"You think I am charming enough?" He asked rather flattered by her last statement. "I can't blame you for wanting to keep us to yourself and you do deserve a bit of fun." She did not know how Angel felt about their friend's break up, but Arnaud had been rather vocal about his dislike of Nicole's ex.

Re: [London] The Plans We Make

Angel Silva,

Angel was taking a sip of her drink when Nicole had joked, saying she didn't want to risk Arnaud turning Angel straight. And as she heard those words, the werewolf choked on her drink. She laughed, wiped down her chin where her drink spilt, but she didn't comment. She just continued to sit there looking amused as she listened to the other two converse.
"Definitely!" She replied to Arnaud. "I mean honestly I know she won't do that, but I definitely do think you're capable of turning a woman straight. You're very attractive, charming, I've found you easy to get on with, you're intelligent, and then you also have that other area you're fantastic in..." she meant in the bedroom of course, with how she emphasised the word 'other', and the little smirk showing would have been a give away too.

She glanced to Angel, then asked "or would the right guy be able to turn you permanently back to men?"

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He liked to think he was all the things Nicole had mentioned, but he was truly skeptical regarding his ability to make someone stop being attracted to a gender. Of course, he thought Angel could commit to someone if she so desired, but would she then stop seeing women as desirable?

Uncertain as to whether there was such a thing as 'turning' people he waited to Angel's response.

Re: [London] The Plans We Make

Angel Silva,

"I'll never permanently be turned onto men" she laughed. "I'll always like both, but if the right guy did come along, then maybe I would settle down with them, instead of a woman" she shrugged. Angel turned her gaze to Arnaud, and jokingly she asked "you definitely give me marriage material vibes. Wanna have some babies and get married?"
Nicole rolled her eyes at Angel's joke to Arnaud, she knew it was a joke, but it wasn't a good one in Nicole's mind. "Hilarious..." she said in a bored tone. Maybe it wasn't that Nicole just thought Angel's joke was bad, maybe she was just a little jealous Angel was flirting.

Nic frowned a little to herself as she took a sip of her drink, then shook away the thoughts of her being jealous.

That was a silly thought, Nicole didn't get jealous. Or maybe now she did. But if she was jealous over Angel flirting with someone else, or if she was jealous Arnaud was being flirted with, she couldn't figure it out. The whole situation was new and confusing to her, and the alcohol didn't help Nicole in figuring out things.

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It wasn't everyday that someone walked down the street on a mobile phone asking about a loose dog, at least thats what he was figuring out as the looks from ten people ended up in his direction.
"Antonio...I am so kicking your-" that was when he saw a little tail entering a shop.
"I'll finish this later." He hung the phone up. He was regretting the choice to visit England with max in haul now. The cost of transporting him no longer being the only reason.

Running his hand through his hair as he stepped into the little shop he sighed. Max was looking up at him with those big brown eyes.
"Your sumthing else. First trip to moms loony magical world and you get lost." His bronks accent thick, the dog walking over to him. He hadnt even noticed the people his dog had probably just interupting.

Taking out his phone he clicked on the contact.
"Your lucky I found him, be back at the hotel soon." He then hung up before he could get a rebuttle.

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"Oh no, I'm none of that," Arnaud interjected. He had never been in a longterm relationship, how could he possibly consider himself to be marriage material? "I'm more of a good time guy than a settle down guy," he clarified.

Oblivious to Nicole's state of mind, he continued focusing on Angel. "Isn't that how you like your men anyways?"

Re: [London] The Plans We Make

Angel Silva,

Angel held her hand up and pressed her index finger to Arnaud's lips. "Sssshhh...." she said quietly. "I was joking. But I do have to admit, we would totally make beautiful babies" she then winked playfully at him before looking back to Nicole.

"Someone looks a little deep in thought..." she pointed out, "penny for your thoughts?!". Angel's attention didn't last too long on Nicole, as Arnaud had asked her a question. "It is! I wouldn't want a man in any other way except for having fun with. I am curious though, how old are you, Arnaud?"
Nicole pulled her attention away from her jealous thoughts when Angel had basically asked what she was thinking about. Thankfully Nicole didn't get the chance to respond, as Angel's attention was soon back on Arnaud... That actually left Nicole feeling a little neglected, she was happy to not confess she was thinking about being jealous, but she was a little saddened that her girlfriend was quick to turn her attention away.

Nicole folded her arms over her chest and turned her own attention away from the other two, leaving them to their little chat. On doing so Nic soon noticed the dog that had entered the shop, and instantly she got to her feet and went over to greet the dog. She loved German shepherds, well she loved all animals, but these dogs were one of her favourite breeds so she was happy to go pet the dog. Especially as she Arnaud and Angel wouldn't noticed she was gone.

Nicole continued to play with the dog until it's owner had followed in. As soon as the young man had come in for the dog, Nicole instantly recognised him. "Tommaso?" she asked feeling completely sure this was the young lad who she knew from a long time ago. Only, now he was all grown up.

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The flirting at the table wasn't overpowered by his relief to find his companion, On one knee he was running his hand through his friends hair with a smirk on his face as his other hand reached into his leather jacket pocket to get the leash his brother should have used when taking him out in the first place knowing that it was only Tomma the dog actually stayed with; without the leash. His dog seemed to be proud of himself wagging,
"Don't be so proud boy, you got Antonio in trouble." He laughed, getting licked.

It was in the middle of the doggy love fest that he heard his name....and it wasn't the voice of his sister. This was the wizarding world, he should be a stranger to everyone...more to the point this was England - being American raised he knew no one in this new country, what he didn't know is his mother did and like all parents talked about her kids.
"That's...my name..." He asked, clicking the leash into place and standing. "But I don't think we've met, so how are you in possession of that information?" He asked.

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"32," he answered before he took a sip of his drink. Noticing Nicole's movement from the corner of his eye, he turned towards her. "What is she...?" He asked as he saw her moving towards the dog and its owner. "Who is that?" He asked Angel wondering if the woman knew the younger man.

Re: [London] The Plans We Make

Angel Silva,

At first Angel was too distracted with Arnaud to of noticed Nicole get up and walk off, but when Arnaud had asked who is that, her attention went in that direction. "Hm... No idea" she said with a little shrug as she watched Nicole and the stranger. "I've never seen him before".
"I knew your mum" she replied to Tommaso. "We used to write a lot, we were pen pals and she would always talk about you. I even got to see pictures of you growing up too. It's been a while and you're all grown up now, but I could never forget those eyes" she smiled.

Nicole was unaware her companions were currently curiously looking over, she thought they were still engrossed with one another, so she continued to stay with Tom. "Your mother and I kind of lost contact after the war, what is she up to these days?"

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"You knew my mother." He basically repeated, blinking with those same eyes that allowed her to recognize him. "So, lets add that on the list of things she didn't tell me." He muttered, though no anger was towards the woman. It wasn't her fault for his mothers actions. Instead he gave her a smile,
"Might I ask your name?" He found his social side once more as his dog jumped up and licked him for doing so, at least that's how it seemed to him.

"I wouldn't know, you've have to ask my brothers - She did also send photos of my brothers and sister I assume." He petted the dogs head, before explaining.
"I stopped talking to her a month ago, moved out with my brothers." He then noticed the people at the table looking at him. "I think...your friends are wondering what your up to." He pointed, lightly to be semi-polite about it.

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