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 #37757  by Nova Gold
Nova had been hanging around around the magical part of the city. She was helping her father with something she had add something to collect that is drive most wizard away that is sound. That is she went through one shop that if get her father a new for her father because some neighbor decide to be peeking tom in their window.

He had taken the wood staff and slam it on to muggle head none stop and that is and broke. He had gone down and he did not like anyone looking at his wife or his step children in anyway. The guy had swear that he would not near window or if her daughter appear that he would go other side of the street when she walk by.

She felt sorry for the guy in sense but it was own man fault he should not be looking in their window. She did not do it. Because he was lucky her father had not slam her fingers in the window. This cane broke and then she came one she figure would be perfect for him that conceal blade within the cane. Then she pick up pepper spray while she was here because she felt if guy are peek on them there going to get spray in the face when not invite as she lay out money of this shop.

Then she start head out walking down the street that is she plan to go few other places such as home but also a number of other places she plan to go too. She stop by local library that is look at books. That is she took seat that is heads were turning but at least they where quiet other wise librarian would have kick them out. She was reading book called Emma she always want to read it. It was about matchmaker but she seem not fall in love but match people up with people.