A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32923  by Zeke Warren
 23 Nov 2019, 11:42
Location: Perecles Elfick concert, Madrid • Date: November 10

Holding a bag of churros, Zeke was glad to see that while they didn't have front row tickets (dang, Lucia), at least they had seats. He had been worried he would have to stand the entire concert. He settled immediately into his spot, nibbling on one of the sugary treats.

"You two gonna be okay, or should I get some cold water?" he joked, arching an eyebrow up at his boyfriend.
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 #32932  by Jaime Reyes
 23 Nov 2019, 12:29
Jaime nestled himself into his seat, after giving Lucia at hard time over not being up front of course. He took a drink of his smoothie, enjoying the smell of churros around him. He then chuckled at his boyfriend. "Only time shall tell. I could need water, or my adrenaline will make me not notice my throat."
 #32934  by Lucia Flores Medina
 23 Nov 2019, 12:34
Lucia sat next to Jaime, rolling her eyes and giving him a light punch in the shoulder. "I tried, okay?" she admonished him. Then she glanced across at Zeke. "You worry about yourself, dear Zeke. I'm going to cheer as loudly as I possibly can, my throat be damned." She winked, settling into her seat and taking a bite out of one of her own churros.
 #32941  by Jaime Reyes
 23 Nov 2019, 13:20
Jaime rubbed his shoulder, pouting at Lucia. "Do better next time," he muttered. He then leaned his head onto Zeke's shoulder, sneaking a peak at the book and holding back a chuckle. "You tried, and we appreciate the offer." He offered up a smile before sitting up straight again and facing Lucia.

"I'm so excited to see him perform!"
 #33027  by Zeke Warren
 26 Nov 2019, 22:10
"And I think you're both insane," Zeke piped up, putting his thumb on his page and glancing up. "Vampires are really dangerous. I'm sure that's just a rumour," he said, matter-of-fact.

Just then, the audience started screaming, and Zeke cringed. "Oh, hey, you were right," he shouted to Jaime, "It's the Vampyres." At least he kind of liked their music.
 #33085  by Jaime Reyes
 30 Nov 2019, 17:41
“I’d wear a scarf, it would be fine.” Jaime stuck his tongue out at Zeke.

When the audience started cheering, he jumped up and cheered with them. He then grabbed onto Lucia’s arm, half out of excitement, half to stop himself from falling over.