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With his grades up, his parents giving him money once again he had taken to the only area they were allowed other than school. Hogsmead, and obviously the number one place to so was where the butterbeer was. Alone, he had diverted from his friends in order to keep their tabs off of him due to his parents keeping the sum low. He was thinking that was a temporary warning to keep his grades up this time around.

While he was glad that, he was one again being able to spend the family money....he had been insulted at the idea he hadn't been trying. It wasn't his fault it seemed like Hogwarts went from year two material and skyrocketed past 7th ear level in potions! 'They did...right? ' He thought to himself as he sipped on his butterbeer.

Running his hand through his blond strands he leaned more into his seat lost in thought about just that.
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Played By: Maki
Eliza loved the weekends in Hogwarts. She loved the more relaxed atmosphere around the castle itself and the opportunity to travel to Hogsmeade to observe those she didn't get to in school.

This particular weekend, her small group of tight-knit friends decided to stay in the castle to catch up on an essay Eliza had finished a few days beforehand. So instead of wasting hours away waiting for them she put on a long, pale pink boucle coat and headed for Hogsmeade.

She first made her way to Gladrags to have a look at the latest cloaks they released earlier in the month. After pondering for half an hour, Eliza purchased one and made her way around the rest of the shops available.

It was heading towards the latter half of the afternoon when Eliza passed by the Three Broomsticks and decided to stop by for a coffee to warm her up before heading back to the castle.

Eliza ordered a cappuccino and turned to find a table to sit at. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Damon, a Ravenclaw the year above her and a member of her social group which she had still yet to name. She added that to her mental checklist of things to do the upcoming week. The Slytherin sat down in the seat across from the boy and took a long sip from her coffee.

"Damon. It's sooo good to see you." she said, a bright smile on her face.

Played By: Nik
She might have a big smile on her face, but her tone was the typical type of tone used by those who were of 'status'....the 'so' being drawn out making it obvious. But she fed into his 'stud' like personality, and he was more than happy to accommodate her thanks to it. He smirked back, of course seeing him was a good thing.
"Of coarse it is," The sad truth of the matter that he believed it. "And it's always good to see a lady such as yourself." He added.

He looked around to see if there was anyone with her, as she wasn't usually alone. It was odd to see her playing the role of lone wolf.
"So, why are you by yourself?" He asked, after assessing that she was alone.

Played By: Maki
Eliza smiled and took a sip of her coffee as the boy fed more into her ego.

The Slytherin put her cup down on the coffee as he questioned the whereabouts of her usual pose that usually followed her every move. "Somehow they still haven't finished the Transfiguration essay due on Monday. I knew to get it done early or else I'd just be driven mad." Eliza finally went to remove her jacket and placed it over the back of her chair.

"What has you gallivanting around Hogsmeade on your own?"

Played By: Nik
Man did he feel for her, though he hadn't been much better. After all...he was just now getting his allowance back for just the same habits as the girls she hung out with were doing. That wasn't something he was about to admit to though,
"Pity, guess there paying the price. And I get you all to myself." He smirked.

"Not wanting to pay for my lazy friends drinks." He chuckled. "They begged, but after that prank they pulled on me last week it didn't go far." He reasoned.

Played By: Maki
Eliza smiled at the boy's statement. "Yes you do." she took a sip of her coffee, never taking her eyes away from the boy. He was handsome, that much was true. But then again, if he wasn't, Eliza wouldn't be dare to be seen talking to him. It was all about appearances to her.

Putting down her cup onto the saucer, Eliza nodded. "I did hear about that alright. After all, very little gets past me." She smiled. "I do wish those boys would be a little bit more mature. Seventeen years old and still pulling pranks?" The slytherin shook her head. "I just don't understand what sort of joy you could have from that."

Played By: Nik
He shrugged, honestly he didn't know when it came to pranks. He'd prefer flying on his broom and letting the wind caress his hair any day over a prank war. Or even better, talking to a beautiful young lady in the local hangout without the guys telling her every stupid thing he'd done since first year.
"Honestly when I met them I wasn't prepared for a seven year pranking war." He chuckled. "I think it's their form of 'winning' since I seem to beat them on the field." He mused.

"And I hear you've been stuck teaching your friends." He took a drink, putting the glass down on the dark oak table. "It seems both our friends didn't get past year three in some area's no?" He smirked, at least their friends checked the box on status otherwise neither of them would deal with them.

Played By: Maki
Eliza leaned forward and propped her elbow on the table in front of her. She placed her chin in the palm of her hand and looked up at the boy in front of her. "You may beat them on the field, but you've yet to beat me Ainsworth." she replied, a cheeky grin on her face.

Rolling her eyes, the Slytherin leaned back in her chair. "Tell me about it." She shook her head and took a sip of her coffee. "That's why I don't invite half of them to any parties anymore. I know they'd just cause unnecessary hassle. Especially Pearson and Stafford, those two are trouble." Eliza knew she couldn't risk any incidents at any of her parties. Her goal was to keep her popularity as high as possible and she would never risk losing in just for the sake of a stupid prank that went wrong at one of her parties.

