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 #40005  by Carter Whittaker
"I haven't seen my mother in 14 years," Carter said, shaking his head. "I don't know where she is. My stepfather lives in Switzerland, but he hurt my mother. Everyone else I know is in prison." It was blunt, but it was the truth. "And I wasn't exactly thriving before prison, either. So no, no prospects."

Saying it out loud made it real.
 #40008  by Adrian Katoracov
Adrian was many things, and more than a few of them were contemptible. But Adrian's truest self was the father. Beyond his own children, there was Malanda, there were the other members of the order, and there were the likes of Elisabeta. Adrian had difficulty resisting helping a lost young person.

"There is work here, if you would like it. It is not easy, but the pay is decent, and I'm certain I have some uninhabited property you could make use of. You are welcome back, too, Pavel," he added, turning to his former son-in-law. "I could use the help."
 #40010  by Carter Whittaker
Carter had a spoonful of the (delicious) soup halfway to his mouth, but paused at Adrian's offer. "I--" he started, setting the spoon down. "You are too kind. Yes, of course, I would welcome any job offers. And property too... merci vilmal, thank you so much," he rattled off. Then he glanced over at Pavel, curious as to what he would say, especially after the events of the day.
 #40013  by Pavel Albu
The guilt was difficult to measure. Practically impossible.

Adrian had looked after his family, had looked after him in his life. He and Malanda had not even been on good terms when he'd left, and he had been seeking something new, something different, a different life. He wanted to be someone else. It was just that the person he became was someone filled with hate, filled with anger, and he was so frustrated with his situation that he did not even consider the fact that the people in his homeland were not to blame.

"If you'll have me," Pavel nodded, somewhat humbled before the old man.

He paused for a moment, then added in Romanian:

"Imi pare rau, domnule," the younger man said genuinely, his mouth forming a line. "I should not have brought any of this to your home, or to theirs. I cannot forgive him yet, but I hope in time you can forgive me."
 #40015  by Adrian Katoracov
Adrian understood. He hoped they could all coexist in time, but he knew, even if Pavel was not about to make any poor decisions, that Malanda and Gavril would continue to be a sore spot for the young man.

"I just want you to know, whatever blame you place on them, you should place it on me instead. When you were arrested, you became a threat. I made the decisions I felt I needed to in order to protect my family. I wish now I had done more for you, but we cannot change the past. I am sorry for what I have cost you."
 #40018  by Pavel Albu
"Bine," Pavel sighed, though it was more a sigh of relief than discontent.

It was strange to hear the old man say it, especially from what he knew of Adrian in the past, but things somehow felt... different this time. It was hard to explain. But here he had an opportunity to start a new life, one where he had a real friend he could trust, one where there was no animosity between himself and the man that would be his employer.

Maybe he really could have a new life after all his time in prison.

"Multumesc. But I have cost myself many things, and the society has as well."

He turned back to Carter, a smile suddenly forming.

"What you think, Whit? Still need a Big Mac? We can take you to the city. Tomorrow we can find an old wagon for you to stay in, out on the land. They look small, but they have plenty of room. Bigger than a cell at Mitchell."
 #40020  by Carter Whittaker
A grin stretched across Carter’s face. “I’ll take that Big Mac tomorrow, I think. And anything will beat the cell, especially if I don’t have to share it with you,” he joked, already feeling at ease. He had had his doubts, but maybe coming to Romania had been a good idea after all.
 #40050  by Pavel Albu
"I am never sharing a room with you again," Pavel announced firmly, showing off his mastery of the English language and laughing in spite of himself.

He helped himself to more tuica, filled up his plate again, and basked in the warmth of being home. He could understand what Adrian was saying, he knew what it was like to want to protect your family, but he still felt betrayed by what he had seen. He wasn't mad, just hurt. He never thought he would have the opportunity to have a life with a beautiful woman, and it was like the universe confirmed his suspicions with great flourish.

He was back where he started: living at home, no prospects, no girlfriend... He at least had a little bit of money thanks to American exchange rates, but that was it. Where was he supposed to go from here?

After refilling his tuica, Pavel held it up to the other men.

"Noroc," he toasted, then translated it as "for luck."

They were all going to need it.