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Reiner Liebhart, British Ministry of Magic

Magical ★ Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement • Bounty Hunter
Reiner continued racking his brain, but still found nothing the kid should be apologizing for. "I can't imagine what you of all people have to apologize for. If anything, you're the one who deserves the biggest apologies. From him, but also from me. I'm, well, kind of the reason you couldn't get that from him." Reiner shrugged and kicked at the dirt a little. "And I am, sorry. About that and more. I tried to bring him back alive but ..." Reiner drifted off and sighed heavily. This was what he'd been struggling with the most since coming home. The fact that EJ had died - and his twisted up brain had him wondering if maybe on some subconscious level he'd done it for Isobel. Logically, he knew it wasn't true. But there wasn't much logic about emotion, or self doubt. Or depression. Nika had fed him that word - "depression". Reiner hated it. He wasn't depressed. He was angry - with himself, with EJ. With Isobel. The world. But he wasn't depressed.

Played By: Sammy