"Ok... You had your fun..." Simon said, standing up from the corner and making his way towards Lily.

Motioning with his hand for her to come towards him he said, "You have two choices Lily... Go for swim, or tap in one of your team mates. But you had better run fast to one of your strong body guards because I will take no mercy as Rob did..."

For being as small as he was... walking towards Lily he looked positively menacing!

He needed to make it to Magda..
Jodie was laughing along, but as Simon stepped up, her eyes widened. He looked...really scary. And yet...she was mesmerised. He had a similar look to Astrid when she was furious at something, or determined, or being as evil as she could be. His eyes were piercing, and words were stony.

And she couldn't look away.

Played By: Vyreia
But Dice didn't seem to mind. The moment she hit his hand Dice's eyes went front, he grinned an almost maniacal grin and said, "It seems the ultimate battle is to begin! Cousin against Cousin! Remember our last epic battle when we were teenagers? I would have won if Nathan hadn't stepped in!"
"When you tried to use an unforgivable on me?" said Simon with a twisted, dark smile. "Yes I remember."

And with that Dice suddenly bounded forward, charging right at Simon, smashing into his abdomen with his body and throwing him back!

Simon skidded on his back, close to the edge, scrambling to his feet as Dice did the same, his face weirdly unchanged as he gripped his stomach and said, "Do that again..."

Dice was already on his feet and using the bounce of the flotation device to spring at Simon!

But this time Simon stepped out of the way and slammed a two handed hammer fist into the back of Dice head, sending him flying off the raft and into the water.

Simon looked at the others and said blandly, "Take note... He was off first." He then turned and dove into the water... which gave most a confused start for a moment... until he came up to the surface with an unconscious Dice...

Once on the raft a moment, Dice coughed up a little water and started to come out if it, rubbing the back of his head and muttering,

"Ow... Ow... fucking ow... Fuck you Shifty..."

Cracking open his eyes and seeing Lily however he had the presence of mind to whisper, "I think I need mouth to mouth love..."

But his head hurt so bad he didn't keep his eyes opencfor long... His patch was lost in the sea
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As Simon climbed back onto the raft he could see Ivan slap his hand over his eyes and shake his head, then take a deep breath, looking up to the heaven’s and seeming to be trying to bring himself into some sort of composure...

But wile he could sense Ivan’s irritation... the anger that wafted off of Kyle overshadowed every other emotion on the raft.

Looking up into Kyle’s glaring eyes he said in a monotone voice, “Some times I don’t know my own strength...”
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Marcus quickly climbed up onto the raft as well. Kneeling on the other side of Dice and across from Lilly, he began to check him out, asking how many fingers he was holding up, checking his eyes for a concussion... many year ago Levi had given them all training in first aid. It had been a wise move.

“Damn it Cleary...” he said, not even looking up from Dice. “You deserve to be disqualified...”
"There are other ways for him to learn his lesson, because as it turns out...I don't know my own strength either." Kyle was so excruciatingly angry that his voice, despite being low and somewhat controlled, seemed to be laced with venom. His fists tightened as he stared at Simon.

And then suddenly, he was gone, a flit of red in the air. He was small, swift, and covered in red feathers. Quickly, he soared upwards, purposely flying right in line with the rays of the sun, making it almost impossible to see him against the direct light. Many people shielded their eyes to see, others were more focused on Dice.

And then in a flash, Kyle appeared. He'd dived at intense speed toward Simon, shifting back into himself just before reaching the other at high velocity. It all happened in seconds. His arm wrapped over Simon's chest at the angle of impact, taking the Cleary down with him to the platform.

Simon landed directly on his back with an almighty thump, likely winded, and Kyle had maneuvered to feel less of the impact on his side. Without hesitation, Kyle used the opportunity to flip Simon onto his stomach, grabbing his hand and twisting it around into a hold, his knee pressed into the blond's back.

He leaned down, speaking darkly to Simon, his mother hand moving to the back of Simon's head to press his face to the mat.

"You could have just ruined somebody's entire holiday because you don't know how to control yourself. Get a grip or I will personally make sure you are forced back into unpaid training at Watchdogs, since you clearly don't know what's appropriate. Do that to any non-watchdogs and I'll do more than just pin you."

With the ten seconds up, Kyle began to stand, rolling his shoulders and looking to Ivan.

"Oh no," he said blandly "I'm extremely out of breath and simply can't muster the strength to fight you. Guess I'll have to pull our team out from further matches. I'll umpire from now on. " He spoke and turned away.

Played By: Vyreia
When Kyle knocked him onto his back the wind was indeed knocked out of him. Simon tried to force himself to react through the pain and shock but... he could’t! His bodies automatic responses were taking over, partially paralyzing him in pain, and partly trying to make him curl into himself.

When he was flipped onto his stomach Dice gasped and struggled, one leg trying to hook around Kyle’s to throw him off but...!

Simon gave a sharp cry of pain when Kyle tightened the pull on his now twisted arm and his voice was muffled at once as Kyle pressed his face into the mat. Hardly able to breath or move Simon lay still, forced to just listen to Kyle’s words. Regret washing over him... at the missed opportunity to fight Magda!

He would find another...

When Kyle let him go Simon lay there a moment gasping for air, then slowly pushed himself up. His expression... not exactly remorseful... definitely irritated.

Staggering to his feet Simon shot a glance at Magda... who likely had not the foggiest idea what he had in mind, then walked slowly over towards Dice. He looked down at the other man in silence a moment, then said, “You alright?”
“Did I just see Kyle body slam you into the ground and beat you in record time?” Said Dice, looking up at the other.

“Yes,” said Simon

“Then yes, I’m more then alright,” said Dice. “Almost worth it. Let that be a lesson...” he said, pointing at Simon from where he lay, “Don’t mess with me.”

Truth was... Dice was mad because he lost, mad because Simon hurt him... but the seriousness did not quite register with him as it did for Kyle and most of the others. Dice lead such a reckless life and was so madly competitive as well, that it easily could have been him getting chastised for being too reckless.
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“You’ll be alright,” said Marcus to Dice, but you need to go back up to the beach and get yourself properly checked out by a healer at a first aid station or something, and get an icepack on your head for your own comfort.

“But I don’t want to go!” Said .dice, struggling to get up.

“Look,” said Reef, helping him stand, “I’m not trying to be your mother here but you really need to go. You can come back once checked out... and it’s just safer. Rob,” he said, calling out to the woman, “Go back to shore with him and make sure he is seen to, then you can return. I don’t think you will miss much if you hurry. Just further down the beach on the left there is a muggle first aid station and I was told one of the people that works there is a witch.”

Marcus helped The still grumbling Dice into the water, then turning to Lily, almost shyly, he said, “You.. erm... that was.. I mean a moment ago with Rob... wow! i didn’t know you had it in you. I was impressed. We all were. Wish you could have seen everyones faces.”
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