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"Right, it probably brushes on a level of commitment far too advanced." Jane's upper lip twitched slightly, she hated being the source of a miscalculation.

"Asking about family, yes that is good." Jane straightened up. "What do your parents do?" The blue eyed blonde asked too focused on pretending she knew nothing about Isla to remember the secrets she actually knew.
Isla swallowed, realizing that she had managed to herself in a very uncomfortable situation. Deciding hat the best way to continue on with this little charade was to lie, Isla summoned up every fantasy she had about her parents and chose her favorite.

"My father in an ex-Quidditch player and my mother was--is a homemaker," Isla said slowly, her stomach unfurling in waves with every word. "My father played for the Fitchburg Finches. What about yours?"
For a second she frowned, this information was not true. Mouth forming in a small circle as she realized that Isla was merely acting as if she really was someone Jane did not know the blonde nodded. Choosing to be herself as for her this would count as a practice to what she would say when Albie would ask Jane spoke of her parents. "My father is an Inspector for the Department of International Magical Cooperation." Thus the Hadleys tendency to abide by the rules and meet the required standards. "My mother is a homemaker just like yours." Proud of her ability to play along, Jane almost winked, but it ended up resembling more like an exaggerated blink.

"You have beautiful eyes, I don't know if you've ever been told. They remind me of the soothing tone of a knut." This was more of an observation Jane was making in the moment than an attempt to compliment Isla. "It's easy to look in them." She added, finding that Isla just like Vera had the ability to soothe her restless mind.
Isla blinked, the compliment that came after Jane's answer had her pausing. Her cheeks flushing completely against her will, the petite blonde froze with her hand part way towards her wine glass.

"Uh, that's, that's--thank you," Isla cleared her throat and then took a too larger sip from her glass. "You have beautiful eyes as well." In fact, the girl's eyes were probably the bluest she had ever seen.
"They are blue, but not like the ocean, blue like the Adriatic Sea along the Croatian Coast." Vera had told her numerous times, but Jane had not seen it for herself because she had never gathered the courage to fly and visit her sister while she had lived there.

"Isla," her blue eyes darted towards the ceiling. "How do I get out of it? If I can't do it, how do I leave?"
Staring straight ahead, her gaze heavy on the girl doing her best to avoid any and all eye contact, Isla spoke quietly but firmly, "You get up, and you leave. That's it. That's all you need to do Jane. You do not owe this person anything. If you are uncomfortable at all, and I mean at all you rectify that." Jane's safety and state of mind was Isla's main concern, and she didn't want her best friends sister to apologize or make any excuses for wanting to get herself out of a situation she did not like.

"I need you to understand that Jane. Don't stay because you feel you have to because you don't. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." This was a philosophy Isla had been following for years and it was important that Jane realized this.
"I just get up and I leave," she repeated slowly. A few times the instructions echoed in her mind before her blue eyes locked into Isla's brown. "I understand, if I feel uncomfortable I will leave," she confirmed.

Armed with Isla's advice Jane felt ready to accept Albie's invitation.