“No!” Said Ivan, leaning into her pressing finger, his head almost touching her’s. “I am saying is no ones fault because there was nothing wrong with it! I am not blaming you. Deep down you knew you could not marry him. You were being rushed into something, you tested a theory. Test let you know answer.”

Poking her back lightly in the middle of her chest then he said, “And I didn’t say I was white knight with Hera, or that everyting I do is correct. But I helped you to realise something that night, and night before your wedding. Why can’t you just admit that? You would be happier if you were married to Hugh right now?”
Zara pressed forward just as he did, getting visibly more aggravated.

"You think there's nothing wrong with what happened? And why's that? You're happy about how much confusion this has caused me? I don't know about you, but I'm even more confused about how I feel about this! Of course I wouldn't be happier if I married Hugh, but that doesn't exactly help me in this moment now, does it!? I feel more alone than ever and I'm supposed to stand here being careful not to hurt your feelings!? I know I wouldn't be happy, but that doesn't make me happy right now either!"

She shoved him in the shoulders.

"Why don't you just fuck off and screw with Magda or something then - give her some clarity on how she feels about you! I only wanted to talk to you to see if we could make some sense of this, but apparently not."

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan resisted the very strong urge to shove her back hard enough to send her flying, saying instead,

“What do you think I have been trying to do this whole time? I am not mocking you, bully you, blaming you... I am just trying to make sense for you! I am not counselor or therapist! You vant to hear something different? You want to hear me say I regret that night too?!”

Taking hold of her wrists so she could no longer shove him he pulled them apart and said into her face,

“Yes I regret it because you are acting like you are now, and everyone blames me for every emotion you feel! And you blame me for every emotion you feel and expect me to figure out vhat it is I am suppose to say right now! But no, I did not do it because I thought I was doing you a favor. And I did not do it because I thought I tame you. God help man who think he can tame you or even make you slightly pleasent for more zhen a moment! I did it because of pure animal craving, selfish lust, and loanliness... thinking it vould be one night with no strings attached! Thinking neither of us would want to speak of it again. And I could just look back on it as pleasent memory. But you want to know biggest part that causes regret?”

His strong hands gripping tighter on her wrists he said, “You have my blood boiling right now in frustration and anger at you for being such a difficult voman!!!... and at same time there is a part of me that wants to pin you to wall again and make you moan with a pleasure that will cause you to hate me even more in the morning!”

And now he was already regretting saying that... though his breathing deepend...
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Zara inhaled sharply at both the tightening grip on her wrists, and the heightening tension between them. She opened her mouth to speak, but he kept going, and it gave her a moment to soak up his words and meanings. She felt her eyes widen and chest heave for breath - when had she stopped breathing? She stared at him in the eyes, and then leaned forward, practically growling her words through her teeth as she spoke.

"Then fucking do it since our reasons are aligned! Make me hate you and then we never have to talk again. And maybe this time, you can actually be the man you brag about being and take charge."

She just couldn't help but throw in a dig. But of course, she was falling right into what Simon had described her as...
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Ivan blinked for a moment in surprise.

This was exactly what Kyle had said not to do...

Fuck Kyle

And Hera

Ivan spun Zara around so fast it almost caused his own head to spin, pressing her back up against the door she had closed moments before, his lips crashing down on hers.

She wanted him to be a man that took charge?! Well that was what she was going to get damn it!

One hand gripped her thigh, then hoisted it up to his hip. His hand sliding lightly under her skirt then to play almost delicately with her soft skin he said with his forhead pressed to hers, his breath in her face,

“There will be no mercy... Tomorrow you will cringe at the memory of your own screams of pleasure. You will blush inwardly if someone mentions my name...”
Zara gasped loudly as he suddenly swung her around. She had seen something brewing in his eyes, but it was suddenly all too real; he was taking her up on the dare and making good of it, apparently. Instinctively, she gripped onto his shoulder with her spare hand, kissing him almost violently in return of his touches and movements. She pulled him closer, allowing her back to be flush against the door.

"Oh yeah?" She spoke lowly, eyes burning into his. "Then you either better soundproof this room or take me home. Wouldn't want me to hold back any screams, would we?" She mocked.

She somewhat doubted he would actually have that affect on her, especially since she was far more sober than the last time. But a part of her really hoped he would.

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan took out his wand, slashing it across the room with a spell before saying,

“I vill not be bringing you home....” twining his fingers into her hair he said, “I will be taking you right here and now, because that is how I want you... And you had better hope the sound proofing does not wear off because...” his hand moved up to slid a finger under her neck line, brushing at her breasts as he added, “...I might be having you more then once tonight...”
Zara lifted her brows, and shuddered under his touch. Without any further encouragement, she lurched forward into a passionate kiss. There was no need for anymore words; her hands roamed his body, her eyes closed, and she thought about nothing before the feeling of him.

Played By: Vyreia
And so time passed at the Inn. The party went on down below wile Zara and Ivan had a party of their own. The group around Magda talked, laughed, and shared stories, others joining and leaving the group at times, but finally... midnight approached. Trays of champagne floated through the room, stopping at each guest so they could toat in the new year.

Most were standing now, keeping their eyes on a clock as it ticked down the minutes. When it did go off gold confetti and streamers would magically fall from the ceiling, and the music would change to an up beat version of auld lang syne.

“So it’s out first New Years together,” said Reef, taking a little sip from his glass. “What were you doing a year ago on this day Lily?”

Spotting Caleb then a little past her he said,

“So Pryer... where’s your girl? Aren’t you seeing someone? You are really all alone New Years and passing up a chance to kiss Magda? Ramazanov isn’t here you know...”
“It’s all good...” Caleb drawled, leaning up against a post a few steps away. “.. and I have casually dated but you know... not like that. No I’m alone but....”

He glanced around the room, smirked, then said, “I should kiss someone, shouldn’t I? It would be a crime against any other partnerless women. Maybe if Zara comes down here I’ll lay one on her, what do you think?”
Lily leaned into Marcus, checking up at the clock. She could kiss him any time, really, but it felt like it would be special to start the year with a kiss from him. And so that in itself was exciting.

"Last year? Probably spending it with Scout." She smiled.

Looking at Caleb, she wondered for a moment how Robin felt. She glanced over at the other woman who seemed to be sat rather loosely on a sofa, looking over at the situation. Maybe this was her chance to finally tell Caleb how she felt!

Of course, Lily didn't actually know that they were together.

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Robin, however, was sat at a table with a few of the guys. She was offered the rest of a beer that one of them didn't like, and happily accepted. She was used to drinking the cheap stuff - it all did the same job after all!
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But Lily spoke up again.

"Oh! Uhm...well, why not er..." She glanced around, seeing Robin chatting to some others. She cringed internally. She knew Robin liked Caleb but...she really knew how embarrassed she herself got, and wouldn't want to force that on her best friend. "Well, why not just do a cheers with some friends instead? I did that with my parents for a few years..."

Played By: Vyreia
Reef looked at Lily, then shaking his head he said, “Well now that’s no fun.... and no one wants to revert back to spending New Years with the parents, or something close to it.” Looking to Caleb then he said with a laugh,

“And if you lay on on her I think she will lay one on you, with her fist!”

Glancing about the room then he said, “I think Dice would be up for a good midnight snog... or uhm... Libby?” He said, knoding towards the longest term female employee at Cleary Company.
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