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 #36276  by Vincent Harrison
His head was pounding as he came to. Vinny groaned, lifting his hand to his face - he had vague memories of being punched repeatedly. There was no blood, though. He blinked, groaning as he tried to push himself up. Someone was there, Whitney, he thought, and across the way...

He squinted, making out the outline of Elliot and beyond her, he realized in horror, was the snake. "Ellie..." he muttered, still trying to push himself to a seated position. "What..."
 #36289  by Elliot Flight
Elliot sat there, fidgeting her fingers and once again unsure of what to say. Just as she was opening her mouth to attempt a complete sentence, she heard movement and her name behind her. She turned her head and then her whole body once she saw Vinny trying to get up. “Vinny! Take it slow, please. You’ve been through a lot.”
 #36320  by Jace Rutherford
The moment he heard the other man's voice, Jace felt his heart drop. And then Elliot was turning away from him and he couldn't help it, the old anger started slipping back. He still had no idea who the other man was, after all. His fist clenched, but guilt won out and Jace settled back against the wall as the police finally arrived. Statements were taken, and once the story was clear, Jace allowed himself to be lifted off the ground and to his feet.

It didn't look good for him, he knew that. Jace could only hope that his family's lawyer was available. "Elliot," he said softly, "it's over, isn't it?"
 #36321  by Vincent Harrison
Despite the raging headache, Vinny lifted his hand to Elliot. "I'm fine, lass," he said, making it to a seated position. Just then, the police finally arrived and took statements from everyone. When asked if he wanted to press charges, Vinny cast a sideways look at Elliot before nodding. "I do, yeah," he said, watching the snake carefully for his reaction.

Strange. It wasn't what he had imagined, given what he knew about the man. Now standing, he reached out and held Elliot's hand for support.
 #36364  by Elliot Flight
Before she had a chance to say anything else to either boy, the police showed up. They started questioning and taking statements from everyone and everything started happening so fast again, and she was numb again. Except that she was able to feel her heart drop when Vinny wanted to press charges. A part of her didn't blame him, but another part...

And then they were starting to take Jace away, not before he spoke to her. "Jace... I... I loved you, but... I think I need a break." More tears streamed down her face.
 #36365  by Whitney Dawson
The whole time her friend was talking to the snake, Whitney remained facing Vinny and keeping an eye on him. However she had been ready to protect her friend if needed.

She was actually impressed? Though by how mature the snake was being, even when the police finally showed up. Once they had talked to everyone and were getting ready to take the man away, she moved to behind Elliot, placing her hand on the shoulder opposite to where Vinny was standing.

 #36367  by Eden Kalima
Amid the confusion, Eden had slipped back out into the hall and had given her statement just like the others. When it was all done and over with, she hung back, hesitating.

"Can I get you guys anything?" she finally asked, feeling like the odd one out in the situation.
 #36368  by Vincent Harrison
Vinny swallowed a lump in his throat at Elliot's words, but watching Jace be taken away by the police made it all worth it. He squeezed her hand with his while his free hand rubbed at his temple, still trying to do something about that headache.

"I think, maybe... we should all rest," he said finally, his words slow and measured. "I know I need to."
 #36369  by Elliot Flight
As she watched the police take away Jace, the first actual boyfriend she had ever had, Elliot became aware of the hand on her shoulder and the hand holding her own. Suddenly, she was filled with anger. Anger over how this could have all been avoided had she answered the door. Or had someone come to get her in the first place. Vinny wouldn't potentially have a concussion and Jace wouldn't be going to jail and her heart wouldn't be so broken.

She pulled away from the both of them, turning to face them, her face less than happy. "I don't need rest." She crossed her arms in front of her.
 #36373  by Eden Kalima
Eden drew in a breath, taking a step back. Things had already been crazy enough as it was, and now Elliot was apparently angry. With a sigh, Eden disappeared back into the apartment. Perhaps some tea would help everyone settle down.
 #36379  by Elliot Flight
Elliot's brow furrowed as she stared at them. "What's up is that all this," she gestured with her hands, "could have all been avoided." She turned her head to look at Vinny directly. "You didn't need to get in a fight. He didn't need to get arrested. None of this needed to happen." She was doing her best to keep herself from raising her voice.