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 #30239  by Sorin Vaduva
Location: Minciunele Bakery, Sighisoara • Date: Monday, 1 September 2003

It was almost time. Every day, Sorin got up well before the sun did to travel from his home to his mother's shop in Sighisoara. He prepped the bread dough in the morning before placing it in the oven to bake. Not long after he opened, he knew the neighborhoods bunicas would be coming through the door to grab a fresh loaf for breakfast.

Sorin set up the day's menu. He had a goat cheese and asparagus quiche special that morning for breakfast with fresh goat cheese from one of the farmers that supplied the milk Minciunele used in their recipes.

With the quiches and other baked goods lined up in their cases, Sorin opened the door to the bakery and placed his menu board outside.

It was time.
 #31327  by Edith Lindtberg
Edith had only been to Romania once before when she and her mother had gone to see Meja perform and she had absolutely fallen in love with the country. That had been nearly seven years ago and she hadn't had time to visit again, so when the opportunity came up to attend the Wizarding Probation and Parole Association, she had all but jumped at the chance. Edith was never one to turn down an opportunity to better herself and doing so in Romania was almost a dream come true.

She had spent all of yesterday listening to wizards and witches from all over the world discuss many issues in the prison system and their solutions to them, and she had left exhausted but inspired. Today she had decided to spend the first part of the morning exploring Sighisoara and then attend more workshops in the afternoon. She had also been invited out for dinner with a group of Probation officers from America, and she was very excited about that.

So far this morning she had enjoyed a coffee in a small quaint cafe in the middle of town and then had visited a wizarding fair on the Târnava Mare River where she bought a traditional Romanian shoulder bag with a undetectable extension charm on it, and a blouse with yellow embroidery running down the front of it and curling around the cuffs of the sleeves. It was beautiful and she hadn't been able to resist not changing into it the moment she had bought it. Her plain blue blouse now sat in the very bottom of her new bag.

It was near noon, and Edith wanted to grab something else to eat before heading back to her hotel to freshen up and she found herself outside a bakery. She'd had a raspberry coffee cake yesterday, and she wondered whether she could get another one in there.

Pushing open the door, she headed inside and looked around the bakery with a small smile. It smelled divine in here. Edith moved to the glass case and bent down to look at the baked goods. Her eyes landed on a round treat with what looked like cream covering the top of it. The small card in front of it read, Papanași and she wondered what she was currently looking at. Was it something sweet or savory? She didn't know, but she'd definitely be interested in finding out.

She looked up to see if she could find someone to ask.
 #31363  by Sorin Vaduva
"Multumesc," Sorin said to a customer as he handed her her cake. Business was slowing down for the afternoon which meant he had some time to clean up and prep tomorrow's goods. He cleaned off the counter before he saw another customer hovering by the display case.

Sorin hated being around people. And if he was going to be around others, it was usually just the handful he didn't mind. So, becoming a manager was the last thing anyone assumed he would become. However, he took some strange satisfaction in helping people at the bakery and his attitude towards this customer was no different.

"What can I help you with today?" he asked in Romanian.
 #31425  by Edith Lindtberg
Edith knew a couple of words in Romanian, she even had a pocket Romanian dictionary in her bag, but it wasn't very hard to tell what the baker was asking her. Her issue however was how she was going to respond back. Looking at him she held up her hand, a kind smile on her face and then reached a hand into her bag to pull out her dictionary. "Just one second...Ah! Here it is." She flipped through a few pages of it, made a small satisfied noise and then pointed at the cake that had caught her attention, "Ce este asta?" She asked in bungled Romanian.
 #31550  by Edith Lindtberg
"Oh, good," Edith said, letting out a relieved chuckle. She tucked her dictionary back in her bag and then smiled at the man. "My Romanian is...not very good so I'm glad I don't have to embarrass myself anymore today." Edith had done her very best to communicate in the native tongue as much as possible during her trip but she was nearly positive that she had been doing a poor job.

She pointed at the cake again, "What is that? It looks delicious."
 #32153  by Sorin Vaduva
"That is papanași," Sorin said. "It is... hmm." He briefly thought over his words as he tried to think of a way to describe it. He wasn't too familiar with English or American food other than the food they had at the McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken in Bucharest. But none of those foods were like the ones he sold here.

"It's a pastry made with dough that has cheese in it," he began. "But you can't really taste the cheese. We serve it with sour cream and jam on top." Sorin smiled. "It is very good when made right."
 #32715  by Edith Lindtberg
"Ah," Edith murmured, bending to take a closer look at the pastry. "It sounds wonderful, I mean, they all look delicious really, but that's the first one to catch to eye." Looking up, she looked at the man, "Romania had such wonderful food. I'm almost tempted to stay here forever and eat every single delicacy you have but that would be silly wouldn't it." She laughed, feeling a little silly at her admission. "I guess I'll just have to stick with the papanași," Edith finally said with a small look of sadness. She only had one more day before she was headed back home, and she was dreading going back to plain bangers and mash and yorkshire pudding.