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 #34148  by Kane Cunningham
Constellation Plaza Shopping Mall was the last place Kane would usually find himself. Crowds of people weren't something he usually enjoyed in his downtime, when he was trying to relax, but he didn't have much choice. There was a certain set of extremely limited edition sheet music he needed for his collection and there was a store tucked deep into the mall that was the only place in the Northern United States to have it.

Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I only want you to have some fun.

The song filtering over the radio had him humming along as his rumbling stomach had Kane deciding to make a detour to the food court. There was something about Prince that calmed down any lingering nerves from the crowd of people and he found himself moving from humming to under-his-breath singing, the words coming straight from memory.

They say two thousand zero zero party over... oops out of time.

There was some irony in such a depressing song being the first song he wanted to sing along to. It had him spiraling into a thought trail of what holiday songs were really quite depressing, and Kane didn't even realize when he put his bags down that the food court table he was attempting to use was already occupied by someone else entirely. "Dam - Crap. Sorry, I was thinking about The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and not paying any attention. I can move to another table."
 #34155  by Nova Gold
Nova was moving through the mall. That is boys where being boys with her. She was a half veela and they where staring. She thought away to a moved through the mall but she worn cloak with hood and she thought it would work but it did not.

But the many boys that where there she was thinking of artist that she meet in England. The drawing he did had her wondering about him did he play display the picture he was doing.

She was here that is she reading walking she had no idea that her hood fail down on her cloak and guys where staring at her as she was walking through the mall. She was humming as she was walking this time it was book call To kill a kingdom.As she was walking around she had found anything that caught her eye yet. Then she seat down beside some man. She realize what she had done. "Oops sorry about that."
 #34310  by Kane Cunningham
When Kane looked up it took him a moment before he was able to speak again. For someone who rarely looked at women in any sort of way... he still couldn't help but marvel at just how beautiful this particular one was. There was a draw to her he was sure he'd noticed somewhere before but he couldn't quite place where.

A loud clatter of a food tray beside them snapped Kane back to reality and he offered a small grin. "No need to apologize. Kane Cunningham. I've got enough room for you to sit too, if you'd like."
 #34324  by Nova Gold
Nova look up from the man that is she now realize her hood was down. She thought that it was happening again the thing she could not control that well being what she was the look that guys get when they see veela look or seem to her.

She was awkward as they come to being what she was.She observe this male wizard seem different from other. The other seem to no confident in himself but he seem to have confident in himself. She wasn't sure if she should be afraid of this male because of his confident because he list his name was Reyan Parks. That was that guy name was and he was artist.

"It is nice to meet you Kane Cunningham. I'm Nova Gold." She seat down beside him but she was pretty good at small talk and she look down tried to figure out what else to say and what did her parent tell her to say in regard to meeting someone new. She wave her wand to make sure that is she whisper something that is keep the plate from flying into floor or into lap back into plat and softly back on table everything went that glide back on to the table.
 #34561  by Kane Cunningham
Kane could tell pretty quickly that things were on the verge of getting awkward, and he took a quick sip of his drink to field that feeling off. He'd had some strange luck lately at meeting new people in the weirdest of circumstances and he was almost coming to expect it.

"Nice to meet you Nova Gold." For a second his eyes followed her, and there was no mistaking that while there was no attraction there, it was quite hard for Kane to draw his eyes away fully. "What brings you to this... ah... mall. The food, the stores, the people?" Grasping at conversation starters was also something he'd gotten better at lately if he did say so himself.
 #34618  by Nova Gold
Nova was getting ready to text her brother that is her brother if things got weird with him. Her brother younger then her but he would still protect her sister and well did not look a like but it was because they had 3 different dads.That is her sister was black hair veela almost like raven but they had not see each other in long time. Both of them clashing over fact Nova did not want to be like her sister. Her brother had girlfriend over in England.

"Umm mainly the stores. I like to a look many neat stuff that they come out with. After all the weather been rather pleasant without incoming storms."

