[MoM] So bitter

Location: Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures • Date: 23 September 2002

Chandra was not having a good day. Or a good week. Make that a month.

First, she had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend and they still were not talking. At this point she was not even sure if he was her boyfriend anymore. It had been over two weeks with now communication.

Just send him an owl, Chana!!

She was tired of her sister telling her this. She also knew her sister was right. She could put an end to all the wondering if she just sent to guy an owl. She was not going to though. She did not handle ending particularly well, and if this was the end, she would rather not deal with another confrontation.

Then she had a case taken from her because she was not making as much progress on it as her superiors would have liked. She was pissed and she let everyone know it.

Maybe you should take a vacation.

She wanted to punch every person that told her that. Mostly her partner. She was sure he wanted her to take a vacation so he could try to smooth talk the agents that had their case and continue working it - without her.

What as she supposed to do on vacation anyway? She could not travel far from home, not with the anniversary of her father's death coming up. Who would take care of her mother when she grew sad? This year marked twenty years and, while the anniversary was always bitter sweet, she could tell this one was going to be worse than usual. You marked lives in neat little bows. Decades. Two decades had passed since her family was taken from her. It was never going to be like it was. A vacation was not going to fix it.

"Sod off," she cursed at the water cooler in the break room as it dribbled water on her arm and down her sleeve. She kicked it a few times for good measure too. Just to make sure it know how she felt about it.

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As long as Sophie had her research, she was generally happy. The same couldn’t be said for the others who worked in the department, though. She had seen a number of her colleagues dealing with various stresses, and she couldn’t comprehend what the issue was. Work was all that mattered, and most of the issues she had heard people venting about had logical solutions. It was just so odd to her.

As she walked into the break room just in time to see Dayal kicking the water cooler, Sophie sighed softly. “You know, kicking it won’t make it give you water,” she murmured, walking past the other woman to the counter where she reached into the fridge and pulled out her lunch. It was a carefully constructed turkey BLT sandwich, with a yogurt cup and a bottle of water, her usual lunch. Sophie was nothing if not consistant.

She sat down, nibbling at the edge of the bread. After a moment, she seemed to decide she might as well offer some kind of conversation, even if she normally didn’t talk to people. Sometimes people needed to talk, though she didn’t see the point of small talk.

“Rough day?” She asked, glancing over the rims of her glasses.

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Chandra grit her teeth at the sound of Sophie's voice. She imagined dunking her head in the water jug when she processed her words. Sophie should stay in her stack of books and scrolls.

"You're not making it better," she replied.

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Sophie arched an eyebrow, nibbling at her sandwich some more, then taking a sip of her water. "I've done nothing except attempt to reach out," she said, setting down her water bottle and folding her hands in her lap. "And people say I don't try to socialize."

She had known it wouldn't be a good idea to talk. Maybe she should have gone with her original plan of retreating to her cubicle and eating there, although that had the small problem of being out in the open if someone from another department visited.

Sophie sighed. "Look, you know I don't talk to anyone, so at the very least I won't spread anything around," she said, trying to offer the olive branch again. Apparently she felt generous today.

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Her eyes rolled out of her head. It was useless trying to explain to Sophie the difference between socializing and being annoying so she kept her mouth shut as she plopped herself down in an empty chair at the table. She tore open a bag of crisps - her lunch - and began angrily chomping away. She washed her meal down with her water and looked at the other woman point blank.

"No offense, but I don't think you can help me."

Chandra wasn't always so rude. Sophie had just caught her at a bad time.

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Sophie frowned deeply. "I'm possibly one of the best people to help you. I'm highly rational, and don't let emotions get in my way. But if you really don't want my help, then I suppose I can just leave you to wallow in whatever is causing you to act like this," she said finally, rising to her feet. "I have work to do, anyway." It was almost... bitter, the way she said it. She left her sandwich sitting on the table, taking one last longing look at her colleague. If Sophie didn't know any better, she would say she almost wanted to be able to chat with the other woman.

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"You've left you sandwich," Chandra pointed out. For someone who said they did not let emotions get in their way Sophie sure bolted out of the room. To Chandra, it seemed like maybe Sophie did care more than she was letting on.

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Sophie paused at the door, glancing back. "I'm not hungry," she said, shrugging. She did, however, walk back to the table to pick up her sandwich. A few steps later and she was lingering by the bin, wondering if the conversation really was over (if they could call it that).

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