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After finding contracts through Nahlahla, Astrid had made arrangements to see someone from the Magical Artisans Guild. It was a good excuse to go to France, and spend yet another trip away from her husband. He needn't know her ploys at this time, or ever. He had little interest in her new business anyway, she was sure. Barely asked her about it, preferred her to revoke meeting invitations to entertain him instead, encouraged her to do any paperwork at a later date.

Well, not anymore! He wanted to play his solo games? She would play her own. She had already plugged the ideas into Magda's head, gained the secure support of Hunter, busied Ciceron with contracts, and now she was going to start working on something more...peculiar.

Steadily, she lowered herself into the plush chair of the VIP booth of a high end restaurant and bar. Ordering a bottle of wine for the table, she sat back, and awaited her supplier. He was a new one, so she was unsure how it would go, but she had heard of his talents.
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Little did Astrid know that her arrangements had been made with perhaps the laziest, and most playful of jewelry makers around. He was not hard working, but he did have a certain way of putting together beautiful pieces of jewelry together. As if he had natural eye for it or perhaps it was laziness pushing him to simply do it right the first time, so he did not have to repeat it. His boss, the old coot, wouldn’t have liked that much anyway.

Kirill closed shop for the day, his back aching from having sat hunched over for such a multitude of hours that he desired nothing more than to put his back against something that would invert his entire vertebrae. It was no wonder his father complained about his back pains all the time, getting older was no joke. His jaw tightened briefly as he collected some particularly impressive pieces from the shop, he hoped he wouldn’t get in trouble for this. Not that it mattered, the old man was practically blind, and frankly Kirill did most of the caring for the shop anymore.

He wrapped them up, stowed them and made his way to the set place – that fancy restaurant down the street. He didn’t bother changing, and for some reason as he arrived, he was allowed in without a certain code of dress. Perhaps it was in the way he carried himself, without fear and some dumbfounded confidence. The baggy top tucked away into a pair of dark jeans was not exactly the look one walked into a nice restaurant with. But here Kirill was, practically breaking and entering before he was taken to Astrid.

He would slide into the seat across from the woman, reaching out with a calloused hand to shake hers.

“Hello, I’m Kirill, nice to meet you.”

His father would slice his head off for how casual he was being with a perfect stranger, but that gave him a form of satisfaction if he had to be honest.
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Astrid looked up as the man approached and seated himself. She didn't even hide the fact that her brows lifted in slight surprise; this hadn't exactly been what she expected. But then again she assumed all these 'artsy' types dressed this way, and by the callouses on his hands, clearly he had done this for a while.It was very similar to Nahla, she assumed; she was also very...expressive with her clothing.

Out of courtesy, she took his hand, giving a firm shake before pulling away, deciding not to linger on it. She flicked her wand briefly, the bottle now charmed to refill the glasses when gestured to. Without much hesitation, Astrid's glass was refilled, as was Kirill's.

"Astrid Iver, as I'm sure you're aware." She spoke, face stoic as she took a long sip, examining his face over the rim of her glass. Placing it back down, she pursed her lips before finally speaking again. "So, what do you have to show me?"
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It was as if he had forgotten all about why they were meeting to begin with, but upon her prompting he seemed to straighten a little bit - if only a little His shoulders pulling back by a tight string he snapped his fingers.

"Right, right..." He made haste to pull out a rather small but nonetheless expensive bag. It had a greenish shimmer to it, but most certainly made out of a reptile a keen eye might discern it as a Mokeskin bag, another might not know any better. Either way Kirill started to pull tiny items out of the bag and once they were all displayed in ant sized form in front of the woman he would put away the bag and pull out his wand.

A swish was all it took for the items to return to their original and respectable sizes. Gleaming before Astrid, the light that would hit them would reveal precious stones - rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts and diamonds. Some captured within silver, others in gold, and some of the more unique pieces were wooden for one reason or another. The wood was nonetheless polished, pristine and nothing to scoff at after all some was African blackwood, and others were pink ivory.

There were a total of ten different pieces to flaunt, but Kirill just tucked away his wand and shuffled the pieces by hand doing his best to showcase the entirety of each item.

"I suppose I could talk your ear off about these, but most wouldn't care, they just buy what looks the prettiest... These are some of the best pieces I have.. Some."
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Astrid smirked down at the pieces, her eyes glittering at the stones with a desire to have them to herself. Although, as a woman of high aristocracy, gems were not so rare in her field, but these did seem of a higher quality. She refrained from touching them, but did bring out a very small and delicate magnifying glass. Her eyesight was very good, but that didn't mean she didn't want to indulge on every little detail available to her. She scanned over a couple of the jewels, but soon her interest flitted to the deep ruby with multiple levels of complexities.

"Has this been enhanced by magic?" She asked. "In fact, I would like to hear about them; I am searching for a piece of jewellry to enchant with protective magic for my daughter. But...I am also a woman who enjoys intricate meaning and significance. I would like to purchase something that embodies how I imagine Ingrid to be. Perhaps if I am impressed I will do so with my other children, too."

She leaned back, looking to him. "Oh, and, don't worry about the price. I want the highest of qualities."