Jodie indeed used Simon to readjust her sandal, she leaned on him for a moment to alter it before looking up at his question.

"Huh? Oh er...well...as far as I know I saw her name on the list of transport back to the UK. I don't know whether that had actually been carried out yet but she's due at any time. I hope anyway." She pressed her lips together. "I feel bad for her. Better that she didn't get forced to fight but it still sucks that she was put through all that."

She shook her head"How do you feel about it since you two used to be a thing?"

Played By: Vyreia
Lily saw Marcus approach, smiling brightly at him as she made her way over. They had a pretty healthy relationship, she thought...well, aside-

That didn't happen! He was just a ghost. Nothing happened. He was never there that night. And she would continue to convince herself of that.

But despite that, she thought she and Marcus were going well. And...maybe she wanted to not just be a flat note all the time. The magazines recommended loads of tricks to spice things up!

She wrapped her arms around his neck, cheeks already red before she'd even said anything. She tried to channel Mia, leaning up and kissing him, humming against his lips and enjoying the feeling before pulling back. She moved to his ear whispering there so that he wouldn't see her flushed face.

"Have you uhm...er...ever done it in the ocean before or?"

Smooth as butter.

Played By: Vyreia
"I'm good," he said, his face almost a bit stern.

He looked off over the sand a moment, then said, "She helped my cousins get revenge on me by sleeping with him... because I guess money was more important then our friendship. Never really apologies to me either. Because that's how much she concerns herself with a friends feelings."

Looking at Jodie then he said, "You are different. You've proven that more then once to me. You will put your neck on the line. And you seem to know everyone's human. Everyone makes mistakes. You aren't petty."

He paused again, then said, "I still want to go on that date with you some times... if you want."
Jodie hummed.

"Well...I guess it's just because I know that people, and you especially, have it tough when working for people like our Mistress. I know first hand how bad it can be."

At him mentioning the date, she looked up at him, raising her brows.

"Really? I mean, yeah, sure...but uhm...you know that might not do you any favours with Mrs Iver, right? She may have seemed sort of okay but...it means if you start caring for me she can use me as a weapon, and vice versa, to get you to do things." She pursed her lips. "Who am I kidding. She does that already."

Played By: Vyreia
"Exactly," said Simon. "If she is going to punish me for liking you I want to deserve it."

Walking along again he said, "The way I see it... she already knows. I could avoid you, but she will use that to her advantage as well. Plus then you might move on and... that would sort of be a torture in itself," he said, looking at her. "To see you with another man..."
Jodie smiled along at his words, but at his last statement, she had to look up at him with a bit of surprise. But soon her expression relaxed as she looked back to the beach.

"You shouldn't say that to someone like me, you know. I don't tend to get close to men or date them seriously...you could give me the wrong idea. It's almost like we both ignored my own advice." She smiled a little at him, but then looked away again. "Is this how all your relationships start? You get a girl to go against her own advice?"

Played By: Vyreia
Simon was quiet a moment, his steps slowing a bit, but finally he said, "Well not all of them... But yes. Pretty much. You were actually easier then some."

He kicked at the sand a moment in thought, then said, "I suppose there is something about me that tends to make girls a bit wary... I don't approach well I guess. Maybe I don't have the best reputation. But some times they are intrigued despite themselves and I just play off that."

He took a deep breath, then said, "And like I said... I like the hunt. I like the chase. Yulianna fell for me so fast I felt like she was chasing me. I didn't have time to breath or think. Probably why that didn't work out so well. When I am the one doing the chasing I guess... I get to figure out just how important the woman is to me. Because it's hard work and you might have to put up with a lot of rejection and ultimate failure. So in the end... I feel comfortable really wrapping my emotions up in her. I can trust how much I like her based on how hard I tried to make things work..."

Looking at Jodie he said, "Does that make sense? It sounds better in my head. I'm not sure I am making it clear what I mean.It's notjust about the fun of the hunt. I guess also maybe if the girl resists and then gives in... well... it must mean she really likes me to even go against her better judgement. Or against her own safety if she has a medaling mistress..." he said, looking up into the sky casually...
"Well, I never meant to hint I liked you that much." Jodie teased, looking over at him. "All I gather from that is that I should have let you keep trying a bit longer so you could discover some more feelings more me. Like you said, I was very easy in reality."

She sighed, looking out to the ocean.

Was she easy? After the big game she talked when they first met?

As they stepped closer into view of other people, her skin and hair naturally lightened, eyes already hazel, waist slimming a little more. It was just natural to do this at this point.

Played By: Vyreia
Reef grinned as Lily whispered into his ear, then turning to her he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her in close as he said,

“Well aren’t you fun? Looking to add a notch to you list of new an exciting places to make love? Well that could happen... what about one night on the beach, after dark, under the stars?”

He then gave her a small, salty kiss on the lips, not seeming to care if others were around.
“Hold it steady” said Dice to Kyle as he clambered up.

Kneeling on it then he said, “Woah... this is harder than it looks.”

Dice was an expert at balance but... he had never actually done this before, and the feel was just so different. But... he had done things like it, so slowly he stood, arms out as he tried to keep stead.

“Ok, not bad, not bad... I think I could be good at this. In fact... I challenge you Magda. I am going to get a board of my own. By the end of the week let's see who is the best!”
But Simon looked at her quickly and said,

“Why do you do that? You are around friends, not work. You think Astrid is spying on you? You know she is only doing it to show how much control she has over you. If you can never be yourself you will always be her servant. She is very good at getting to people psychologically in small ways. It’s like a chain from a distance. I am pretty sure that was what worried her the most actually. On the ship. She is afraid I will pull you away from her... but she also sees how loyal I am. I just need to keep proving it and and she will have no issue with us.”
Lily kissed back for a few seconds, smiling bright at him as she pulled back.

"That sounds good..." She bit her lip as she let her eyes drift down to his chest and shoulders. She could hear the other fooling around, splashing each other, squealing like children...but she didn't care. Her hands found themselves carefully caressing over his skin.

"Sometimes I can't believe that someone like you would go for someone like me...you could have any girl you wanted, you know? I mean...you're handsome and charming and fun and charismatic...I just feel really happy with you..."

Played By: Vyreia
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