that.

"It stopped the moment I made my move on Danica...she still doesn't know as far as I'm aware." He pursed his lips. "But that brings up a good question. Say if Danica wasn't your cousin...would you? In fact, say if she was throwing herself at you despite that, regardless of her married status...would you?"

Played By: Vyreia
“What? No! Heavens no,” said Nathan at once. “She is objectively beautiful but isn’t my type. She’s your type.” Chukling then he said, “Actually I don’t think she is really your type either if you are honest, but here we are. And perhaps Astrid isn’t really mine... but I over looked that because her good qualities over shadowed those she was lacking... which would be complete and utter worship of me....”

Nathan drank down the last of his glass, then said, “Alright, if Danica wasn’t my cousin, and wasn’t your wife, and she was some how throwing herself at me I would probably hook up with her once. But I would never be in a relationship with her...” he took a long drag of his cigarette, then said, “It isn’t easy to picture because... well I am sure you have noticed but I don’t get on well with my family. Danica, Gavin, Ethan... they joined me because they liked where I was going, not because we were best friends. But we have been building from there I suppose...”

He took another drag, then said, “It’s it the same for you? Wouldn’t you bed Astrid if she threw herself at her, or rather, made it strongely known to you her intentions..”

Pouring himself “one last glass” Nathan said, “I can’t picture her throwing herself at anyone. It is part of her charm. I never had to put so much effort into wooing someone in my life.”
Ciceron hummed.

"Well...it's the same as it is for you with Danica. She would need to be single, and throwing herself at me...which I doubt she ever would with any man. Perhaps making her intentions clear is a more accurate description of her actions? I'm not sure...but that isn't to say she's my type. She's of course very alluring...perhaps not stunningly beautiful in a traditional sense of the word, but she certainly has something very attractive about her. Is that why you were so besotted so early on? She doesn't look like anyone else you've ever dated."

He shrugged, and then pulled a chair closer to lean his back on as he started to drink more.

"You know what would be a nice sight to see?" He lifted his brow at Nathan with a smirk. "Danica and Astrid."

Played By: Vyreia
Nathan chuckled at this, looked up a moment to savor the thought, then said, “Yes you would think so at any rate... until they decide they prefer one another. Astrid as much as told me she prefers a woman in bed to the average man...”

Catching a look from Ciceron he re empahsized, “The average man... which I am not of course..”

At least he assumed he wasn’t. He hadn’t ever asked Astrid to compare his technique to Petra’s...

“As for why I was so besotted early on as you put it, even though I don’t remember being besotted,”

He was. Ciceron remembered that accurately.

“It had everything to do with her sheer presents, personality, maturity...” a distant look coming to his eyes as he began to relive their first real encounters he said, “She caught my interest in a way no other woman ever had. She gave just enough that I felt she had an interest in me, yet also left me feeling for the first time unsure of my own instincts. She knew how to create a hunger in me... I had never been particularly swept away by her looks when I merely interacted with her here and there on a social level. But soon I saw her as the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on...”

Nathan blinked, shook his head, then narrowing his eyes at Ciceron he said, “What are you trying to do? Get me remembering why I first fell in love with her? So I don’t do any of the many costly things I have been considering?”

Which may or may not have involved the Imperious curse to make Astrid behave... as well as actually sleeping with Viola as revenge...
Ciceron smiled a little at his boss, offering a little shrugging gesture in response.

"Perhaps. All I'm saying is that in all the years I've known you, you've never once spoken of a woman in the same way you have of Astrid. I remember us, in the midst of a vital plot, and you were far more concerned with how to woo her over. I remember you being ready to pull your hair out just thinking of how to do it; even Ivan was surprised." He smirked. "What's interesting is that back then, you were stumped on how to tell her that you had a thing with Viola...that Viola was your pet of sorts, and you were worried how Astrid would take that."

He lit another cigarette. Well, go big or go home, as they say.

"You were so concerned about what she would say had you been completely honest...but I'm sure I heard from your retelling of the tale that after you told her, she was very understanding, and later invited you back to her place. Seems to me like she appreciates the brutal honesty you have from the beginning..."

He looked over to Nathan.

"Not that I'm trying to be the marriage counsellor again or anything..."

Played By: Vyreia
“You think I was entirely honest?” Said Nathan raising his brows before adding, “She is more angery about what I didn’t say. What I didn’t tell her. And before you begin preaching that I should have done just that let me ask you... When were you planning on telling Danica that you not only have a sexual desire for your cousin Viola, but that you tried to create a child with her to be used for a dark spell. Hmm? Oh and... you were going to tell her you had a thing for your own sister as well, right? Shall I go on? Or can we agree some thing are left better unsaid for their own good... or ours.”

