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 #39316  by Isla Fields
Location: Isla's Home • Date: End of June
Time of Day: 11:30 PM • Weather: Humid

Isla had been a night owl for as long as she could remember. She had spent many a night as a child, hidden in her closet, wand alight with a book in her lap doing her best to immerse herself in the words as chaos filtered in from downstairs. As a teenager, Patrick had given her free reign to the overly large library in the mansion and she couldn't remember how many times she had woken to the man dimming the lights and levitating her from the table she fallen asleep at to the forest green chaise situated beneath the large window. Now as an adult, Isla was never in bed before 10:00 PM and she was unable to fall asleep until she had showered, slathered herself in moisturizer, read at least one chapter of whatever book she was currently reading, and then tossed and turned a few times for good measure.

Tonight was no different. She had bathed, applied her lightly cypress scented lotion, and read two chapters of her book before turning out the lights and shifting about her bed to get comfortable. She had found a nice position on her side with on arm tucked beneath her head and her other arm trapped beneath her thighs when her doorbell sounded. Blinking open her eyes, she frowned and stared at her window curtains, hoping whoever it was would just go away. When, after nearly twenty seconds of waiting, her bell sounded again, Isla sat up and swore under her breath. Grabbing her robe from where it hung behind her door, she headed towards her front door and peered through the stain glass window. Recognizing the figure on the other side of it, Isla closed her eyes and let out a breath, cheeks inflating as she did so. Of course Elsie or Sloane or whatever she was going by these days, would find 11:30 at night a suitable time to make house call.

Knowing that Elsie wasn't about to just accept silence and leave, Isla tugged her robe tighter around herself and then opened the door.

"Elsie, how can I help you?" She asked, unable to keep the exasperation from her voice. Elsie had been turning up on her doorstep nearly once a week for nearly three months now, and while Isla had still not gotten used to the random visits, she had learned to accept them as well as she could. Elsie was never in one place for long, so the fact that the woman was showing up so often made her wonder what on earth had the older witch in Washington for such a long period of time. Of course it was quite possible that Elsie was still traveling, coming and going like a a thief in the night, but Isla had seen Elsie more in these past few months than she had in a very long time, since Wandsworth really. Isla had many questions of course, but she knew better than to ask them. Elsie Crane was as mysterious as dark matter itself and Isla had long given up trying to discover her secrets.
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Well aware of the time, yet uninclined to follow the social graces associated with the late hour, Elsie quickly snuck through the meager space Isla had created. Once inside, she swiftly took off her shoes and placed them neatly next to the door.

In normal circumstances, she would have taken a moment to enjoy Isla's visible displeasure. Not to mention the adorable stands of blonde hair sticking out from her cowlick, but the circumstances were rather dire. Placing her own long blonde hair over her shoulder, she tilted her head slightly. She stood a little closer to Isla and put a hand on her cheek. "Let's start by having a drink, shall we?" She looked into Isla's eyes. Normally she would have drifted through her interlocutor's mind, feasting on the thoughts she found interesting, but not with Isla, not tonight. In fact, she hoped her eyes could convey a slight hint of what was to come.
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Closing the door behind her unannounced guest, Isla tugged the sash of her robe tighter and crossed her arms self-consciously against her chest. Elsie had of course seen her bare many times in the past, but Isla didn't feel comfortable braless in front of a woman who had all but disappeared from her life, only to reappear on her doorstep with a cheshire smile on her face and talented fingers that made Isla feel alive. This back and forth had been going on for years, and while Isla had gotten used to waking alone in bed with Elsie no where in sight, it still made her chest ache. She couldn't deny her though, had never needed to, and while she had remained faithful to Alex over the last year, Isla had found herself wondering if she could still deny Elsie. This thought had then lead to Isla realizing the blonde enigma had yet to proposition her once during her recent visits. Other than the small touches and mischievous smiles, Elsie had been perfectly behaved. It was almost as if she knew that Isla was involved with someone. No, not almost. Elsie most definitely knew and she had been keeping her distance and hands to herself for Isla's sake. This...gesture made it even harder to refuse the woman entry whenever she stopped by.

Doing her best to not shy away from Elsie's cheek on her cheek, she meet the woman's gaze head on and only broke both the visual and physical contact when the woman spoke, "It's far too late for a drink Elsie. I have work in the morning, and I'm sure you have...well whatever it is you do normally." Raising her right eyebrow, she looked at the clock near the door, it read 11:35 and while she knew that she should go back to bed so she could function properly tomorrow, asking Elsie to leave felt like pulling teeth.

