A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31865  by Isla Fields
Location: Isla's Home • Date: October

"Coffee?" Isla asked as soon as she opened the door. She already knew who was standing on the other side of it, and considering it was barely 5:30 in the morning, the blonde woman didn't even bother to take her guests coat. After all, if Elise was going to continue showing up on her door step at odd hours of the day, Isla was afforded a little leeway in how great a host she was supposed to be.

Rubbing the heel of her hand into her right eye, she waved her wand at the coffee press and then yawned, "Why did you even leave last night if you were only going to turn up less than six hours later?" She asked, tightening the sash on her bathrobe.
 #31901  by Elsie Crane
Hanging up her coat as she nodded yes to coffee, Elsie followed after Isla and slid into one of the bar stool at the breakfast bar sideways so that her legs were able to be crossed neatly at the knee.

"I figured that you wouldn't take kindly to me inviting myself over for a sleepover," She said with mischievous smile that made Isla's pouring hand wobble. Coffee split over the edge of one of the mugs and Elsie's smile grew bigger when Isla cursed under her breath. The smile only seemed to enrage Isla more and the petite blonde glared as she handed over Elsie's coffee.

After taking a long sip, she let her gaze take in the bedraggled woman before her. She had seen Isla in many, many states, before, but witnessing her in a bathrobe after spending the night just sleeping, this new. Elsie eyed the blue rings beneath the woman's eyelids, "Did you sleep well?" She asked.