A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32626  by Nova Gold
It had start out like any other day but something caught her eyes that is she found this innocent cat on way to academy. It was love at first sight or rather four leg type that is a kitten and she pick him up and he start purring and she stroke it.

When she put it down attempt to run it chase her. They where playing but finally she could not stand it no longer. This cat look wild but was not it look a little like bob cat but she seem enjoy each other company. She thought of name for him and she thought of name for him because she read long ago that is she enjoy reading that is Rumpelstiltskin while the tale about him taking children.

Well this Rumpelstilskin had stolen her heart because she love him. She kiss this male cat and she seem happy she stroke his chin and she brought him to her school and she had developed something while most people were not sure love her for her. She felt sure she place him on her shoulder and this became a thing for her. He wasn't magical cat or seem so different he was pixie bob cat and she grin lightly.