"But how about tea? Just one, and decaf of course, but I can do tea."
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Amused by Isla's dismissal, Elsie pinched her lips in an attempt to camouflage her reflexive smirk. "Well if we are having tea, I have something," she relented as she dug into her large handbag. After a few seconds, she pulled out a small transparent back containing dark herbs. "It's a blend I get whenever I go to the Middle East," she explained as she gave it to Isla. "I'm sure you will like it, I remember you enjoying cinnamon," she teased remembering how she had found out the blonde's penchant for the spice.
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Taking the plastic baggy between her thumb and forefinger, she looked at the contents carefully, her nose wrinkling as she remembered what exactly the woman was referring to. Elsie Crane was a very particular woman who dressed a certain way, walked a certain way, and talked a certain way. She also had a signature look. Long flowing blonde hair, light make-up and skirts, skirts, skirts. Elsie absolutely despised pants and Isla couldn't recall if she'd ever seen the woman wear a set, including pajama pants. One of Elsie's constants was her plum colored lipstick that tasted very much like cinnamon candy canes. Isla had very much enjoyed the taste of it whenever they kissed. Elsie had teased her many times about it, and once when she had caught Isla licking her lips after they'd kissed, she had pulled the lipstick from her purse, reapplied it and then pinned her down while covering her in cinnamon flavored lipstick marks.

Eyeing Elsie over the top of the bag, she rolled her eyes and turned to head into the kitchen, "Is this decaffeinated?" She asked, "I already have enough trouble as it is."
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"It is. In fact, it has a calming effect," she explained with a small glint in her eye. Isla had never been a great sleeper except perhaps when exhausted by Elsie's various enticing tricks, but even then she remembered waking up to the younger blonde pretending to be asleep next to her. Carefully toeing the line she had drawn for herself when she had realized that Isla was seeing someone who seemed to care about her, Elsie merely smiled as she thought about the memories.

She leaned on the counter as Isla maneuvered the teapot. "Has something been on your mind?" She asked innocently.
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When Emily was given access to Isla Field's floo network, the redhead had been made to sign a scroll that forbid her from using the floo unless there was an emergency. Isla had stared at her as she had signed the document, trying her hardest not to laugh at the ridiculousness that was Isla Fields and her privacy. Alex had stood there with a raised brow and a small smirk on her face, obviously very amused by what was happening in front of her. Emily had happily signed it though, knowing she wouldn't be visiting the tiny blonde unless absolutely necessary.

That had been eighteen months ago, and Emily had barely thought about Isla, though she thought about Alex every day. She missed her best friend dearly, and wondered how Isla was handling the separation. God knows Emily was struggling without the brunette. There was no end date to Alex's mission, and for all they knew, she could be gone for years. Or at least, that's what Emily had thought before three wizards had shown up at her door and handed her a scroll with sympathetic looks. She knew immediately what she was going to find in the scroll, and had turned and walked away from the men, slumping down onto her couch, hands shaking.

"Ma'am," One the men spoke, having moved into the hotel room after her. "Agent McKinney has been Missing In Action for 19 days. We have not heard from her since the morning of June 4th. We apologize for having taken so long to alert you, but considering the nature of Agent Mc--"

Emily didn't hear the rest. Having zoned out as soon as the wizard had said the words 'missing in action'. So Alex wasn't dead...she was just missing. Emily didn't know what was worse. Not knowing her friends fate, or knowing. There was a sense of hope in Alex's disappearance, because she could still be alive. But what if she was never found, what if she...they had to live with not knowing for the rest of their lives. Just the thought of that made her heart ache and her vision tunnel.

One hour after the men left and Emily had been left alone with her thoughts, she moved to her fireplace and shouted out the address she hadn't thought she'd needed as she threw floo powder into the fireplace.

Clumsy at the best of times but completely hopeless with tears in her eyes and a ringing in her ears, Emily found herself being spat out onto Isla Field's living room carpet. Letting out a moan, she clutched at her hip as she turned to the sound of running coming from the other room. Gaze landing on Isla, Emily let out a high pitched sob.

"Isla, I'm sorry."
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"Hmm," Isla hummed skeptically, but remained silent otherwise. She trusted Elsie not to poison her, but she was fairly sure the two of them had very different meanings of 'calming effects'. Isla would give it ago though and perhaps would end up with something new to try when she struggled to really sleep.

Lifting the tea kettle that had finished boiling off the oven, she went about preparing two cups of whatever cinnamon concoction Elsie had brought with her. Stirring the contents with her fingers, the small intricately carved teaspoons swirling around the edges carefully, she looked up at Elsie was a raised brow, "On my mind?" She asked, "What do you mean--" Unable to finish her question as a loud 'whooshing' sound came from her living room, Isla barely looked at Elsie as she moved at a brisk pace towards the room.

Hearing the moan that echoed down her hallway, Isla's heart did a small double take. Could it be? Was Alex here? No, she couldn't be. But what if she was?

Rushing through her living room door, Isla came to an abrupt halt as she found Emily Price sprawled out on her pristine deep green rug.

Isla, I'm sorry."

