Location: A cemetery in Beloit • Date: November 27, 2002

Edward Thomas
1979 - 2002

Jaime stood with his hands shoved in his pockets as he stared at the slab in the ground. It, surprisingly, hadn't been vandalized yet. Maybe burying EJ in a non-magical cemetery in the part of the country no one ever visited was a good idea. Or maybe it was just too soon and people hadn't had the time to find out where EJ's family had shoved his body.

He felt weird being there. He wasn't even sure why he was there. He had not seen the grave since the day they had the funeral. It looked weird now that it blended in with the other graves. There was no longer a gaping hole in the ground and the grass had grown in. Did Carol Wojcik's family know who they buried their loving wife and devoted mother next to? Did they ever wonder when they came to drop off their flowers for her why Edward Thomas never got any?

He glanced at his watch. He still had some time before he was supposed to be home. He should just head back. He would. In a minute.
The last three months had been hell for Reiner. He'd come home from the States and been given two weeks off, which had proved to not be anywhere close to enough. By the end of his 'vacation' Reiner was spiraling, and then he was asking his contacts for word of open matches on the continent. It was the only way he'd ever learned to deal with his emotions growing up. So he'd picked up the nasty, and dangerous, habit of boxing bare knuckles again in the hopes of working through what he was feeling. Just some small-time matches, if you could call them that, in the muggle parts of Paris so Nika wouldn't catch word of it. They had no promoters, no real rules, and were full of washed up pros looking to make a couple bucks off people with either over-inflated egos or no sense of self preservation. But it hadn't helped like he'd hoped it would.

Instead of working out his frustrations, it just landed Reiner with a bunch of busted bones and bloody knuckles. And then he'd blabbed to Nika on Halloween after the arschlecker had liquored him up and pulled the story out of him. Nika had almost beat Reiner's head in himself for that. And Reiner was back to dealing with his emotions in "healthy" ways. Though whether this was healthy or not was questionable. Visiting the grave of the man you'd killed in search of some form of catharsis wasn't his idea. But Nika hadn't been able to come up with anything better, and had basically dragged him to the airport and across the Atlantic. He was waiting in Chicago for Reiner to report back so they could go home. There was no way Reiner would be here, in this graveyard, if Nika hadn't bodily forced him under threat of sicking Auda on him. If his sister knew what had been going on she'd be hell to deal with, and Reiner would prefer to avoid that at all costs.

That explained, then, why Reiner was in Wisconsin walking towards EJ del Bosque's grave. He still wasn't sure what this was going to accomplish, but he was here. He expected an empty graveyard, somewhere he could be alone with this thoughts so he could work through everything in peace. But what he got instead was Jaime del Bosque.

Reiner saw him as he approached - standing in front of the headstone with his hands shoved in his pockets - and almost turned around. The last time he'd seen Jaime, the younger man had fallen apart in his arms. He wasn't sure Jaime wanted him crashing this party. He wasn't sure if he wanted to see Jaime again. But to leave would mean going back to Nika and lying. And he was even less keen on that.

"Hey" he muttered as he approached, still unsure he should even be here saying anything to Jaime at all.

Played By: Sammy
Jaime jumped out of skin when Reiner spoke. He was not expecting company, and the last person he expected to ever see at the site of his EJ's grave was the man that had killed him.

It took him a few moments to recover. He cast a wary sideways glance at Reiner before speaking.

"So you're stalking me now?" There was a bit of playfulness in his tone, even if he was a little concerned about why Reiner was here. Was it for him or the person the grave belonged to? Why was it either of them?
Reiner scoffed, stepping up next to Jaime to face the grave. "Not exactly. I thought I'd be the only one here." He shrugged. and glanced at the grave. before them. Edward Thomas. Strange, to see EJs grave after all this time. It was the first time he was seeing it, it was almost surreal.

Played By: Sammy
"Relaxe dude. It was a joke," Jaime was quick to reply. Someone was super sensitive.

"I thought I'd be alone too. Guess we were both wrong."

Seriously though, what were the chances they would both show up on the same day at the same time?
Reiner shifted awkwardly. To say he was on edge would be an understatement. "Guess so" he agreed. What he wouldn't give for that not to be the case. He was supposed to be focusing on his own mental health, not dealing with the little brother of the man lying dead at their feet. "Sorry, I can come back later if you want to be alone." He didn't need to be here for this, in fact it probably would be better if he weren't.

Played By: Sammy
"No," Jaime was quick to reply, "I've got to leave anyway. I promised I'd help make the pies for tomorrow."

Why was he even saying that? Why wasn't he just leaving? The last time he had seen Reiner he had tried to tenderize him like steak and then cried like baby. It wasn't a good memory for him. He doubted it was any better for Reiner.
Ah, right. It was nearly American Thanksgiving. Reiner had always thought the holiday curious. He was just going to let Jaime leave unmolested, it was the right thing to do. The last time he'd checked in on a del Bosque it had blown up in his face royally. Even knowing that, someone the words "How have you been?" found their way out of his mouth. He fought the urge to cringe. It was a stupid question, Reiner knew it. But he couldn't take it back now. The words were out there. "Sorry. That was a stupid question."

Played By: Sammy