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 #36132  by Whitney Dawson
Whitney turned to look at her girlfriend, giving her hand a squeeze in return. "Yes, please," she whispered back. "Maybe ask for a paramedic too." She then squeezed the girl's hand again before walking over to the other three.

"Stay if you're really sorry," she spoke quietly to Jace, then dropped down beside Elliot. Noting that her friend was too distraught to do anything, she casted a quick spell to fix Vinny's nose.
 #36133  by Elliot Flight
Elliot ignored the man standing behind her as she held Vinny's hand, willing him to wake up and be okay. She had a strong feeling she knew why he had been fighting her ex(?), but she couldn't help feeling slightly mad at him. And Whit. And obviously Jace.

After she noticed that her friend had healed Vinny's nose, Elliot squeezed his hand and stood up. She turned to face Jace, her eyes filled with tears. "Why?"
 #36135  by Eden Kalima
Eden nodded, squeezing Whitney's hand one more time and casting a sympathetic look at Elliot and a menacing look at Jace before disappearing back into the apartment.
 #36136  by Jace Rutherford
Jace slowly sank down to the floor, his back pressed against the wall and his eyes fixed on Elliot. Elliot, with her back to him. He squeezed his eyes shut, barely hearing Whitney, barely noticing Eden disappear again. His hands went to his face, then into his hair, brushing it back.

And then he heard her voice and peeked out from behind his hands. She was standing, looking down at him, and he didn't think he had ever seen her that angry.

"I don't..." he started, regret pouring in waves over him, "I don't know. I just... needed to see you." His eyes burned with tears and he looked down at his lap to hide it.
 #36145  by Elliot Flight
Elliot crossed her arms on her chest, staring down at him. "So what? You beat him bloody because he was trying to protect me? Would you have done the same to Whit had she remained out here? Or would you have broken down the door had I been alone?" Her eyes were burning as she spoke, but she wasn't going to cry. Not yet. Not here.
 #36148  by Jace Rutherford
His shoulders shook as he continued to hide his face from her. "I don't know," he muttered, repeating it a few times. Then, in a surprising moment of clarity, he let out a breath.

"Would you have answered the door?" He swallowed a hard lump in his throat. "All I wanted was to talk to you. None of this should have happened."

Slowly, he lowered his hands from his face, noticing once again the blood on his fist. Not all of it was Vinny's, either. Jace let out a quick breath, staring in disbelief at his hand.
 #36150  by Elliot Flight
Sighing, Elliot tentatively crouched down in front of him. "I... Don't know." She would have loved to have said yes, to calm him some more, but she was pretty certain she would have ignored the door. If asked yesterday, she would have said that she wasn't ready to talk to him face-to-face yet.

"It's been a rough couple months. You've put me through a lot, Jace."
 #36153  by Jace Rutherford
Jace's hand shook as he flexed his fingers a bit, wincing. Then he looked across at Elliot, but found it difficult to hold her gaze. Instead, he looked to the side.

"I know," he mumbled, all the adrenaline from earlier wearing off and leaving him sad, still slightly drunk, and exhausted. "I was gonna ap... apologize. For everything. I jus--" he squeezed his eyes shut, cutting himself off. "I just wanted to see you." It was the one thought his exhausted mind could hold on to. "One more time."
 #36172  by Elliot Flight
Elliot sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "Jace... I don't know what I'm supposed to say here..." She bit her lip, lowering her head to look at the floor. She was unable to bring herself to look him in the eyes, at least not right now. Her attention was then drawn to his blood covered hand, causing her to get a strange feeling in her stomach that she had never gotten seeing blood before. "You're bleeding too," she sighed again before tentatively reaching out her hand and casting both a healing and cleaning charm.

As soon as the blood was gone, she pulled her hand back and folded both her hands. "I..."
 #36174  by Jace Rutherford
Jace closed his eyes while she healed his hand, still unable to look at her. When he cracked them open, he glanced down at his now-clean hand. "Thanks," he said dully.

There was another long and awkward silence, during which he really just wanted to get up and leave. That had been his answer to everything lately, to just walk away and not deal with his emotions. Alcohol had become his way of pushing emotions to the side.

But that had lead to this. And he wasn't sure if he liked what this had become.

"Look... I've been horrible, ever since... and Christmas was... I should never have treated you like that..." His sentences were choppy, cutting into each other. "I just... I'm not good with..." he waved his hand around vaguely. "And I'm sorry."
 #36189  by Elliot Flight
Elliot simply nodded at his gratitude, eyes remaining on the ground. She began playing with the skin between her thumb and index finger. As much as she disliked the awkward silences, she also was starting to appreciate them. There was no expectation for her to respond in any certain way.

"I... You had something horrible happen to you, and I'm really sorry it did." She bit her lip, choosing her words carefully. "And I wanted to be there for you. Help you cope with everything. But..." Her fight against the tears welling in her eyes was finally lost as one rolled down her cheek. "But I can't be a punching bag. It's not what I signed up for Jace. I'm sorry."
 #36195  by Jace Rutherford
He finally glanced up at her just as she finished speaking, noticing the tear. Jace swallowed a hard lump in his throat, wrapping his arms around himself. It was the first time they had really spoken since before summer, and he had missed it.

"I know," he replied, his voice wobbling a bit. "I don't think I've ever had to... you know, accept help like that. I don't know how. Things always just worked out." He knew half of that was his father's influence. "And when they didn't... that's when I... ended up at the farm. And at the camp. As a punishment. But it wasn't a punishment because you..." he trailed off, fighting to keep his eyes on her, resisting the urge to look away.

"I lash out... when I don't know what to do." His eyes betrayed him and flicked, focusing behind Elliot on the prone figure lying on the floor behind her. "You don't deserve that."
 #36272  by Elliot Flight
Elliot raised her head a bit so that she was now looking at his forehead. She still wasn’t ready to look him in the eyes. Staring into his brown eyes would bring back too many memories, making this all so much more difficult. Like that time in the lake at camp, when they kissed for the first time.

Shoot. Not now.

Blinking to clear her thoughts, she bit her lip. “I’ve noticed... I just... I think...” More tears betrayed her and fell down her cheeks. “I don’t know.”
 #36275  by Jace Rutherford
Jace's gaze switched back to her and he bit down hard on his right cheek, squeezing his arms more tightly around himself. "I'm sorry," he repeated, his eyes burning.

"I never... I never wanted to hurt you," he murmured, almost inaudibly.