Blinking at the redheads words, Isla found her mouth suddenly dry, "What? Emily? What are you doing here?"
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When she had learned about Isla's affection for a young agent, Elsie had started paying closer attention to the intelligence she received from the Middle East. Though it had been a few weeks since the ambush, she had only been able to confirm Alex's involvement that afternoon. Her visit wan not random, she had made sure to time it so that she would be there when Isla got the news.

Elsie took the two cups of tea and followed her host towards the living room. She gently placed the two cups on the coffee table before she spoke. "Agent McKinney has been missing in action," she told Isla as she placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. She would at least reassure Isla while the redhead caught her breath. She gestured for Isla to sit on the sofa.

She then moved on to the girl. "Come sit, drink," she ordered. "Tell her what they told you."
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As soon as Elsie spoke, Isla turned slowly to look at the blonde, her gaze tracked her as she moved across the room to Emily and helped her up off the floor. The words 'missing in action' flood her mind, and a full minute Isla was unable to think about anything else but those three words. It felt like she had just been punched hard in the gut and electrocuted at the same time. She couldn't breath, she couldn't move, she couldn't do anything but think over what Elsie had said.

Still standing, Isla looked at the ground where Emily had been tossed and spoke very quietly, not moving an inch, "How long have you know?" She asked, and when she wasn't answered immediately, Isla spun and pinned Elsie with a look that could kill, "Sloane. How long have you known?"
 #39405  by Elsie Crane
Willing to forgive the use of her given name, she merely pinched her lips.

Much had been left unsaid between them. Alex's existence hadn't even been mentioned aloud. Yet Elsie felt as though she knew exactly what Isla was asking. "I found out this afternoon," she admitted gently yet without apology. Had she then ran to Isla, she would not have uncovered more information about the situation.
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"Since this afternoon?" She repeated, still staring at Elsie even as Emily groaned quietly, taking a seat on the green leather wingback Isla usually favoured.

Covering her hand with her mouth, Isla turned slightly to look at her fireplace. Alex's dogtags sat on the mantle and glimmered in the light of the chandelier. Moving towards the fireplace she picked up the government issued ID and wound it slowly around her fingers until she felt the metal bite into her flesh.

Isla sucked in a breath, and turned back to face her two uninvited guest, "Emily, tell me what they told you." Then, after a beat, "Please."
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Staring wide eyed at Isla and the other blonde in the room who Emily couldn't place but obviously was named Sloane? An interesting name for a woman, but she couldn't really dwell on that for very long because Isla was speaking in harsh tones to this Sloane and Emily really needed to sit down because her hip was aching from where she had landed on it and she felt so drained, so...exhausted that she was afraid that she was going fall over again.

"Ouch," Emily groaned as she took a seat in the chair closest to her and rubbed at her hip.

All too quickly, Isla had finished speaking to Sloane and had turned on her, asking, surprisingly politely, to tell her what the agents had told her. Licking her lips, she spotted the cabinet next to the fireplace and the decanter of something settled on the shelf in the middle. "Okay, but do you think I could maybe trouble you for a drink?" She asked, pointing at the shelf with her left hand.

Isla nodded and immediately moved to pour three glasses. The small woman immediately swallowed one and then handed Sloane one and then Emily the last. Taking a sip, she grimaced as it burned it's way down but she took another before she began sharing all that the agents told her.

"Then they left after apologizing a million times and I just...sat there looking but looking at that." Emily waved at the scroll in Isla's hand before drinking the rest of her bourbon. She cleared her throat and then stood, moving towards Isla. She stopped a few feet away and looked at the blonde who was staring down at the dog tags wrapped around her fingers, "Isla, I really am sorry."
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Elsie took a sip of the drink she had been offered. Making sure to use a coaster she then placed the glass on the coffee table. Hands linked on her knee she listened patiently as the girl explained the version the government had offered.

From afar she had seen a few individuals attempt to enter Isla's orbit. Faces she had not bothered committing to memory, for confidence that they could get rejected before they could get a sense of Isla's core. She could possibly name one of them. Adam? John? Peter? Or maybe it was some other biblical name. Needless to say, none of them seemed to have been of importance and Elsie had still held her doubts that Alexandra may have been the same. Yet as she studied Isla's grip on the small piece of metal that undoubtedly belonged to Alexandra, Elsie understood that the relationship truly held an important meaning.
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Suddenly snapping her hand into the air, she waved away Emily's apology, unable to hear the girl apologize one more time.

"Stop," She whispered, swallowing thickly a few times before deciding she needed another drink. Shakily pouring the scotch into her crystal glass, too afraid to use even the smallest of magic least her emotions get a hold of her, she downed the entirety of it's contents in one gulp and then leaned heavily against the shelf.

It was a few minutes before she spoke again, the wind that whistled against her windows creating a chaotic ambiance to the night, Isla slowly turned to look at Elsie, "That's why you're here. That's why you've been coming here. You knew Alex was over there and you were...checking up on me because you knew."