A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33113  by Jace Rutherford
 01 Dec 2019, 12:58
Location: Rutherford Manor • Date: December 1

The Rutherford Christmas Gala had been moved up this year, to celebrate Jace's first public appearance since the events of the summer. He was ready, and dressed in an immaculate suit. He had even invited Elliot, despite not having seen her in a few weeks. Well. Almost two months. He felt bad, but at the same time, it was Christmas. If he was going to fix things, it was the perfect time of year for it.

He was making his rounds around the room, stopping for photos and shaking hands with the guests. In essence, he was the perfect Rutherford, not stopping for a moment. It was almost as if he was trying to make up for the months of hiding at home by going overboard with being social.

Was he ignoring his date a little at the same time? Maybe... but it wasn't his fault. He had a job to do.
 #33241  by Elliot Flight
 06 Dec 2019, 08:35
Elliot had been hesitant when asked to accompany her boyfriend to the Rutherford Gala. It had been quite a while since they saw each other and had a meaningful conversation. But she had agreed nonetheless, hoping tonight would be different from the last time they were together. The fact that her best friend had gotten herself hired for the event to be there as well might have helped a bit.

Unfortunately for her, the evening so far had mostly consisted of her following Jace around the room at a small distance. Her only verbal interactions were the few hello’s she made to some of the gala goers.
 #33260  by Jace Rutherford
 07 Dec 2019, 11:21
Jace eventually found that he had made a circuit of the entire room, having spoken to everyone in attendance. He finally turned back to Elliot, folding his arms across his chest. "Did you want a drink?" he asked, gesturing towards the open bar. "Or some fresh air?" He couldn't help but feel slightly awkward, now that he didn't have his Rutherford duties to distract him.
 #33615  by Elliot Flight
 18 Dec 2019, 00:11
Elliot stared at him in disbelief, mouth open slightly. “I’m sorry that your ‘mystery girl’ is just a small-town cow girl that never had to look good for anyone up until last year.” Her words came out colder than she intended them to.

Then, Elliot felt her eyes starting to burn. “I can’t do this right now,” she bit her lip and turned on her heel to walk away from him.
 #33654  by Bryson Collier
 19 Dec 2019, 10:10
As Bryson was making his rounds, he couldn't help but overhear the ongoing argument. He made a beeline for the voices, worried for Elliot, and it seemed he arrived at a good time as she was just trying to pull out of Jace's grasp.

Bryson immediately moved forward, grabbing onto Jace's arm and pulling him back. "I'd listen to her if I were you," he said, his voice low. "You don't want to make a scene."