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 #31024  by Albie Rees
Location: Monaco Star Casino • Date: Fall 2003

Albie was a gambler through an through. Every investment was like a hand of cards he held close to his chest. When his most recent investment had finally paid off, the Finance Administrator had been tempted to double his earnings by augmenting the stakes.

The casino had been good to him so far. He had won a few hands of poker, a few runs of roulette and her was about to tempt fate by throwing a handful of dice on the table. Eyes on the small cubes, Albie smirked as the people standing around his table erupted in cheers, luck was on his side this evening. He took the stack of chips being pushed his way and dropped them in the small pouch that hung from his belt.

"Again," he threw chips on the table and waited for the dice to come back into his hand. "Perhaps you should blow on them," he requested as he presented the dice to a stranger standing close to him.
 #31067  by Oliver Villiers
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The last few months had been interesting for the Villiers family. With it now a well-known fact amongst the wealthy families of wizarding world that Oliver Senior had in fact been fumbling around with someone that wasn't his wife, Oliver had taken to partying a lot more than he had a year or two previous. He felt betrayed, not by just his father but also by his sister who had known about the affair much longer than any other Villiers sibling. His father and his sister were the two people in the world that mattered most to him. Yet here he was, after finding out the two had lied to his face for months. Contact with his family had been very little in previous months. Instead, Oliver found himself going to work, coming home, opening up a bottle of whiskey and repeat for days on end.

Eventually, Oliver decided he needed out for a bit. Just a little holiday, to escape the whispers that he often heard in the hallways of Gringotts or the looks of disappointment he would get from the staff at his fathers business. So the young man took off to Monaco. He had been a few days before he decided to visit the infamous casino.

He had spent most of the evening playing a few games here or there. Never making much of a win but having one or two harsh losses along the way. He had mainly broken even and instead sipped his whiskey from the sidelines while observing anyone else.

It was the dice that peaked his attention though. There was no real skill in it. Nothing major to prove you were better than anyone else. Any normal person would have avoided it, but what did Oliver have to lose. He stood in around the table, placing his glass on the side. Oliver played with the dice in his hands for a moment before blowing them and throwing them across the table. He watched as the die rolled away from him, bouncing off one another before coming to a stop at the other end of the table. He counted the number on the dies quickly before a small smirk appeared on his lips.

"Well," he turned to the man who handed him the dice, patting him gently on the back, "looks like my luck is turning."
 #31133  by Albie Rees
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"Better take advantage of it," Albie encouraged. He dropped the dice in the man's hand but not before attempting to imbue his own luck into them. One could never be too lucky.

He watched intently as the man got ready to throw the dice on the table. The thrill of seeing the small cubes roll against the green table was indomitable.
 #32118  by Oliver Villiers
Oliver nodded and shook the dice in his hands once more. This time the blonde wasn't as lucky and just as quickly the money he had gained crumbled before him, leaving him with no winnings.

Knocking back the rest of his whiskey, Oliver turned to the man beside him.

"You win some, you lose some." he announced, to nobody in particular.

"Drink?" he asked the stranger next to him.
 #32423  by Albie Rees
"Unfortunately," he agreed though he had yet to shed his luck.

"Let me," he offered. "It would be in poor taste to take a drink from a man who just lost." He did not mean to mock the man, but rather sympathize with him.

"Two whiskeys," he ordered when they reached the bar. "Dice is your usual game or?" He inquired wondering if the man might be interested in something with higher stakes.