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Location: Magical Nightclub • Date: September 2002
Time of Day: 11 pm • Weather: Clear skies, but crispy

Luckily for Felix, a future bride had decided to dismiss a few of her bridesmaids, meaning that a handful of the reserved seats close to the stage had been free for her and her friends. Sitting among the bridal party and the fearsome future bride, Felix and a few of her girlfriends chatted while sipping on a variety of alcoholic beverages.

The establishment was dimly lit, the music was loud and the curtain was down. Felix could feel the energy rising as the crowd's anticipation grew. She was quite excited herself. The radio host had been to drag shows before, but they had only starred drag queens. A part of her was skeptical that the kings would be as magnificent as the queens, but she did keep an open mind.
Simon never sung at any of her shows. It was the one talent she didn't have on stage. But decked out in a top hat and tails, Simon could dance like there was no tomorrow. A suave gentleman of the stage, who with a bit of clever wandwork, could conjure all manner of props and effects that brought her show to life, and brought the audience back to the roaring twenties. Tap dance and mime, clicking heels and gallant gestures, her show was a silent film on an Invigoration Draught. When it was over, Simon swept the hat from off her head to reveal another underneath, and Simon King of Suave (as per her stage name) tossed the extra top hat into the crowd before sauntering off the stage and into the brilliant darkness of the club.
From the variety of talents displayed to their extent, Felix quickly understood that she had been missing out. From clapping enthusiastically, to laughing, to gasping, Felix went through a whole array of reactions and feelings.

There was a particular performer who caught her eye. Younger than the others perhaps? Though he moved with ease and had a rather youthful air, he had an elegance that reminded Felix of the actors in the old black and white muggle films her mother had loved. Strangely enough, the performance comforted her, gave her hope that chivalry or something akin to it was still out there.

The top hat fell on her lap gently, almost as if meant to be. Smiling widely she applauded enthusiastically before she plopped the hat onto her head. Once the show had ended, the curtains had been drawn and most of the patrons had turned their attention from the stage and moved it to the dancefloor, Felix was still wearing the top hat as if the accessory had been hers all along.

After a few songs, she gestured to her friends that she was heading towards the bar to get a drink.
Felix had just gotten her glass when she heard Simon's voice. Her eyes widened when she noticed who was addressing her, but quickly a radiant smile reached her eyes. "Oh well, it was given to me by someone who has a great sense of style." She complimented.
"Oh, I just came to..." Felix pointed at the drink she was getting, but before she completed her sentence the radio host realized that Simon was probably just being playful. Adjusting her approach, she took a sip of her drink, looking at the drag king over the rim of the fruity concoction. Her smile was apparent despite the glass on her lips.

"The pleasure was all mine actually." She set her glass on the bar and took a seat. Her friends would be fine without her. "I'm Felix," she offered her hand.
Felix blinked in disbelief as Simon's lips brushed against the back of her hand. Charmed indeed, she thought as she blushed slightly.

"I was skeptical," Felix admitted without hesitation. "But I found it incredibly entertaining and..." She scrunched up her nose as she tried to think of the right word. "Enticing." She finally shared enthusiastically. "Your number in particular. It made me long for cabarets." She realized it was an era before her, but one that intrigued her nonetheless.
"It didn't take much time to acquire," Felix spoke for herself.

Without meaning to be dismissive or to ignore Simon's comment, Felix did not turn to look towards the stage. She found herself admiring Simon's profile. The cute single curl flipping over her ear, the corner of her thin lips curling upward as snarky words passed them, the impeccable dinner jacket catching the blue hue of the stage light. Handsome, Felix thought.

Felix smiled as she noticed a single white thread on the lapel of Simon's jacket. Before she thought anything of it, the piece of thread was between her fingers, leaving Simon's jacket as impeccable as the rest of her suit.
"Oh," Felix swooned over the splendid flower. "You are in a league of your own." She marveled as she smelled the orchid.

Felix had gotten her fair share of romantic attention, though compared to Simon's old-fashioned charm everything seemed rather underwhelming. "You set the bar high don't you?"
With a sly wink, Simon spun her hat in her hand and set it back on her head. "Haven't the slightest idea what you mean."
At that moment, someone she had absolutely not expected to see walked on the stage. Mike in hand, Simon's ex stared at the seated drag king. Something in Simon's smile froze, but a deep breath pulled herself back together. "You keep that now," Simon said, pressing the orchid to Felix's chest, kissing Felix's hand in the process.

In the next second, Simon Apparated.