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 #40066  by Luminita Kiritescu
The veela reached behind her neck, unclasped the chain, and slid the ring off.

"You are going to resize it, so that I can wear it," she said as she held the ring back out to him. She had no illusions. He did not love her. Not like the others. But she was there. And now that she was there, she realized what she wanted. "And you are going to ask me properly."
 #40072  by Nikolaos Alexandros
His thoughts turned to the woman who had told him no, who had made up her mind to marry another man, whose first marriage ended around the time his first life had. Now she was married to another man. She had been his first choice, the only woman he had ever asked to marry him. He had not even been her second.

But that was not where his thoughts stayed. He knew, somewhere, he had loves and cared for Malinda, and an echo of that would stay with him, but there were others. Where his mind finally settled, as the ring was pressed into his hand, was the blonde chaser-turned-carpet-racer in Dubai. She was moving on, living a life primarily absent of him.

What any of this matter? Why was it so difficult for him to know what he wanted? There was a beautiful woman in front of him, making a very appealing proposal. That should have been enough, but he wanted more.
 #40073  by Luminita Kiritescu
Luminita brought her hand up to her cheek. He clearly was having conflicted thoughts, and she wanted to make herself clear.

"I do not care if I am not the only one. I do not care who else you spend time with, who else you give a ring to, who else you think about or fantasize about or remember fondly. But I am going to wear that ring. And when you attend a party, I will be on your arm."

She wrapped her hand around the back of his head as she pulled his lips to hers.
 #40074  by Nikolaos Alexandros
Somewhere far away, he imagined al-Rumha was laughing with glee. Luminita made a compelling case, and Nikolaos found his mind clearing with the kiss. When they parted, he looked down at the ring again, holding it between his finger and thumb. With a simple bit of magic, the band shifted, just slightly.

"You are very convincing," he admitted. "And I do trust you more than anyone in the world. You know me and understand me like no one else, and you are as ruthless in pursuing your desires as I could ever hope to be."

He dropped down to his knee.

"Luminita Kiritescu, will you marry me?"
 #40089  by Luminita Kiritescu
He could have at least put on a pair of pants. Still, Luminița felt her heart beating faster as he actually proposed to her. All the work she had done to ensure her family was never again on the brink of homelessness was vindicated. She would be married to the most powerful man she had ever known, and she would have a certain amount of that power herself.

She took the ring from him, sliding it onto her finger. It was not the ring should would have wanted, but then it was not meant for her. But given what the ring was, how much it meant to Nikolaos beyond its initial purpose, she could hardly complain about the simple design. He trusted her. He was going to marry her. Maybe a part of him even loved her. She loved him. It was not the romance she had dreamed of as a child, but it was the most respectful and caring relationship she had known in her adult life.

They were going to get married.

She laced her fingers into the short hair behind his head and pulled him to his feet, placing her mouth on his when they were of an even height. A few clumsy steps found them falling into the bed together.

She was going to have a wedding. First, she had to sort of Sevastopol, and plot out their next moves around the Black Sea, but after that, she had a wedding to plan.