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[St. Mungos] By Night Five

Location: St. Mungos, Second Floor, Diseases and Maladies, Waiting Room • Date: 14.02.2003

"You know," Phillipa murmured from behind the magazine she was currently perusing. "I think I've met your sister before. Short thing, shorter than you and she has this look," She waved a hand over her face even as she continued to read, "this look of hatred on her face all the time like she hates everyone and everything. That or the elevator had said something really mean to her."

When Phillipa had bumped into who she assumed to be Emerson's sister, Phillipa had been a little taken a back by the look of poison that had been shot her way. Phillipa had done a double take, but chose to ignore the woman and had stepped inside anyway. She had gone to press her floor button when she noticed that it was already lit up. Apparently her office floor was going to get a visitor.

Now it wasn't until the woman had brushed past her as she exited the elevator and ended up heading in the direction of her office that Phillipa realized who it was. She was surprised with how much she looked like her friend that the answer hadn't come to her so soon. She had just been so angry and Phillipa had been unable to see past that.

But when Phillipa had watched her knock on Emerson' door, the real estate agent had made the connection immediately.

"Is she always so angry?"

Played By: Alatariel
"That sounds like her," Emerson confirmed once her friend had finished describing her encounter with Matilde. She threw the magazine she had been vaguely perusing on a nearby table.

"She is not always angry," Emerson had to parse her words here. It had taken long enough to convince Phillipa to meet with her sister she did not want to say something that would make her change her mind. "I won't lie, she is abrasive, but she is also extremely determined. She never gives up."

Played By: Kay
The blonde real estate agent let out a laugh, "Sounds like someone else I know." Emerson too could be very abrasive. She was also very determined, one of the many reasons why Emerson was Top Real Estate Agent two years in a row for Phoenix Co. Home & Estates.

"My friend," Was Eleanor her friend? Phillipa liked to think so. "she said your sister isn't well liked by the hospital staff but she's good at what she does. Maybe the best even." Phillipa's voice shook ever so slightly as she turned to face her friend, "Emerson, I know she's your sister, but can I trust her? Would you trust her?"

Played By: Alatariel
Determining that her friend's reluctance mostly came from insecurity, Emerson leaned closer to her and took her hand. "Of course you can trust her, Pip." Matilde was volatile and unpredictable, she did not care for rules or protocols, but she was without a doubt Phillipa's best option.

"The friend you mentioned, is it the shy nurse who..." Emerson was interrupted by a familiar chaotic sight.

Played By: Kay
"Go get your spare hospital robes and bring them back here," she barked at her intern as she entered the waiting area. The intern who had been sitting behind the nurse's station, got up and started scurrying towards the lift.

Frustrated with Sadler's misplaced sense of priorities, Matilde had eventually agreed to wear stupid hospital robes. The only problem had been that she did not have any as she had burnt them for her own personal entertainment. Her intern's robes would have to do for now.

"Wait!" She yelled again towards the intern when she noticed a familiar brunette sitting next to a generic-looking blonde. "Why is my sister in the waiting area?" The question was directed at the intern though, Emerson was sitting a few feet from her. "This is not Phoenix and Corruption, you can't just drop by for lunch, Emerson." This was aimed straight at her older sister.

Played By: Kay
Taking her sister's abrasive greeting in strides, Emerson smiled ironically. "Nice to see you too, Matilde." She held Phillipa's hand a little tighter, if only to indicate that everything was going as planned. "I'm not here for tea. I wanted to introduce you to someone who would appreciate a consult. Matilde, this is Phillipa." She got up and waited for Pippa to do the same.

Played By: Kay
Clamping her hands between her knees to prevent herself from fidgeting, a trait Eloise had unfortunately picked up from her, Phillipa watched as the two sisters interacted, more than a little perturbed by the exchange. The words Emerson had previously said to comfort her lost any effect they'd had on her, and Phillipa had to prevent herself from gaping at them. Or from running scared.

"I-ah--" Scrambling to her feet, she looked at Emerson wide eyed as she extended her hand to Matilde, almost completely on autopilot. "Hello," She then said lamely.

Played By: Alatariel
Matilde looked at the hand, but did not shake it. "I thought I had memorized your girlfriend's name. Was it not Emily?" She asked her sister, clearly convinced that this was the same blonde she had met on Christmas day.

Played By: Kay
Afraid that Phillipa might run away Emerson took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
"Okay, Matilde I don't have time for your repartee." Emerson took the medical file the blonde had brought with her and gave it to her sister. "Phillipa was diagnosed with a blood disease she-" Feeling her sister's finger pressing against her lips and hearing that she was being shushed Emerson stopped speaking.

Standing silently as her sister read the file, Emerson offered Phillipa a gentle smile. This was good. Really good.

Played By: Kay
Shaking her head, completely at a loss for words, Phillipa swallowed thickly, her mouth suddenly dry. She should have brought a bottle of water with her.

"I--I'm not sure. I don't--" Clinging on to Emerson's hand for dear life, Pippa felt more than seen tears prickle at the edge of her vision. "I don't want to die." She whispered wetly.

Played By: Alatariel
This woman's blind trust in her healthcare providers would have flown her straight to her doom. Emerson had done the right thing by bringing her. "Emerson doesn't want you to die either..." her voice drifted off as she continued reading the file.

Finally she closed the file and looked into her new patient's eyes. "We will try a more aggressive approach, it will be difficult, but it is your best option. I will admit you."

Played By: Kay
"You're not going to die, Pip," she pulled the woman closer and wrapped her arm around her middle.

The seconds during which her sister read the file felt infinite. When she finally spoke, Emerson listened carefully. "We will have to go get her things," she informed her sister.

Played By: Kay
Admitted? Hang on. This is exactly what Phillipa did not want.

Pushing away from Emerson, a scared frown forming on her face, Phillipa shook her head furiously, “Wait, wait, let’s just—no. No I can’t be admitted. I have my job. Healer Jacobs said I wouldn’t have to be—“ She shook her head no.

“I can’t be admitted. I won’t.”

Played By: Alatariel
"Oh Healer Jacobs said that," Matilde chuckled. "I thought you said you did not want to die," Matilde pushed a strand of brown hair behind her ear. She opened the file and pointed at Phillipa's latest test results. "See this?" She pointed at the numbers. "These show that your blood is getting thiner, soon a paper cut could be lethal."

Played By: Kay