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 #35104  by Kailee Rose
Location: Constellation Plaza Food Court • Date: January 15, 2004

Kailee had been feeling particularly down in the dumps today. That was why after classes had finished - though she had considered leaving after lunch - she had made her way to the mall to do some window shopping. After all, shopping was the perfect remedy to a broken heart. Plus Whiskers needed a new toy. Probably.

Before she went shopping, the girl went to the food court to get herself a milkshake and some fries, the other perfect remedy. Then she found an emptier part of the food court to sit until at least her fries were gone. Shopping could wait ten minutes.
 #35176  by Kane Cunningham
Kane found himself frequenting the mall far too often recently. To be fair, he knew the shops here were trustworthy, and he tended to find exactly what he needed every time.

But more to the point... the food court had teriyaki chicken better than any he'd ever had before, and Kane was addicted. With the plate in hand he noticed a wallet on the ground and scooped it up, waving it around to see if anyone had dropped it. "Someone dropped their wallet!"
 #35344  by Kailee Rose
Kailee was finishing up her last fry when she heard someone call about a wallet. Instinctively, she peeked into her purse to make sure her own wallet was safe. Once she was sure that is was, she grabbed her drink and purse and walked over to the individual. "Maybe it has an ID in it? I know Tim the burger guy has a habit of dropping things, it could be his."
 #35752  by Kane Cunningham
Kane opened it gingerly and examined the wallet, shaking his head with a sigh. "I didn't see one, but I also didn't really look," he admitted, nodding when he saw an ID with Tim's name on it. "Tell me... how do you get to know a place so well that you can tell me which food court employee would make a habit out of something so unusual? Do you frequent it that often?"
 #36143  by Kailee Rose
Kailee gave a small victory squee, then smiled. "Well..." Her free hand moved to fidget with her hair. "My sister and I used to come here everyday after school and people watch while we ate fries. We made a game out of it, even." Her smile changed to one of reminiscing as she spoke.
 #36716  by Kane Cunningham
Kane’s face turned curious, the expression more serious than anything. The man really only had two different switches and he couldn’t help it. Either he looked far too serious or not serious enough. “People watching’s a personal favorite. Already seen at least two people who could potentially be spies and one lady who seems like she’s got a lockdown on how to make yourself sound like a serial killer to any person she meets.”