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Location: Isla's Home • Date: October 2002
Time of Day: Early Morning • Weather: Cloudy

There were elements of their last night together she had already forgotten. She had no recollection of who had first collapsed on Isla's bed, which of them had finally relinquished the night. Perhaps it had been a silent agreement, both of them, satisfied they had silently settled to rest for the short remainder of the night.

Determined to build a keepsake, a piece of home to bring on her mission, there were details of their last evening Alex had astutely committed to memory. With vivid lucidity, she could project behind her closed eyelids Isla's untethered smile, a radiant beauty she felt she had never truly been privileged to witness before that night. The flame ablaze behind her dark brown eyes as she had claimed Alex's body had scorched the agent's memory. Even now as she laid on her back in Isla's bed she promised herself to remember the weight of the blonde's head on her shoulder, the soothing tingle of her breath tickling her skin... Alexandra pressed her lips atop Isla's head and took a deep breath, she would never be able to put words on the smell that invaded her mind, but she knew she would remember the rare feeling of content it conjured.

Wrapped in the reassurance of Isla's constant breathing, she was lulled into the morning. She could not tell if Isla was asleep or simply lying awake in her arms, but she knew she dreaded the fact that she would soon have to leave the warmth of their embrace.

Played By: Kay
It wasn't very often that Isla Fields allowed herself the time to simply lounge in bed, letting herself get lost in her mind and the woman next to her. She hadn't breathed a word since she woke, keeping her eyes closed least the last day she had with Alex slip through her fingers. She would miss Alex, she would, but not in the way people probably suspected. Isla had lived a isolated life, and allowing someone into her inner sanctum had taken a lot of effort on her part and the idea of going back to that solitude made her skin crawl.

She would adapt however, like she always did, and it wouldn't take long before she got used to not sharing a bed, and not having to worry about whether she had enough food in her fridge for two. There would be no looking out for another person, and Isla hoped that adjustment would come quickly.

Not willing to open her eyes yet, but feeling a little restless, she stretched out her left leg and gripped the hip that her hand cupped tightly as she held back a yawn.
She traced the length of Isla's shoulder blade with her thumb before her fingers veered towards the blonde's spine. Caught in the valley of Isla's lower back, the agent closed her eyes and enjoyed a few more peaceful moments in Isla's arms.

Realizing that Isla was awake when she felt her tense against her chest, Alex eyed the villainous clock sitting on the nearby nightstand. She kissed the top of her partner's head. "I have to go," she whispered before she gently started slipping away from Isla.

Played By: Kay
Suddenly more awake than she had been during the last hour, Isla rolled onto her side but kept her hand placed securely on the brunette's hip. Stretching out her fingers, she pressed them into the soft flesh beneath and opened her eyes to gaze at Alex intensely, "When do you leave?" She answered back in her own whisper, her voice gravely from sleep.
Feeling a bit of resistance from the hold on her hip Alex turned on her side to face the blonde. "In an hour."The agent was expected to report for duty in an hour and what would happen from then on depended on the orders she would be given. Wondering if Isla needed to say more, she looked at the blonde silently.

Played By: Kay
One hour. Isla had one hour left with Alex before she disappeared for Merlin knows how long. She immediately pulled the woman closer and tightened her hold on her. She licked her lips and breathed in slowly through her nose, unsure how to proceed. She didn't want Alex to leave, that much was certain.

"Do you know where you're going?" She asked asked quietly, rubbing her thumb over the jut of Alex's hip. Isla wasn't asking for herself, more to see how informed Alex was about her deployment.
Alex nodded. While she had not been told where she would be deployed, anyone with basic geopolitical knowledge would have been able to look at her training and figure out where she would be sent.

The agent could already feel her very being retreating within herself. Her training tugging at her brain, experience letting her know that she had to shed most of who she was before she would set foot in the Bureau. This time felt harder than the last, her desire to spend every possible second with Isla before she left, kept her from completely disappearing behind her sturdy armor.

Clinging to their last hour, Alex delicately traced Isla's features and her figure. She would miss Isla, she would, she couldn't bring herself to say it, but she felt it.

Played By: Kay
Noticing how Alex remained silent rather than answering her question, Isla smoothed her hand up the brunette's back, feeling each and every single vertebrae on her way to the woman's neck. She stilled her hand at the edge of Alex's hairline and cupped her head gently. Catching the woman's gaze, she let her lips brush against Alex's as she kept her eyes open.

"I will miss you," She murmured softly, allowing herself a small moment of unbridled honesty. It was almost refreshing. Almost.
Alex had not expected to hear Isla make such a soul-baring statement. With a smirk, she leaned towards the blonde with the intent of giving her a quick kiss. As their lips brushed, the smirk melted into a genuine smile, Alex had never given much weight to these statements, yet hearing these words from Isla made them mean something.

Soon she pulled away. Reaching behind her neck she undid the clasp of the dog tag that was around her neck. Holding the tag and chain she brought her hand to Isla's. Pressing the necklace to Isla's palm she looked into the blonde's eye. "Keep it safe until I come back." It wasn't a souvenir or a keepsake. It wasn't like those ridiculous teenage boys who left their cloak with their girlfriend when they went away for a weekend. Alex was shedding a part of her and asking Isla to keep it safe. "When I come back, I..." The agent didn't finish her sentence. Isla had worked in her field long enough to know that agents often lost themselves in these missions. "I'll need it." It would help her remember this moment she hoped. Help her remember how much she loved Isla.

Played By: Kay
Not moving her gaze from Alex's face, even when the dog tag began to dig into her palm uncomfortably, Isla simply squeezed her hand tighter around the piece of steel, increasing the pain until it was almost unbearable.

"I'll keep it safe," She replied, unable to prevent the emotions from bubbling up and contorting her voice. Isla swallowed and then cleared her throat. "It'll be here waiting for you." And so would she.
Remembering the Isla she had met more than a year ago, the one who had barely let her into her apartment without having a panic attack, Alex wondered what kind of life Isla would lead in her absence. She wondered if Isla would revert behind her old walls.

"You should go spend Christmas with Viggo and Vera." She suggested before she could stop herself. Isla would probably see that she was suddenly worrying. That a part of her was feeling guilty for leaving Isla behind. "I know you'll be fine." She played with the short hair behind Isla's neck. "But it would be nice to be with them."

Played By: Kay
Letting out a long breath through her nose, Isla ran her tongue over the front of her teeth and then licked her lips in preparation, or something of the sort, "It is Vera and Evelyn's first Christmas as a married couple and Viggo spends it with his son." She rubbed her collarbone. "I will be fine Alex. Maybe I will visit them in the New Year." It would be unlikely, but if it made Alex worry less, she would at least entertain the idea.

"You just worry about yourself, alright? I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself." Isla did not want, nor need Alex fretting about her while she was risking her life doing Merlin knows what.
Alex was certain that despite their respective plans, both Vera and Viggo would have happily included Isla in them, but she did not argue. The New Year would be their anniversary, Alex wondered if they would be the kind of couple who would have celebrated such milestones.

"I know you'll be fine. Doesn't mean you have to be alone." She traced Isla's ear, took her earlobe between her thumb and her finger.

Played By: Kay
Isla let the corner of her mouth twitch into a half smile, and plucked at the small hairs nape of Alex's neck, "I have spent most of my adult life alone Alex. When you're not here, I am alone. I am what you would call, a loner." She told the girl laying across from her.

Inching forward until her nose was touching Alex's, she closed her eyes, "Do you trust me?"