Because of his excuse of staying at Iver Hall to 'catch up on work', Ciceron hadn't actually travelled with Danica. She had travelled alongside Hera, where Ciceron had made his way shortly after Nathan and Astrid had set off. After quick checks that everything was in order, he had bid the Iver couple a short farewell to go and get settled in his rented apartment with Danica.

He hadn't exactly been looking forward to finally having to face her after all that with Hunter. But it was now or never, and he couldn't exactly avoid her forever. Try as he must. Upon arrival, he'd given very brief greetings as though their were simply upper class strangers, and then got to work in unpacking. He ensured all his clothes hung right as not to crease them, his shoes lined up accordingly, and his books stacked neatly.

Yes, of course he brought some work with him...it wasn't like he would be getting up to any other activities in the night. He glanced at his watch, looking over the time. Noon.

"I suppose we should think about getting something to eat. I don't believe the apartments have food readily available so we will need to go shopping soon...but perhaps we can just get lunch out on the way. Apparently the big shared home is already fully stocked...as is Astrid and Nathan's home. Of course." He rolled his eyes as he looked toward his now-full wardrobe.

Perhaps wearing a suit out in this weather was not a good idea. But what did he want to wear? Was it too early for shorts? Did he even want to? A light shirt would be a start...

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Danica was dressed in a light blue sundress, not typical at all for her. Her dark eyeliner was of course present along with plenty of mascara, but the light contrast of her clothing was quite striking.

She had watched Ciceron, almost in silence, hating how casual he was. Last time they were truly together he had his hand around her throat!! And now...

It was almost worse.

Danica crossed her arms, then said in a quiet voice, "Alright. Sounds lovely."

Well if he was going to keep this up then so was she! What was she suppose to do if he gave her nothing!!
"Good, I'm glad you think so." Ciceron commented, soon pulling out a shirt and glancing over to Danica. His eyes scanned over her body for a moment before he hummed and put the shirt back before picking up another.

Ah, much better. Subtle matching. Placing it to one side, he began to unbutton his current shirt, pulling it off and folding it neatly to the side, his chest on full display.

"What do you think? Shorts for the bottom half or shall we keep to full length for the moment?" He asked, referring to the bottom half. But then he furrowed his brow at her.

"What are you pouting for? We're on holiday, are we not?"

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"Wear the shorts,' said Danica. "My dress is casually enough so we will match. It's certainly going to be hot enough for it and who knows when we will get back."

She paused, then said, "I'm not pouting. I'm... well how do you expect me to act? I've hardly seen you, before or after your return. Last real conversation you act like you are going to kill me and then this!" she said, gesturing towards him. "You acting like nothing has even happened. I don't know where we stand, or if you are ready to snap at any moment. What did you and Nathan talk about? Where did you go that evening? He wouldn't tell me anything. Just said to ask you."
Ciceron nodded, placing a pair of dress shorts on the side to get to in a moment. He began placing his lighter shirt on as she spoke, but then he paused and lifted a brow at her.

"I went to go and relive some pressure. That's all." He commented. "I won't snap at you. Or I will try not to; I have far more important things to be concerned about instead of squabbling with my wife." He explaining before starting to button his shirt up.

"Anything Nathan and I spoke about is sadly confidential as it involves business interlaced familial matters...not particularly something everyone can be in the know about for safety reasons. You know the drill by now, I'm sure." He waved dismissively. "Don't you worry about it. And don't worry, I shan't be trying to figure out what you and Astrid spoke about whilst I was gone."

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“I will easily say we talked about you,” she said at once. She watched then as he finished buttoning up his shirt, almost regretfully. She would not have minded admiring his body a bit longer... but mostly it reminded her they were still husband and wife. Such a simple gesture of his undressing seemed like the most intimate thing now...

..because she never saw him any more. In any way. But she hated the cold formality when she did.

“We talked about you and of course how much I have screwed up. Astrid is so angry with me so it isn’t easy to talk much to her these days.”

She paused, then walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed she said, “Should we talk? Now that we are alone and had more time? Aren’t there things that need to be said? I know you don’t want to here explanations, or excuses, or reasons. But if you can’t even hear out an appology I don’t know what is left. Because I am so terribly, terribly sorry Ron. It hurts me more then I ever thought it would to know I am the cause of your pain. And even if you can’t forgive me now... even if you never do... surely we can work towards something other than this cool, formal attitude you take with me now...”

