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 #30645  by Lauren Montgomery
Location: Marseilles, France • Date: Mid-September 2003

It had been a miracle that Lauren was even able to take leave.

She had want to and hadn't wanted to; she wanted the break, the vacation, the relaxation, but she knew the time away was going to make her regret her enlistment even more. She was getting a bump up, a better position, better pay, and for what? So she could continue being away from her family and stuck in some desert somewhere?

Two friends had invited her to Marseilles for the weekend, a quick trip from where she was currently stationed, and they had already gone home. Laurel left tomorrow, and on the other side of her short leave was a long, long, long, stint at work, so she was at least going to make the best of it.

The little market was closing up for the evening, but Lauren hadn't found anything that she wanted to eat. Instead she had wandered listlessly, glancing at the various awnings and trying to feel better about her life and her choices but nothing was soothing her thoughts or her appetite.

Stalling near a small flower stand with the breeze ruffling her skirt, Lauren pulled her cardigan tighter around her and began to wonder if she should just cut her losses and head back to her hotel.

At least she'd be able to enjoy sleeping in a real bed, hopefully.
 #30970  by Kirill Federov
The clock on the day was as per usual slowly ticking away at the young man’s mind. Another day, another unaccomplished moment of life. Jewelry came at a hard price; it was a long and arduous process allowing him no spare moments during the workday to do what he pleased. Still, Kirill found ways to work around this as his laziness prevailed above any work ethic that might glow inside of him. Work ethic was a sizzling ember, and laziness was a roaring wildfire.

Decidedly upon this day, he had figured he would close shop early and go on his merry way. The store had been unusually quiet anyway and he had no desire to stay so that he might tend to the growing spiderwebs in the corners instead of customers and clients.

Kirill found himself aimlessly wandering, many shop lights were dimming for the day whilst some restaurants and pubs would become brighter and beckon aimless wanderers a little harder. As a particularly popular restaurant caught his eye – he had only gone in once or twice – he would slow down, considering its attractive scent.

“We have food at home.” His mother would say and at the back of his mind, he could scarcely deny this fact for a moment he would look away his eyes glancing to the stall of flowers he now stood next to… Speaking of his mother, he had not sent her flowers in quite some time.

What kind of dutiful son did not send his own mother flowers? Kirill would muse over a particularly delightful bouquet of sweet alyssum flowers, idle hand reaching up to scratch at his head. He didn’t remember what flowers his mother loved the most.
 #32146  by Lauren Montgomery
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"Those are pretty," Lauren remarked, out loud in English without really thinking. She didn't mean to be a typical American, it just kind of happened. Nevermind the fact that she had spent so long in the dirt and the dust and in fatigues that she felt even more drawn to beautiful things. How long would it be until she saw flowers again?

She could conjure some, she supposed, but the Magical Infantry was supposed to be quiet about their abilities in the mixed camps.

Usually she loved her job, but today the thought just made her feel even worse.

"Sorry," she mumbled to herself, fidgeting with a stray piece of hair. "I just mean... whoever you're getting those for... they're pretty."

She was an idiot. He probably didn't even speak English.
 #33185  by Kirill Federov
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The English didn't really fully process in Kirill's head, not immediately. His English was slow moving and frankly the language was rare enough to be heard around these parts that his head was turning faster than his brain was processing what she had said. But, he had to learn some English from all those that walked into his shop, not to mention the sheer amount of moving he did. From the Soviet Union, to France... English was something entirely unavoidable at times even in the most secluded parts of the world.

"Eh? Oh... Mhmm, pretty.." He responded, he knew that much at least. The young man would look over the flowers a few more times, brushing calloused hands over them before looking back to the girl.

"Like you."

Yeah, that was smooth.