A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #26179  by Leontine Oaks
 20 May 2019, 09:29
Location: The Power of Journalism Conference • Date: Summer 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Humid

A day spent attending lectures, keynote addresses, and panels had not been how Leo had intended to prepare for the upcoming American election. While the networking aspect of the event had been rather fructuous, she had not been as appreciative of the various speakers and their condescending tone. Yes, this election would be important, anyone with a pulse and a radio would have been able to come to that conclusion. Hearing it barked at her from an alarmingly high amount of white men had done nothing to diminish her lacking motivation.

She had left the last keynote of the evening when they had started the question period. Maybe she should have gone upstairs to her room and call it a night, but instead, Leo had gone outside hoping that a bit of fresh air might help wake her up.

The thickly humid Texas air hit her lungs and made her feel as heavy as a cartful of bricks. As she had spent the day inside, Leo was surprised to notice how dark and menacing the sky had become. Hopefully, a bit of rain would fall and would rid them of the intolerable humidity. Looking over her shoulder to make sure no one had followed her she reached into her bag and took out her flask. Surely no one would blame her for a quick swig in this heat.
 #30078  by Emilia Vargas
 19 Aug 2019, 21:15
Cigarette between her lips, Emilia watched as Leontine Oaks exited the building. She had noticed the brunette journalist earlier in the day, had pointed her out to Ava when the Congresswoman had been looking about the room. Ava had obviously known who Leontine was because her nose had crinkled and her lips had pursed in distaste. Oaks was a well known reporter, had written quite a few articles about the Congresswoman herself, had even mentioned Emilia once, but none of them had painted her in a very favorable light. No articles ever did really, but for some reason, Oak's had really stuck with the English woman.

Having bid goodbye to Ava not ten minutes before, Emilia had intended on enjoying a smoke without having to worry about her boss catching her before she too went home, but seeing Oaks not five meters away was too enticing. She'd always been slightly intrigued by what the woman wrote, and she wondered whether she was just as intriguing in person.

"You know, they have an open bar on the second floor." She called across the way.
 #30088  by Leontine Oaks
 20 Aug 2019, 15:05
Glancing towards the intruder, Leo smirked before she took another swig. As she walked towards Ava Darlington's Executive Assistant, she placed the flask back into her bag.

"Is that offer? Are you offering 15 minutes with the Minority Leader?" Leontine pointed at the flask she had just dropped inside her bag. "Otherwise, I think I might just stick with what's in there."