A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30258  by Artemis Browning
Location: Constellation Plaza Mall • Date: September 2

With her arm in a sling and the bruise still on her cheek, Artemis hardly looked like the type of person who would be shopping in a high end jewelry store. She was, though, and she had been browsing for the better part of an hour, refusing any and all help from the clerks who kept trying to step in for the commission they would no doubt earn. She was shopping for a watch for her brother, a late birthday present, and couldn't decide between two.

Finally, one of the clerks reluctantly informed her that the mall was closing soon. Artemis let out a soft sigh, finally pointing with her good hand at the watch on the left, platinum gold. "That one," she said, watching in amusement as the clerk quickly wrapped it up for her. Money exchanged hands, and Artemis finally turned to step out of the store.

And she had wanted a pretzel before she left the mall. Darn. Now she had to make her way like all the other patrons of the mall towards the exit, carrying a ridiculously expensive watch in a not-so-inconspicuous bag. What could possibly go wrong?
 #31980  by Danny Fox
Danny had been wandering here and there and found himself in a familiar place. Since his run in with his best (and possibly only) friend from school, he'd felt weird. And also a little lonely. He was constantly spacing out and in a bit of a whirlwind of thought. Unfortunately, the security guards started rounding people up to get them out of the mall, and he was headed toward an exit with a bunch of other people.

It was all fine and dandy until he tripped over his own shoe laces and faceplanted on the glossy, yet dirty, floor. There was nothing graceful about this position he was in, and he had to wonder if he was just an unlucky person, or what. "Ugh, ow..." he said, pushing up and rubbing his nose as people passed him, looking and/or laughing. Jerks.
 #32022  by Artemis Browning
Everyone was packed like sardines trying to exit the mall, and suddenly there seemed to be a blockage up ahead. Artemis groaned, although it changed to a small squeak as someone jostled her broken arm.

"What now?" she said to no one in particular, pushing past the laughing patrons in front of her only to see a young man on the ground. The athlete arched an eyebrow, extending her good hand. Time to be a good Samaritan, she supposed.

"Need a hand?"
 #32429  by Danny Fox
Danny felt like an idiot with people laughing at him and no one bothering to help or ask if he was okay even. He was about to just wait there until everyone was gone so that no one could see him take a walk of shame, but he heard a voice ask if he needed a hand.

He looked up at a lady with her arm in a sling who was offering her hand. He gladly accepted it and started to pull himself up. "Thanks. I feel like such an idiot. You didn't have to do that..." he said, his face still bright red with embarrassment.
 #32504  by Artemis Browning
Artemis shook her head, dangling earrings swaying from side to side along with her ponytail. "Don't be silly. I see someone on the floor, I help them," she replied, giving him a cheeky grin. "I couldn't very well leave you down there. And I hate people who just stand by and laugh." She punctuated that with a glare at the next person to walk by.

"You okay? Didn't break anything? I know a doctor if you did," she continued, gesturing to her arm in a sling. "He's pretty good, too."
 #33140  by Danny Fox
Danny raised his eyebrows and glanced to the side. "That's more than I can say for anyone else here," he commented, looking at the same person as they walked by. He did feel like a loser right about now, but the woman who'd helped him was making him feel less like that.

"I don't think so," he answered, dusting the floor dirt off of his shirt and pants. He smiled when she mentioned her arm. "Did you get that falling on the mall floor? I really hope not," he added, still a bit flushed. He thought that maybe she looked familiar, but seeing as he'd been all over Europe and a quarter of the United Stated, he figured that that wasn't likely.
 #33289  by Artemis Browning
Artemis giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand. "Oh, no. I'm a stunt broom racer," she explained, sticking out her hand. "Artemis Browning, at your service!" If he followed broom racing at all, he probably had heard her name, but she wouldn't be offended if he didn't know of her. "I dislocated it during a particularly complicated trick. My brother's a healer, and he's at his wit's end with me." She laughed again, giving a mock roll of her eyes.
 #33829  by Danny Fox
Danny smiled as she giggled. Laughter was so infectious. He reached out and shook her hand. "Danny Fox.... uh... world traveler?" he said, questioning himself. He did recognize her name though, he hadn't been living under a rock for years.

"I've heard of you," he said, nodding. "It was really nice of you to help me just now. You didn't have to. I'm sure you've got somewhere important to be. Or go. Or whatever," he said, a bit of self depreciation showing through. Danny never did count himself among the important people. "But, I am curious, does it hurt? I've never really done anything like that before."
 #33834  by Artemis Browning
"Pleasure to meet you, Danny Fox," Artemis replied, beaming. She didn't like to forget names.

"Don't you be silly," she refuted him, wagging her finger at him. "I was taught to never leave someone in need. And honestly, I have nowhere important to be tonight." She winked at him. "Hm, broom racing? It hurts if you fall off or whack your elbow against a rocky outcropping. But it's also the biggest rush you'll ever get. Whipping around at top speed, feeling the wind in your hair... it's the best thing ever."
 #33845  by Danny Fox
Danny grinned. It was nice to see someone light up the way Artemis was when she talked about what she did for a living. Or at least he assumed that it was what she did for a living anyway. He knew she could probably work a day job and race at night, but he assumed that she did it full time. "It's really cool how much you seem to love it," he commented. He wished he knew what he wanted to do with his life.
 #33847  by Artemis Browning
Artemis giggled, tapping her nose with her index finger. "And you? What was it you said? World traveler? Been anywhere interesting?" she asked, mindful of the giant clock on the wall above the exit to the mall. With a small tilt of her head, she encouraged him to start walking with her towards the doors.
 #33851  by Danny Fox
Danny shrugged a little, but it was clear that he had been to some wonderful places. "I spent some time in Italy and a while in Greece. I was going to go to England, but some weird things happened and I decided to come back to the US. It was weird here too. Some crazy things. Lots of change when I came back," he said. "Hey, I think this is probably weird of me to ask, but I'm kinda hungry. Did you wanna go grab some food someplace? There's a diner pretty close." He paused. "Not like a date. Just like I'm hungry," he said, laughing a little at his own awkwardness.
 #33853  by Artemis Browning
"That sounds like a story," Artemis said, chuckling with him. It was obvious that she didn't think anything was weird about his offer. "I'd love that, actually. I'm hungry too. And I'd love to hear some stories from Italy." She linked her good arm through his suddenly, marching him towards the exit. "I'm so glad I met you, Danny."