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 #35508  by Lorelei
Lorelei hardly received visitor she could travel anywhere she want to go. She would often have visitor that were human but whale. She often travel place she would surface place that is rescue animals.

That is was something would not change she would keep her creatures safe she had what would almost last horn serpent and she would never let any wizard have it. That is horn was sometime use for their wand but she keep it safe from harm.

They would travel together going places and each other she keep each other safe. She would often travel upon ocean that is on his back. But Lorelei story was told far and wide about her and many songs where told about Lorelei and she just could not help it and what not. Even some sailor choice to drink but even some wizard that were married that is drink but nobody could get close to her tell if she had it that is beauty of sea she never let them get close because her many sea creatures protect from them. That is storm starting to a brew lightly with the thunder and lighting but yes she had nothing to worried about with storm clouds because she could breath under water but what could one say.
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 #36315  by William Darlington
Sailing had never been his favorite thing. While his father seemed to gain a sense of freedom from spending time on the vast ocean, William felt contrived by the gazillion rules and techniques he had to follow to keep his boat afloat.

Standing above deck while his father napped below, William looked at the sky warily. A storm was a bad thing. Perhaps he should consider waking his father.
 #36336  by Lorelei
Lorelei whisper to her pet that is to a disappear. Which her horned serpent did go invisible and that is she heard the person boat above the water. It keep low on bottom of ground of the ground. She pop head out just to peek on ship before disappear. She could not tell if they where muggle or not. She did not trust either one muggle or wizard that much. That is her tail might been seen that is as whale or something.
 #36559  by William Darlington
William was looking at the horizon. In his estimation, the ocean was quickly growing restless. For a second he thought he saw a shimmer of red in the middle of a wave, but a blink later and the color was gone leaving him to think he had imagined the unexpected color.

William started preparing his sails for the shifting winds.
 #36580  by Lorelei
Lorelei was playing a game boo with the sailor William or seem like when she dive down. She swim under the boat that is she went that is she swim around to the other side of steer that is she was looking at basic equipment that he had that see if he was wand maker or something. That is she was study to see if he was like Umbridge she could not stand her either.
 #37149  by William Darlington
In the corner of his eye, William noticed a flash of red. Eyes wide he looked at the deep blue sea. A mermaid?

What had he been told of mermaids? Was he supposed to block his ears or evert his eyes? Boy did he wish he had listened in class. To be safe William avoided looking at the mermaid and put his hands over his ears.
 #37153  by Lorelei
Lorelei may been mermaid it was time for questions. She pop her head back on other side. She jump up but made grab for the side of the boat. That is so could communicate with one another. It did look scene from Pirate of Caribbean On stranger tide. She was this out conversation.

"Why are you doing that? " She asked him plain simple English she did not think he would mermaid that is. She asked that is his actions and what not. She could maybe capsized the ship maybe she desire have whole bunch of them tear the ship up.

"What are you doing all way out here?" She had to wonder if that Umbridge she heard about her want to keep track mermaids and she was against it. She look different then most mermaid were less human that is northern one were build for the cold temperature.
 #37607  by William Darlington
Despite his hands covering his ears, he heard her speak quite clearly. "Can't you charm men by singing?" Had he heard this at Hogwarts or was it a simple legend?

"Sailing with me dad," he explained as he looked towards the cabin.
 #37614  by Lorelei
Lorelei watch his moment that is with his hands. "I don't know. I never really tried too."She was mermaid true but she singer one could say but many mermaid enjoy her singing. "I am singer. I did not think it effect others in that way."

She asked him as they were making conversation. "Where are you sailing too?" She had to wonder if they had plan to fish or something.
 #38002  by William Darlington
"We come from Boston and we intend on going back." It was not a trip with a destination as much as a trip based on the journey.

"It's just my dad trying to have a bonding experience," he added. He wasn't sure why he felt compelled to share this detail.
 #38554  by William Darlington
"Of course not," he puffed his chest. The mermaid was probably just doing her duty and protecting her realm, but William couldn't help but feel slightly offended by her question. Wasn't it antiquated to arm the oceans?
 #38564  by Lorelei
Lorelei was a concern about the climate that is with water. There was so many muggle that dump stuff in the water. "I am sorry. It just so many muggle dump stuff in the water. That have a damage the water and creature that live within it." She had not meant offend him she did not damage it and she heard some mermaid get sick from the oil and such things.
 #39047  by William Darlington
"It must be frustrating for you," he sympathized as he approached the edge of the boat. "It's so beautiful out here, I don't understand how people could destroy it," he looked at the horizon with an admirative gaze.
 #39060  by Lorelei
"Yes it does. There was so many creature out here not just me. There use to be vaquita out here. But now they estimate just 10 of them left in the wild. Mainly pollute and fishery have caught them too.." As he came closer she was a little nervous about him getting close to the edge where she was. She look down that is she watch his moment yes she was always on guard for trap of some sortie that wizard might pull on her.