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 #31538  by Nicole Washington
Nicole stood behind the little counter in the janitor's-closet-turned-student-store, just waiting for anyone to come by. Keeping up with her volunteer hours was getting to be exhausting, especially when she spent her lunch period just standing in a windowed closet hoping that someone needed to buy a pencil or something.

It did give her time to catch up on the newspaper though, and as she read through the day's political stories, she almost zoned out, daydreaming about what it might be like to be one of the people interviewed for these articles. She wanted more than she realized to help people make these important decisions. To help everyone's voices be heard.

Her train of thought was interrupted by someone at the little counter. "Oh, hi!" she greeted, a big smile on her face.

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 #32030  by Clint Connor
"Hello, Nicole," Clint replied, having to stoop a little to see through the window. His height could be a hassle at times, but he didn't mind too much. He smiled warmly at the senior, not happy about what he was going to have to say next.

"So, I don't know if you've heard, but we've had a problem with our student volunteers stealing money from the store, so from now on a staff member has to be present at all times. I was chosen for this shift, so here I am." He punctuated his comment with a wave of his hands.

"And unfortunately... I had a meeting, so I'm a little late, which means I have to count the money and inspect the sale records," he added with a sympathetic look, putting his hand on the doorknob. "So if you don't mind... I have to get in there." That would be a challenge, since he was already taller than the door.
 #32491  by Nicole Washington
Nicole waved a little, her smile bright. She was excited to have something to do during such a dead time. Plus, Professor Connor was her favorite teacher, not for his subject, but for his teaching styles and personality. There was never a dull moment to her. Not in his classes.

But what came next was less than comforting. In fact, she was a little appalled that her fellow students were stealing from the student store. "I had no idea," she commented, stepping aside to allow the professor entry.

"Of course! I didn't even know that was happening," she said, knowing that it wasn't her who was taking anything. That was definitely not something she would get caught up in. "Do they have any idea who is doing it?"
 #32515  by Clint Connor
Clint shuffled into the closet, hunching over to try and fit in the small space. "Of course I don't think you have anything to do with it," he said, taking out the money and starting to count it. "I can't really say much," he added, glancing up at her, "but yes, they have an idea. Now it's just proof that's needed."

He continued to count, then checked the sales records. "All clear," he said, trying to turn back towards the door. "Oh..." he breathed, finding himself stuck. "Give the giant a duty in a closet," he muttered under his breath, glancing over at Nicole. "I'm sorry, do you think you could... I can't reach my wand." This was embarrassing.
 #32567  by Nova Gold
Nova was a student that is she forgot something. She forgot one of her books about performances. She went back to a get it that is one books she went to pick it up and then she heard something or someone in the closet. She heard noise in the closet she thought it was ghost.She point her wand at the closet though she thought the teacher was the ghost. "Alright you ghost come out." She thought the ghost pop out scared the crap out of her.
 #33154  by Nicole Washington
Nicole squished herself agains the wall as her large teacher counted the money. She hoped that it was all there so that she wasn't going to get pegged for stealing money. That was a completely out of character thing for her to do, and she was sure that the whole of the school's staff knew just as much. But she was still relieved when Professor Connor verified that the money was all there.

"Oh, um," Nicole stammered. "Where is it?" she asked, then hearing a voice outside. She was afraid to move too much closer to her teacher, for fear of being... well... too close to her teacher, so she couldn't poke her head out of the little window on the door to prove she wasn't a ghost and that she was just there to sell things from the school store. "I'm not- we're not a ghost!" she called from the corner of the tiny room.
 #33288  by Clint Connor
Clint could not imagine a more awkward situation, and it was made worse by the appearance of another student. He hadn't even had the opportunity to tell Nicole where his wand was. Instead, now he was being accused of being a ghost.

"Please don't do anything!" he called out. Then he thought again. "Actually, whoever's out there, could you please find another teacher?" That was probably his best bet. He genuinely couldn't move. The closet was just too small for him. Then, over his shoulder to Nicole, he added, "My wand is on the counter behind you."
 #33294  by Nova Gold
Nova thought this was indeed strange that student was in the closet and some big man thing was in there too. Was this game they were playing? What game could they be playing that is muggle game what was hide go seek. That what it was but bit childish to be playing and one of them going to get stuck and it was just conform.

"Umm Okay. I will what should tell them excellently? What if I can't find another teacher?" She asked this person a question. That is she could try to figure out how to get the both out closet and were they stuck. "Are you two stuck in there?"
 #33827  by Nicole Washington
Nicole felt so awkward. This whole thing with not being trusted in the school store by herself because of one student that was potentially stealing from the till was complicated enough without having to be accidentally trapped in the tiniest room in the school with the largest teacher that taught there. Professor Connor's wand was behind/next to them on the counter, but Nicole wasn't exactly excited about getting in his personal space to reach it for him. So, she hesitated.

"Yes! We are!" she exclaimed. "We are stuck. Just tell them that we are trapped. Maybe find someone in the office or something!" She tried to inch her fingers toward the wand on the counter, but it was just too awkwardly out of the way.
 #33835  by Clint Connor
This was one of the situations they told aspiring teachers to avoid, Clint reflected morosely. But he couldn't dwell on the matter. It wouldn't help him now. For now, all he could do was try to figure out a way out of the mess and hope that nothing bad would come of it.

"Please, just go find someone!" he called. Clint noticed Nicole trying to get his wand and tried to press himself up against the wall as much as he could. "I'm really sorry about this," he added, a bit more quietly.

Then it hit him.

"Actually... have you done sidealong apparation before? It might not work in such a small space, but it's worth a shot."
 #33877  by Nova Gold
Nova wasn't not theft that is usually her parent bought what she want. That is money not really problem with their family. But of course her sister and her clash in other ways their fighting was bad that they argue back and forth. That is on silly things in regard to relationship. She enjoy acting was a her things. It was why her sister transfer different school their fighting got too bad for them that is her parent attempt to solve this problem by having her sister transfer school and now they no longer saw one another. She felt things where good now that they no longer saw one another. That is she was thinking of way get them out. There was spell that unlocked but she did not think the door was lock but that would not get them out.

"Okay.I'll go see if I can find someone." She start down the hall searching for adult or anyone that could help. If they listening she was indeed looking for someone that is with book in hand as she did so.
 #33903  by Clint Connor
He didn't wait for a response, instead making a half turn. To Clint's relief, he was able to apparate himself out of the closet, leaving Nicole in there with considerably more room to breathe.

"Let's, er... pretend that never happened," he said, before walking off, ready to fill out the paperwork that would protect him. It certainly would be an interesting story for later.