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Home sweet that is what California was that is she live so many years. But yeah this was home. She had enter restaurant that is she decide to go out to eat. That is most people did not go in this one. It was rather quiet she order a meal that is most men where staring.

They where wondering if she was some type of famous star and what not. Yes she was like seeing unicorn that is with muggle that is looking on but she seem to no date yet.

She was looking over people magazine over some stuff on fashion and other actress but she figure that much on things she would have when she was famous.
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"I just don't get it." He muttered walking in and sitting down at the table, running his hand through his blond - obviously bleached hair. "I was given the position for a reason." He added before the waitress came to take their orders. He said nothing though - his lower-level mate taking both their orders.
'Then do something about it Ishikawa.' was the only reply once the orders had been taken...and his friends attention seemly been drawn to the veela.

"Shiro would have you hanged." He deadpanned. "Rule number three on the rule book." He reminded him, though his eyes also locked on her for a second...she was...beautiful. Taking his eyes off of her with force needed he shook his head,
"What's that doing in a muggle area?" He asked. The woman had a charm many didn't...which meant...at least he assumed she was of the magical kind.
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Nova was seat there she stood up that is whisper in waiter ear on subject she want to eat. The reason she decide to go out there was reason. Her half sister was coming to a house she would rather go out to eat at fancy restaurant and to be close. They could not stand one another because her sister found someone and she did not. Nova was afraid to get to a relationship because the way gaze over and stare. How does one know it is not because she half veela. Her mother been divorce 3 time and her half sister that she could not trust and was in relationship with a women.

Then she expect Nova to do same thing she did have same gender she just would not do that. So every time she came into town she would think of excuse to a leave house.She would rather lick sour pop till hole in tongue instead of dealing with her. They brought her food and she was eating the food they brought her. Then she look desert menu and she study it. "I want that coffee cupcakes. Maybe you should turn some music on. I love some music. " Then came back and she was seating there finishing their meal that she order.

Unknown to her that she was being watch she was enjoy time out that is she was alone. Her phone rang as she was seating that by herself. "Is she gone yet? " That is she low voice over the phone. "You know I will not forgive for that she done?"She look up when another smiling muggle came over she smile back. "My ankle sorry." That is what she said next not really she want to finish her meal. There was more chattering between the two and what not. That is she hung up on who would be. It would be her mother and that is her mother was full veela it would be out control if she show up. She send that one to do something. That is she was being watch by wizard she did not trust wizard that much.
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Nova just sick tired of her because she flaunt her perfect relationship that she had with a women and just keep on doing that. That is with women who came on to anyone and she had to say no that

That is she was enjoying herself. "Yeah it just sore so many long walks. Could you rub it for me?" When she extend it out to one muggle and the muggle had remove her shoe. "Oh that feel good.Right there."

If her sister would go at it why she had them on floor doing that.It would kill this muggle to a be nice. Then when what name friend walk up. "Oh by all mean you can join me. There plenty place to seat.
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Nova enjoy the company and she wasn't tried to steal his friends. It was more like she was lonely. She want to tried to capture what she almost had with Reyan Parks because she like him.But she did not trust that he like her for her and not being half veela.

Then her phone went off and she was so polite and what not with the men. If anything she would kill men with politeness. It was brother that called. "When are you going pop the question? I want to be pick out one dress for being brides maids. Or maybe green one. I want really good one before all good dress are taken. I thought you said you were doing in spring. Alright I'll be patience. You say date a English man. " She went to laughing it was joke over the phone. "You know how hard it is Mischery . I can't trust them. " They were talking about guy and about everyone and then she hung up. What usually happen to guy nothing. .
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He’d been halfway out the door when he felt the hands of the new member latch onto his black cashmere sweater.
‘Too high maintenance.’.

“That’s the oh not problem you see here?” He paused, his mind going over the rules he’d be reminding the man of later.
“Let’s go, shiros expecting us at the hotel soon.” He said resuming his graceful walk to the door.
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Nova did not mind not being chase. There were a lot things she want to do. Maybe have family but that would come later. She want to be star and that is actress. When she did she want to make movies and guys she read somewhere that how some men had become jealous of wife and spot light and why she play around these guy she never take any of them really seriously there was just too many things she want to do.Right now she was in school.