She looked up at him, even though it was hard to.
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Ciceron looked down at her as she spoke, his face reserved and unreadable. He remained silent for a moment more, considering. He knew what Nathan had told him to do, but he shouldn't rely on that to get through this. He admittedly had to find his own way to deal with it, so carefully, he took a long drawn out breath.

"There isn't much more for you to say that I haven't already heard...or even just imagined. And quite frankly, nothing that comes out of your mouth revokes what you put in it."

That was blunt, he knew, but he had a right to be so!

He brought his hand up and cupped her cheek, the metal cool against her skin. "But you are my wife, even with your unfaithfulness...you are still a York. A part of my new legacy is to create a better family unit - the Yorks have previously been too quick to cut ties or simply watch things crumble before them. There was no balance. So I am going to do that; I haven't forgiven you, and I certainly won't forget...but I am starting this new life as a progressive person. I simply can't move forward if I am not even willing to be open minded - even if it is only a sliver of an opening."

He dropped his hand from her face, and then moved to unbuckle his belt.

"But I can't guarantee that this coldness will fade quickly." He added finally, pulling his belt off and moving to his button on his trousers.

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Danica watched him, inhaling slightly at the touch of his hand. When he pulled away she sighed. At least he wasn’t yelling any more.

Standing then, and already feeling the nervous fear of rejection, Danica stepped into him, her hand sliding up his leg to grip onto him lightly as she said in a low voice, “Perhaps I can try to start the process of making it up to you...”
Ciceron inhaled deeply...her touch felt nice but not quite nice enough. He carefully reached his hand down to take hers away from him, but her kept hold of her hand as though to be affectionate. Looking down at her, he slowly leaned in and kissed her on the lips, sweetly. His other hand came up to cup her face, keeping her close...perhaps close enough to stop her fingers from wandering anywhere they shouldn't.

He pulled away a little, whispering lowly.

"Perhaps later. I wouldn't want us to wait until it gets too busy at the cafes. I'd rather not deal with people I don't care about today."

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A slight smile came to Danica’s face.

He was willing to be with her?!

When was she reduced to this?... she didn’t pursue men, they pursued her! And she missed that. She craved that! She wanted her husband to be driven mad with desire to be with her. But...!

This was a start. Even if she had to swallow her pride.

“Alright...” she said softly. His kiss almost made her feel weak. Like she was a teenager new to such things.

Turning from him slowly then she picked up her small, designer purse, the one with the light pastels that went with her dress so well. She eyed Ciceron’s outfit once more. Yes... they would look good walking out together. Whatever was going on between them... appearances were the most important thing in the world and could never be neglected for a moment!

She turned then to the mirror, fluffing her hair as she said, “There is to be a dinner party on the beach tonight... for anyone of importance that is in town for the wedding already. It is going to be very... rustic and casual, food cooked over an open fire and all that. Should be fun.”

In truth it would look nothing like a casual family cook out on the beach. There would be tables, chair, large umbrellas, floating candles, an expert chef cooking, live music.... But to those like Danica it was the equivalent of sitting around a campfire cooking their food on sticks!
As she turned away, Ciceron quickly changed into his shorts, doing it rather hurriedly to ensure she didn't see that she hadn't really had an affect on him. Sure, to most men that wasn't really enough to have a true affect but...he was somewhat paranoid about it. Was he always going to be this way? Was he always going to be so worried? Hopefully not...maybe things would just righten themselves out.

He hoped to Merlin.

Fastening his shorts up, he slipped on some shoes before joining her at the mirror, fixing his hair into place. "Rustic...hm, it's been a while since I've heard something being intentionally rustic since Egan claimed he did it on purpose at his wedding."

He rolled his eyes.

"Regardless, you're right. It should be fun. Perhaps we should pick up a bottle of wine or two as a gift to the hosts."

He headed toward the door, opening it up and then, surprisingly, held his hand out to her to take.

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"I think that is an excellent idea," she said, taking his hand with a surprised smile.

It would be alright. Things had to be alright. He would see. A one night fling with a vampire was nothing. Nathan was right. Might as well have been a dog. Anthony, or Hunter... whatever his name was... he was as nothing. They were more then that moment!