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[London] 1, 2, 3, 4

Location: Draco's Apartment • Date: February 14

His first real Valentines Day, and Draco couldn't be happier to be sharing it with Astoria.

After a very nice dinner out (which he had been saving up for since he started working at the Ministry), the pair had returned to his apartment where the no less than three boxes he had for her were stashed. He had done everything he could to prepare for the night, even scattering rose petals on his bed, but first he wanted to give her the gifts he had painstakingly chosen.

"Champagne?" he asked, pouring one flute and handing it to her. In the corner, an old record player was playing some romantic music, and he offered her a small smile.
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Played By: TyrellRose
“I would love some ,” she said,taking the flute of champagne her fiancé handed her.

Astoria took a sip and smiled. “It’s delicious.” He had gone to extraordinary lengths to spoil her this Valentine’s Day. It couldn’t possibly get any better.

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Re: [London] 1, 2, 3, 4

Draco couldn't help but let his eyes linger on the ring Astoria now wore on her left hand. He still couldn't believe it was happening. They had yet to go fully public with any of their friends, but that didn't matter. For now, Draco was happy knowing that they were committed to each other.

"The best I could find," he said, pouring a flute for himself and taking a sip. "I have had the most amazing day," he breathed out, smiling at her fondly. "You make me... ridiculously happy."

Played By: TyrellRose
Her eyes followed his to the ring he’d given her. It was a simplistic design, a simple white gold band with a single diamond stone crafted from a dragon’s flame, and it was incredible expensive. What mattered to her the more was the man she was sitting next to. She didn’t need expensive jewelry or designer dresses to make her happy but she knew how important it was for him to spoil her… she let him.

Astoria smiled fondly and reached up to affectionately carcass the side of Draco’s face. “You really are a good man, Draco Malfoy.”

Played By: Lilly

Re: [London] 1, 2, 3, 4

Turning his face into her touch, Draco beamed. "I try to be," he said, leaning in and kissing her briefly. "Never thought I could be, but I have... so many reasons to want to try now," he added, against her lips.

Although he wanted so desperately to remain close to her, he reluctantly pulled away and reached behind him for the first of three boxes. This one was small and red, with a translucent ribbon tied around it. Inside was a heart-shaped locket, on which he had gotten engraved their initials. "To be fair, I bought this before we picked out that ring," he said, a twinkle to his eye. "Happy Valentines Day."

Played By: TyrellRose
She was momentarily confused as to why he was pulling away until he produced another gift for her. Astoria shook her head but she was smiling even more than before. Taking the small red box and pulling the ribbon, she gasped at what was inside.

“Draco…” she said in awe, delicately running her fingers over the engraving on the locket, “...this is beautiful...thank you. No wonder the jewelers bend over backwards for you.” Astoria giggled, remembering very vividly how the store associates were tripping over themselves for Draco’s business when they went to pick out a ring earlier that day.

Played By: Lilly

Re: [London] 1, 2, 3, 4

He couldn't help but grin at the reaction. It was true, though - the jewelers had been beside themselves to see him back in their shop, and in fact had nearly spoiled the surprise. Thankfully, he had managed to catch the one over-eager associate with a small shake of his head just before the woman had asked Astoria if she liked her locket.

"I'm sure they're going to jump every time they see me walk past for the next little while," he admitted, chuckling, "but I just couldn't not get it for you."

Of course, he felt the same way about the other two gifts she had yet to open. He just needed to judge when to get them out. "Here," he said, reaching out and taking the locket from her. Then he unclasped it, sliding it around her neck and brushing aside her hair before clasping it shut. "Beautiful." Was he talking about the locket or her? Probably both.

Played By: TyrellRose
Astoria felt like the luckiest witch alive to be blessed with such a generous loving partner. She let him help her with the locket before looking down to admire it hanging on her neck. “You spoil me,” she said softly, looking back up and taking a sip of her champagne. “I would have been happy with just the dinner.”

Played By: Lilly

Re: [London] 1, 2, 3, 4

Draco admired the locket on her, lost in the spell of gazing at her before her words brought him back to earth. "Oh.... I, uh..." he sheepishly reached back again, pulling out a larger box. "I'm the spoiling fiance, I guess," he said, shrugging one shoulder, "but they genuinely come from the heart."

He sat back, waiting for her to open it. Inside was an antique copy of Pride and Prejudice, a book he had seen her reading from the library once.

Played By: TyrellRose
Astoria raised a brow, eyeing her fiancé and the second gift he produced. “What are you up to?” she asked sweetly, setting down her champagne glass so she could hold the gift in both hands to unwrap it.

Her smile immediately fell once she saw what was inside. “This is…” but Astoria couldn’t finish her sentence. Of all the gifts he had bestowed upon her thus far the book was her favorite. She had been reading it the first time they met. Tears glistened in her eyes the moment she opened and found the author’s signature on the inside cover.

“Where did you find this?” She whispered, holding the book to her chest and looking up at Draco.

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Re: [London] 1, 2, 3, 4

It was exactly the reaction he had been hoping for. Draco sat back, watching her explore the old copy that had been painstakingly restored with magic (not by him, but all the same).

“As it turns out, a friend of a friend is descended,” he replied, thinking back to when he had first found out. “But believe me, I’ve been trying to track it down for months. It was... a long process. But it was definitely worth it to search,” he admitted, reaching across and putting his hand on hers. “Now. Don’t be mad, but I have one more for you. I promise, this is the last one.”

He reached behind the sofa, pulling out a large, flat package. Inside, he had commissioned an astronomy expert to look in the records and paint an image of the stars in the night sky the day Astoria had invited him to her book club. The date was inscribed below on the black canvas, in silver lettering, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location they had met at. Finally, there was the title, and as she opened it he recited it from heart.

“The start of us. June 9, 2002.”

Played By: TyrellRose
She was speechless when he retrieved a third and final gift from behind the sofa. Very carefully she set down her treasured book beside her and took the flat package into her hands. Astoria’s smile returned as she opened it. “Oh!” Her eyes widened in disbelief. She let out a happy laugh, trying not to cry over his thoughtfulness. “I love it.” Astoria pressed a loving kiss to his lips. “ And I love you. Draco this is all so wonderful. Thank you.”

Played By: Lilly

Re: [London] 1, 2, 3, 4

Oh, thank Merlin, Draco thought, kissing her back briefly. He foolishly had gone through the fear that she wouldn’t like the gifts a few times since procuring all of them, but evidently he had done well. He took her hands in his, smiling.

“You’re so very welcome,” he breathed, kissing her again. “I love you.”

He rested his forehead against hers. “I just wanted you to know I’m in this for life. And that no matter what’s going on, I will always spoil you because... I love you so much.”

Played By: TyrellRose
Her thumbs swept over his knuckles in a gentle and loving motion. “And I you…” she whispered, closing her eyes, her forehead against his.”You make me so incredibly happy.”

Played By: Lilly