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 #34547  by Kane Cunningham
What a day. Nothing quite like spending the entire day in the studio with an artist whose musical preferences were nothing even close to his own. Not that Kane would complain. A job was still a job, after all, and even better that he still got to bring his own instruments in for the most part. Which wasn’t to say it wasn’t vaguely soul crushing on certain days, and today was no exception. It was exactly why he’d hunted down an open mic night far enough away to most likely not run into anyone he knew.

While he tried to narrow down which song to sing Kane sipped at his white russian and kicked the bar lightly, not looking up from the song book until he heard what he thought was someone sitting down beside him.
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Jared just needed to get out. He’d been cooped up for too long and it was time to break away and find somewhere that he could just let go a little. Wind down instead of up. So he found himself at an open mic night. He’d always loved music and something about being around absolutely no one who would know who he was made him feel so comfortable.

He glanced around before finding an empty seat at the bar and ordering a coffee. Sure it was a bar, but he needed some wake up juice first. Turning around to look at the stage, he smiled a little at the guy in the seat next to him.
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Kane let himself look over the guy who’d sat down beside him, eyes widening at the first glance. Cute was an understatement but he knew better than to linger on that fact unless he was at a club or somewhere else where making a move wouldn’t get him a second glance.

“Here to sing?” He laughed at himself the second the words were out of his mouth. “Ignore me. Why else come to open mic night. What’re you here to sing that’s calling for coffee and not bravery juice?”
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Jared loved places like this. He loved how everyone always seemed to be in the best mood, all there for the same reason as he was. At least, that was what it felt like anyway. He'd always loved being away from his usual places, especially when the new places were friendly.

He looked to his neighbor. "Me? Oh, definitely not here to sing. I'm here just to hang out and watch. I love seeing people put their heart and soul into something that can make everyone smile. And coffee because I am a little on the addicted side, I guess." He smiled and shrugged. "I'm trying not to get into trouble," he admitted then, sipping at his plain black coffee. "What are you here to sing?"
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The White Russian was sliding down Kane's throat like butter, warm and burning just the slightest bit. It was exactly what he needed to remind himself of who he was after a long day helping someone else record their music.

"So the passion grips you but you don't enjoy creating it yourself?" Kane asked curiously, putting his drink down only once it was empty and in the way of the potential conversation that seemed to be blooming. "Singing Nazareth or Nine Inch Nails. Older rock is my vibe, but I haven't quite made up my mind yet. You don't seem the type to get yourself into trouble."
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Jared shrugged a little. "I've never been one to stand in the spotlight any more than necessary. I have an older brother that's taken care of that for me for years. Lately, he's been staying out of it all, but that just means that there is more opportunity for it to happen to me." He sat up a little more. "See, I kind of look at it like a bit of a curse," he said, nodding and then sipping at his coffee again.

He wasn't about to tell this stranger what had happened last year when his brother had been kidnapped. That wasn't his business. It wasn't anyone's business except their family, and frankly, he was tired of people --reporters and non-- asking him about the intimate details of their family. Sometimes, Jared just wished they were normal.

"I can't say I know either of those groups... Maybe I've been living under a rock," he said, steering the conversation away from himself.
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Kane watched for a moment, trying to read between the lines on what he was saying to figure out what bits he could roll with. “How is it a curse?” Seemed like a simple enough question, and he asked it quietly before motioning for another drink.

“You’ve never heard of them?! I’ll have to use my time up there to introduce you if you’re going to be staying here for a little while.” The drink was absolutely delicious, and he let himself savor it this time.
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Jared frowned. He'd said too much. He briefly pondered whether or not to tell this stranger about his life before just deciding to leave heavy details out. "I mean that it keeps him out of the spotlight if I'm in it more. And he definitely doesn't need spotlight at the moment. He needs just to stay calm and not be all out there and everything. If that makes sense," he explained loosely.

Keeping his coffee cup in his hands, shrugged. "Well, okay then. Introduce me. I am staying for a while and now I'm hoping to be impressed." This part was easy. He knew how to handle himself. He was a politician's son, after all.
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"It makes sense. Enough sense, at least. He did something bad enough or was part of something bad enough to need to be out of the public eye for a while?" Kane guessed, piecing together enough that he was quickly realizing he probably shouldn't push any more than his curiosity had already led him to.