Just then Nathan heard the door open. Finishng off his last drink he said, “Ah... that must be my Viola....”

Only it wasn’t Viola. Not exactly. It was Simon, followed by Jodie.

But Nathan meant what he said.

Clearly something needed to be explained.

“Mr York...” he said, gesturing to Jodie. “meet Viola.”
Ciceron snapped his mouth shut. "Soon." He mumbled, looking away. Though he likely would try to keep that quiet for as long as possible.

As Nathan spoke of Viola, Ciceron began to lift himself to his feet, rolling his shoulders, and putting the cigarette out. The last thing he needed was Viola commenting on how weak willed he was.

But then...that wasn't Viola. He furrowed his brows.

"Are you..." He side-eyed Nathan. "This is the Metamorphmagi?"

Played By: Vyreia
"Exactly..." Said Nathan. Slowly rising to his feet. It was then that he caught sight of Simon, turning to quickly leave through the broken door.

"Wait!" Nathan said, moving slowly towards Simon.

Wow... When he stood up the alcohol really hit him... But he did his best not to stumble as he stalked towards the other man, a death glare behind his eyes, ignoring Jodie for the moment.
When Simon saw the shattered inner door he was already beginning to feel a bit uneasy, but he truly stared wide-eyed when he saw the state of the room.

Everything was smashed and ruined. It looked as though a hurricane had hit it! Seeing and not only Ciceron but that Nathan of all people was there, Simon quickly gave a nod and then turned to leave. But at the sound of Nathan's voice she froze in his steps, slowly turning back to face the other man.

He knew this was a bad idea...
When Nathan reached Simon he placed his hand heavily on the wall beside him, leaning in close as he said with an odd smile

“Where are you going Shifty? Don’t want to see me.” Nathan looked him up and down slowly, then said, “I don’t blame you.”

Looking back in his eyes he said, “I know... you had something to do with all this. Set it up did you? Why? Because you have a crush on my wife? You think maybe she will thank you will a little smile. Give you a cookie? Take you to her bed?”
“No sir,” said Simon, swallowing hard and looking strait ahead.

He could smell the alcohol on Nathan’s breath and it was no longer a mystery to him what had happened to the room...

“My relationship with your wife is purely professional.” He added.
Nathan chuckled, then placing a hand heavily on Simon’s shoulder he turned to Ciceron and said, “Meet the two devious little devils in this plot against me. Shifty and.. I’m sorry, what was your name girl?” He said, looking at Jodie before looking back at Simon and saying,

“Please don’t be bashful. No secrets here. Brutal honestly. That’s the new rule Ciceron has put in place. And why not? Truth be told I like to think other men lust after my wife. In all seriousness... Ron!” He said, looking over at Ciceron, “Tell the man... I asked you if you would do her, right? You see...” he said, turning back to Simon, “I enjoy the thought because it means...” he tapped Simon on the chest as he said, “...I have something you want... but can never have. And I enjoy the thought that when you do rounds here at night, that you picture what it would be like to be me... enjoying her firm, round breasts, her soft skin, perfect body...

His hand closing to grip Simon by the front of his shirt he said, “Tell me the truth boy! She is your fantasy... isn’t she?”
"Jodie Watts, Sir." She spoke carefully, looking up at Nathan. She could smell the alcohol, and by glancing at Ciceron, she could see that he wasn't going to be that much help either.

Her only real friend in this room as Simon, and it looked like he was far too desperate to leave. But soon, she realised why. She swallowed thickly, not sure how to resolve the problem.

That and...she had had to deal with angry men before during her tasks, but never like this. Never men that were actually going to survive the night.

Played By: Vyreia
Ciceron slowly stepped over, watching the situation carefully. He didn't want to interfere as he knew very well that he would do the same if someone tried to split him and Danica up out of jealousy. But at the same time, Simon was valuable, so it may be best to let Nathan get it somewhat out of his system without lasting damage.

"Yes. I said she was very alluring." Ciceron commented, taking a more neutral approach than he had moments ago. Best not to encourage that behaviour to Simon.

He sighed, taking another step forward.

"This will be over a lot quicker if you stop avoiding the question. Everybody already knows the answer, so just make our lives easier..."

He hoped a confession was all Nathan was after.

Played By: Vyreia
“She has many admirable.... and desirable qualities,” said Simon, still avoiding direct eye contact with Nathan. After pausing a moment to think he added in a dead pan voice, “Any man would envy you...”