She came up with that herself that is weather and she knew that was around. "What about you why are you here?" She wonder about him and she knew there was food yes but still the food can't be all good their had to be more to that then the food.
 #34619  by Kane Cunningham
"Sheet music! Only place within 500 miles to have what I was looking for," Kane explained, motioning to the bag he'd gotten... though maybe he'd gone overboard and gotten a lot more than just the one piece of sheet music in the trip. "Have you heard of Pink Floyd? Mint condition original sheet music for their See Emily Play." Music was absolutely the one thing Kane knew he could talk about for hours if someone let him.

"Though I could be a little off. You don't look like the type to enjoy vintage psychedelic rock. Let me guess..." He looked at her contemplatively, trying to gauge her style. "More of a British pop gal?"
 #34623  by Nova Gold
Nova had heard of Pink Floyd that is who had not heard of him. She like David Bowie that is she like his voice that is and their she like too. She like musical and some gothic metal and other type of music. "Yes I heard of Pink Floyd."

She look back at him who had not heard of him. It just when it came to that she like something soothe one nerves. That is she did not really care about the Beatles as much she like David Bowie and well was so creative some of his music.

"There are some British pop star have it but others just don't appeal to me as others do. I like David Bowie.I think he a very creative.I like all sorties music."
 #34697  by Kane Cunningham
"I was hoping so. This is a gem of a find," Kane admitted, staring at his package for a moment before sliding it back into his messenger back carefully. It had cost too much and was far too rare for him to risk carrying it around in a standard shopping back, even with protective spells.

Kane watched the girl curiously, trying to match her up with David Bowie's style of music and nodding his head a little as the vision came to life. "I could see it... which David Bowie era was your favorite?"
 #34772  by Nova Gold
Nova smile as they continue this conversation on the subject of singers.She had singer she did not care for as much but yeah David Bowie was a good. If one watch music video that is they are what would called creative and he had that spark that is she enjoy listening too.

She wore what was comfortable to her and what look good on her basic that and so many other things. "What about you? What is your favorite ?" She was a just making conversation and well her mother like Mozart.
 #35175  by Kane Cunningham
"I'm going to take you not answering to mean you don't have a favorite?" Kane asked curiously, sipping at his drink and leaning back in his chair the way his mother had always warned him not to.

The question had Kane pausing, but he took musical questions very seriously and like to put a lot of thought into them. "Musically speaking, Ziggy Stardust era was my favorite. The music was just more what I enjoy. In terms of his look.... The Thin White Duke. Iconic in a more classic way. Still clearly a character study."
 #35229  by Nova Gold
"No I don't real favorite no. It would be like comparing food such apples and watermelon both are good and taste in their way. "She smile lightly that is in regard to food she made on subject of fruit.

"Yeah you could always count on David Bowie something fun and different each time when listening to a him that is ziggy star dust or even space Oddity." She like major Tom and made her want to listen to a more that include what happen to a him.
 #35755  by Kane Cunningham
"Watermelon is really good, but I much prefer it to apples," Kane said with a laugh, leaning back in his chair and watching the people walking past them. It really was his favorite pasttime, to watch and make up stories about everyone he saw. "I'm really picky about the things I enjoy."

Kane watched the girl for a moment, trying to read her. "Tell me. What's your favorite song? In general, not by David Bowie."
 #35773  by Nova Gold
Nova like fruit who did not like food. She figure that was best way to a compare it that is in regard to a food that is people do not eat same food but different one.She was enjoying this conversation.

She was a hard person to read.There was a song she like that was not David bowie but it was. "Your love will kill me by Daniel Lavoie." She like it she felt she was in that situation where she could not tell if person like her for her and not because she was half veela but she look back at him. He was a french singer yes that is she like alot singer it just so many. She like that piece was pretty good to a listen too.
 #36717  by Kane Cunningham
Kane took a moment to work through the songs that he knew to try and figure out if it was one he’d already heard of. His brain was like a catalog for music sometimes, filing and tucking it away into categories that didn’t re-emerge until he needed it. When he finally clicked on which song this girl was talking about, Kane looked up curiously.

“What about the song makes it your favorite?”