This was what Kane had really been craving. An audience. An audience he knew was focused on him. He wasn't a narcissist, but he was a performer at heart. He toyed with the song list before finally deciding on NIN's "Closer". It was a classic and one he knew he could do justice.

Kane was grinning like someone with a secret when he pushed onto the mini stage and the music started. He could already feel himself getting hyped up and full of energy and it radiated through him. This was where he belonged. By the time he got to "My whole existence is flawed... You get me closer to God...." the words were being growled out, and Kane was almost stalking the stage, turning it into a pure performance piece.
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Jared nodded out a yes, but not a specific one. It wasn't up to him the blab all about his family's troubles. He supposed that he could, but really, what help would it be? None at all. He would be involving strangers in things that really no one else belonged in. He wished he didn't belong in it.

Distracting himself from it all was much easier. His new ginger friend was going to sing a song by an artist Jared had never heard of. It sounded entertaining and definitely was going to get his mind off of his brother.

He didn't recognize the music that started. And he almost didn't recognize the guy he'd been talking to once he got up there in front of everyone. It was like he'd gone from sunshine to darkness in just a few chords. He might not have recognized the song, but he listened to the words that the other was singing, and they were doing things to him. Did everyone feel like this? It was like his chest wanted to puff up and he suddenly wanted so badly just to talk to this person he'd never met before tonight. He could not wait until the other was off the stage, and kept his eyes on him the whole time.
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Kane was so invested in the song, in the performance, in putting on a show that the world around him was completely drowned out. The stage was his and he was going to make sure nobody doubted it.

Throughout the performance his eyes stayed on the cute stranger he'd spoken with at the bar, going from sweet smiles and interest to smoldering gazes and pure interest. Maybe it was something Kane needed to tamp down on, but.... to be quite honest.... he didn't want to.

When he finally stumbled off the stage and back to the bar it was with a beaming smile and a hand wiping over his forehead to swipe away any sweat, the performance really and truly having his everything put into it. Once he'd sat down again and turned to face Jared he'd calmed down some, and was able to focus back in. "So. Be honest... what did you think?"
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Jared just stared. He was captivated by this red-headed singer, singing about things that would make his mother faint if she ever heard even a word. He couldn't take his eyes off of him, and it was quite possibly the weirdest feeling he'd ever experienced.

When the other came and sat back down, Jared had to turn and face the bar out of pure shyness. He wasn't used to blushing over a song, but it was happening right then. "Just... wow..." he said, smiling as he spoke directly to the surface in front of him. "I've never heard lyrics like that before. I've never felt that way because of a song before either." In truth, he wasn't sure what exactly he was feeling right then, just that it was new and different.
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There was something about the way that Jared was looking down at the table instead of him that had Kane… hoping. For what, exactly, he wasn’t really sure… but he tucked the thought away into his memories to be pulled up when the opportunity arose to do so.

“You can’t say something like that and not elaborate. You’ve never heard lyrics like what, exactly?” Kane motioned for another drink, sipping it slowly and stirring the tiny straw that came in it with his finger. “Though I’m more curious about how they made you feel.”
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Jared bit his lip for a moment. He didn't see this coming- being nervous because of a song. Folding his hands in his lap, he swallowed a little. How was he supposed to explain that the was a sheltered, rich politician's son and had almost zero life experience? Even his own brother had pointed that out recently.

The lyrics the other had sung were so sexually charged and Jared didn't really know how to handle that. Had. this stranger chosen that song on purpose? And what exactly was he feeling? His eyes glanced up and he blushed again. "I can't really explain how they made me feel. I like, don't have the words?" he said, putting an unnecessary question sound at the end of his explanation.
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Kane was so intrigued by the way this man acted. He seemed to have this combination of conservative and excitable that he hadn't seen before, and it made him... curious . It made him want to figure out what was underneath the surface reactions he was getting.

"Understandable.... was it an emotion? A reaction? Music's nothing if it's not making you feel things you never thought you'd never thought of before." Kane went for a smirk before he leaned back to give this stranger a once over. "Do you have a song it made you think of? Something it made you want to do?"