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Stories taking place in mainland Europe and Russia west of the Ural Mountains. Some countries include France, Norway, Bulgaria, and Poland.
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 #40055  by Pavel Albu
Monday Afternoon, Somewhere in Transilvania

It was almost strange how quickly Pavel fell back into step now that he was home. Like almost no time had passed. Clearly some had, because there were things at the mill that had not been taken care of in some time, but Pavel diligently gave his friend a tour and tried to teach him the Romanian words for different things. He might be able to get by with French, but almost everyone who worked for the lumber company spoke Romanian, Russian, or Roma, so he tried his best to help the other man out.

Things were going pretty alright too, at least until it started sleeting, and then it was just too miserable to keep working outside. The old man was gracious enough to let them off for the rest of the afternoon and Pavel set off to lead his friend toward the abandoned wagon in the woods that had belonged to his cousins years ago. It would be easy enough to move it, and then they could go get lunch.

"You don't want to keep it in the woods," Pavel explained, strangely happy to be alone with his friend for the first time since yesterday. It was weird having such a good friend, had he ever had anyone he was so close to like that? Carter truly was like a brother to him by now.

"Bears, and wolves, and sometimes dragons but the old man likes to hunt those and keep them away. We'll put it in the field, you will be safer. Is the work ok? Cutting down the trees and moving them?"
 #40087  by Carter Whittaker
Once he had taken some time to sort out the different sounds, Carter found it easier to remember the Romanian words Pavel was teaching him. He certainly was grateful to the other man that he was taking the time to make sure he knew what he was doing. It was tough work, as promised, but he didn't really mind it. At least he was free, out doing something for him instead of rotting away in a cell. It was nice. And it was also nice to have a distraction after the chaos of their arrival. He didn't want to think about that.

When the weather turned, he followed his friend off into the woods, wondering what this wagon they spoke of would look like. He listened to the advice as they went, nodding along. "The work's fine," he replied, shrugging a shoulder. "It's like when I worked at an autoshop a few years after I left home. Hard labour, but doable. And honestly, I'm just happy to be working." He was silent for a few paces. "How are you doing? Being back here must be weird."