Played By: Nik
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He smirked,
"Maybe...I've let you win." He smirked. "Being a gentlemen and all." He added, leaning back in a pose that screamed he was the king of the castle. Truth was, he had never beaten her but he was not about to let his ego get kicked by a female. At least not when it came to words. Nope, that was not about to happen to Damon Ainsworth.

He leaned forward, if her friends were such a problem...then why hang around them. His friends sure had their moments of him wanting to choke them but at the end of the day they would have his back.
"So...then why even talk to them?" He smirked. "I mean if there such trouble." He asked. She could have anyone as a friend, even him which was saying a lot. Yet...she hung around the other girls.
"I should start finding new friends, perhaps starting with someone who has...I don't know. Blond sexy hair?"

Played By: Maki
"Oh pleasure." Eliza scoffed. "It's not a shame that you lost to a girl. You can admit it." The Slytherin teased playfully. In truth, Eliza much preferred playing against the boys. It was where she was truly pushed to her potential and Eliza the girly girl was no more. ON the pitch she was a new woman, a woman who liked to rough and tumble with everyone else.

"Oh Damon," Eliza sipped at her coffee, "Life is all about impressions. While yes, they are annoying, they have a good family name. They're popular, well-known. What's the point in knowing them if I'm not going to use them at some point for their family name." she smirked.

"Are you saying we were never friends before?" Eliza put her hand on her chest, "I'm hurt."

Played By: Nik
"Your not in the boys dorm after the game." He mused, a smirk on his face as he said it. The world of boys was hard, and losing to a girl was never something a young man would admit to. If they wanted their reputation.

"So you use them then." He took a swig of his drink, guess the girls version of 'got your back' was a little different than the boy's mindset on it. Even so if they pulled one more prank their friendship might be taking a break.
"My father talked about family names, Apparently the Ainsworth name goes way back so I see your point. Doesn't mean they aren't idiots." He said remembering the fact his father got himself killed because he wouldn't stop supporting the dark lord.

"Ms. Villiers, putting words in my mouth are you? We've always been friends. Many are confused as to why were not more actually." He smiled a charming smile.
"I always say it's because if I were taken many girls would be sad."

Played By: Maki
Eliza laughed at the boys reply. "Yeah I guess that's true. But you have to admit," Eliza began in reply, "There are some boys that think they're Merlins gift when it comes to playing Quidditch but they're shockingly bad."

Nodding, Eliza took hold of her coffee, warming up her hands. "In so many words, yes I suppose I do. Not necessarily a bad thing though, people do it all the time. Life is a game, Ainsworth, and I'm here to play it."

"I think the real reason is we would be unstoppable." Eliza teased. "Two very attractive, very intelligent and very talented human beings couldn't possibly walk the halls of Hogwarts together. People wouldn't know what to do with themselves." She couldn't hide the smirk that came across his lips at the idea of herself and Ainsworth being an item. Surprinsgly, it was never something that had really crossed her mind before.

Played By: Nik
He laughed,
"You mean the Gryffindors right? Slytherin and Ravenclaw are winning game after game." Damon smug in his tone, "Or they Gryffindors cheat once they get tired of losing." He added. It was clear who the young man rooted was also clear while he was a Ravenclaw he also rooted for both Ravenclaw and Slytherin, unless they were playing them.

"The game of life...I knew I liked you." He took a sip of his drink. "Yes we must all play the game of life, I guess that's why I put up with the pranks." He sat the drink down.

"You know what, I think your right." He thought about it, he'd never once thought of her in that light. Slytherins and Ravenclaws normally not mixing in that way...but he was only sorted into Ravenclaw due to his study habits, the young man did have that spark of Slytherin that came out from time to time. He to put it simply found he was much louder spoken then most from his house.
"It would be a funny sight, wouldn't it? All those confused people in the hall." He chuckled.

Played By: Maki
Eliza laughed along with Damon. It was true. Slytherin and Ravenclaw had been top of the game for the last few months while the usually very talented Gryffindor's seemed to be letting their side down somewhat.

The Slytherin smiled as the Ravenclaw complimented her. Eliza was aware that she turned a few of the boys heads in Hogwarts. Being popular did have its perks after all. But it was always nice to hear it from someone that was equally as popular and equally as attractive.

"Perhaps we should be the pranksters this time," Eliza suggested. The Slytherin wasn't one for pulling pranks usually but there was no harm in having a little fun, right?

Played By: Nik
Them be the pranksters? He thought about it, one leg crossed as it to play hard to get even in terms of pranking. He knew what she was suggesting, be the it couple...confuse both their friend groups and see each of the said groups try to wonder why the went through the trouble of doing so. He wasn't...against it. A smirk drew on his face,
"And what kind of prank would that be?" He asked not wanting it to seem like he was assuming what she was suggesting.

Played By: Maki