Location: Ogden's Distillery • Date: Winter 2003

In a minute or so the last tour of the evening would end their journey through the distillery. As any great sales' design the tour ended in the distillery's extensive boutique, where customers were invited to take part in one last tasting and of course encouraged to buy an array of souvenirs.

Standing behind his sales stand, the Spirits Sommelier was ready to answer questions and guide costumers towards the best purchase.
Fiona had thoroughly enjoyed the tour. She had decided that no matter what, she would take in as many sights as possible while in the UK, to learn more about this part of the world, so when someone had suggested the Distillery she had taken the opportunity. She wasn't really one for spirits, but she did like to learn so she was there. She had foregone her usual attire in favour of a simple southern style dress and had quietly taken in all the information.

Now that the tour was over, she was wandering around the boutique, running her fingers over the different souvenirs. There certainly was a wide variety to choose from. One of the other tour-takers jostled her out of the way and she turned, coming face to face with the spirits sommelier.

"Hi," she said simply, offering a small smile before glancing down at his stand. "What are those?"

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"Hi," he echoed with a smile before he took a step back. Glad to get a chance to discuss one of their latest product Viggo took one of the smaller bottles in his hand and presented it to her. "Our new oasis bottle," the Spirit Sommelier introduced looking right at the empty bottle, feeling the smooth ridges of its design. "A simple thought about one of our many products and the bottle fills with the delicious nectar."

To demonstrate the bottle's purpose he thought about their 1995 malt and instantly the bottle started filling. "Our 1995 malt," he took one of the glasses on his display and poured a finger of liquor in it. "Dignified yet sweet," he offered her the glass.
Fiona nodded appreciatively, watching as the bottle filled itself. The mystic arts were used for new things every day, and she found it interesting what people could come up with. "That is quite the trick," she murmured, taking the glass from him and taking a sip.

Truthfully, it had been a while since she had had any alcohol, and she sputtered just a bit. However, as the liquid went down her throat, she arched an eyebrow.

"It's very good," she said after a moment of rolling the taste around on her tongue. "We don't have drinks like this where I'm from. This is much... more..." she trailed off, having intended to say something else but deciding to leave it at "more".

Played By: TyrellRose
The distillery's products were of a superior quality, therefore their rich tastes often made people grimace and sputter. Especially tasters who were not necessarily used to sip of such strong spirits. Viggo had never been one to judge such a response negatively. In fact, he found it rather charming.

"It is, as they say, a regional specialty." The man smiled proudly. No matter what they claimed, the Scots really did distil the best liquor. "And may I ask where you are from?" He wondered if perhaps he had tasted whatever the region offered.
She nodded thoughtfully, swirling what was left in the glass around, then sniffing at it. If her mother could see her now. Alcohol had been strictly prohibited in their home growing up, but somehow her siblings had always managed to smuggle some in.

"I'm from a little hamlet in Nunavut," she replied, shrugging a shoulder. Then she figured she ought to clarify. "In Canada. The arctic. We're not really known for our spirits, though. Have you ever been that far north?" Now it was her turn to be curious.

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To be quite honest he did not know where she was from until she mentioned Canada and the Arctic. "Iceland is the furthest North I have been." He admitted with a small smile. As for Canada he had been to a few of the bigger cities, but nothing worth noting.

"If not for spirits then what are you known for?" This was his favourite part of he job, chatting with people from all over the world.
She wasn't usually offended when people didn't know where her home was. Not too many people knew the north outside of a few larger communities. "Art, mostly. Carvings from bone and antler. And for being very cold," she added, as a bit of a joke.

"Did you enjoy being in Iceland?" she asked, setting her glass back down and clasping her hands in front of her.

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The mention of carvings gave him an idea for a bottle design; a beautiful white bottle carved to look like an iceberg. A nice northern Scotch or perhaps something region-appropriate. He made sure to keep the idea in mind.

"I loved it. The northern lights and the hot springs alone were enough to make me consider moving there. Do you travel a lot?"
With a light smile, Fiona gave a nod. "The northern lights are gorgeous, yes, I agree." Then she shrugged. "I do travel, yes. I work for the Expedition Society, so I'm usually all over. It was strange when I first started, but now I love it."

Then she glanced sideways. "People can buy souvenirs here? What would you recommend?"

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He could not help but envy her. While his job had brought him to travel in the last few years, it had not been so during his younger years. Being a single dad had given him responsibilities that had restricted his ability to be adventurous.

"They can," he confirmed with a grin. "I'd suggest buying a decanter, it offers the illusion of luxury, no matter what you are serving."
Fiona smiled. "Thank you," she replied, turning to the shelves to start browsing. Maybe the tour had been a good ideas after all, although she wasn't too certain about buying something so luxurious. As the crowd pushed her further away from the sommelier, she glanced back at him, then continued on her way.

Played By: TyrellRose