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 #39582  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Location: The cave outside Todesfelde • Date: Karsten's first transformation
Time of Day: Sunset • Weather: Meh

Karsten wasn't in a good mood at all, quite the contrary. This was going to be his first transformation. With growing anxiety he had watched the lunar calendar bring the full moon closer with every passing night. He was increasingly tired every morning, but also increasingly agitated. He knew what was coming, but it was still mostly the unknown. His body just anticipated things, and he knew he was in for a rough night. And a rough week, really. Probably just a rough life.

And on top of that, he had to spend this difficult time with the man who made his life even more difficult. Great.

He'd had no choice but to close shop early, and as soon as the sun had set, he'd gone to the butcher's, picked up a kilo of ground meat, and had made his way, hiking to settle his nerves, to the cave where he would be suffering later tonight.
 #39588  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah was awaiting Karsten in the cave, sat on the floor with his eyes closed and taking deep breaths. Meditation wasn't a widely-researched method of dealing with wolf instincts, but Elijah felt that it helped. Tonight he was here for Karsten, but he still had to take care of himself.

Other than to provide Karsten with the wolfesbane potion he would need leading up to his transformation, Elijah had mostly kept his distance since their first handful of initial meetings. The heightened emotions a wolf felt in the lead up to the full moon would be enough to derail anyone. Whilst it frustrated him, he knew his presence disturbed his charge, and he didn't want to cause him too much more distress. They also hadn't known each other quite long enough for Karsten to have taken the wolfesbane for the full 7 days preceding the fullmoon, so it would not take its full effect tonight. Elijah only hoped it would be enough to keep the other wolf safe.
 #39590  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten had never really expected his life would be anything great. He'd never really had any expectations at all. They were the best way to be disappointed. Somehow he was still disappointed with his life regardless. Still, he'd never imagined himself eating little pinches of raw meat, hiking to a cave he'd previously enjoyed, in the hopes it might protect the people he despised from himself. Who was about to turn into a werewolf. His life sucked.

He reached the cave, and went inside. His eyes took little time getting used to the obscurity. Elyas was sitting on the ground, silent, taking deep breaths that annoyed Karsten. More annoying though was the fact he was thinking about Elyas' breathing at all. And that he was looking at him. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat, and sat down too, as far away from Elyas as he physically could, his back against the rock. He took the raw meat package from his backpack, and started eating small pinches of it, defiantly looking at the other werewolf.
 #39610  by Elijah Rhodes
His keen werewolf senses picked up on Karsten's entrance. His nostrils flailed as the predator inside decided whether he was friend or foe. Yet the other werewolf did not move a muscle, although his concentration had been broken, which was odd. Elijah had spent many days with his teacher practising his focus and he was pretty good at it, but Karsten seemed to... unsettle him. He did not open his eyes but instead focussed on the sound of Karsten eating through the raw meat, wondering what it was about the man that intrigued him so.

Deciding that he would not get an answer this evening, Elijah slowly opened his eyes and stood, still saying nothing to Karsten. He allowed the other man to enjoy his food in peace, whilst he went about whispering enchantments to secure the cave and keep any unsuspecting humans away this evening. He did this methodically, making his way around the cave until he was happy they were safe.
 #39622  by Karsten Funkenfluss
It was unsettling that Elyas had chosen to ignore him altogether. Karsten didn't like it one bit. All the other times, Elyas had been so disruptively annoying, so chatty and irritating, and he was the one trying to tune him out and ignore him altogether. Right now, though, the broom mechanic had the distinct impression that he was the one intruding, and it really bothered him. This was his cave, that he had shared with the other man, because he was stupid, and this was how he was repaid? That would show him, for being so nice. No good deed went unpunished, right?

Then Elyas got up, proceeding to magic protection into the cave's walls, probably, and completely ignoring the German man. Karsten was irked, and quite disturbed. Was he going to ignore him for long? The werewolf continued to feed himself little balls of raw meat, until he couldn't take it anymore, and threw one in Elyas' direction.

'Now quit annoying me,' he grumbled.
 #39629  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah's quick reflexes caught the little ball of raw meat in one hand effortlessly. He chuckled at Karsten's words, but in reality he felt rather frustrated and confused. "You told me to quit being so talkative," he reminded Karsten. "How exactly am I annoying you on this occasion?"

In some ways, Karsten reminded Elijah of an ex he'd once had; the other guy had been closeted when they'd first met, and his annoyance at his feelings for Elijah had led to some... intense scenarios. Elijah didn't think this was the case here. He was pretty sure Karsten was straight for one thing, but even if he wasn't, Elijah felt like Karsten's dislike of him was something else entirely. It simply frustrated him that he didn't exactly know what that was. Maybe it was just Karsten's personality in general.

"Please tell me how I'm supposed to act so I don't annoy you," he added sarcastically, quirking an eyebrow.
 #39632  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten rolled his eyes as Elyas spoke. Ah, there it was. Of course. The English man simply couldn't stay quiet and not bother him, could he? Ugh. And he had to be nice, and patient, didn't he? Ugh, he was so frustrating.

'Your existence is annoying,' Karsten mumbled in German, more to himself than anything else. He wasn't exactly hoping Elyas was going to pick up on mumbled German, after all. He brought a piece of ground meat to his lips, and looked up at Elyas, staring insolently, fingers on his lower lip.

'You could not be there, that would be the most helpful thing,' Karsten said, as though really giving out advice. He struggled to keep his focus on Elyas' face. The jeans the other werewolf was wearing, the broom mechanic discovered, were highly distracting. How infuriating.
 #39633  by Elijah Rhodes
Karsten was testing his patience. "You and me both buddy," he replied, shooting Karsten a sarcastic grin. He threw the raw meat Karsten had given him into his mouth and munched on it in silence for a few moments.

Elijah glanced down at his watch. "It's coming," he mumbled, more to himself than to Karsten. He cast one more glance around the cave and nodding his head to himself that he was satisfied that he was finished, before returning to his previous position on the floor, cross legged and eyes closed.

"I was 15 my first time," he told Karsten, not opening his eyes. He didn't know why he was sharing this with the other man; he wouldn't care about his origin story. Still, he thought sharing would somehow ease Karsten's worries, even if he couldn't directly tell him that.
 #39645  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten rolled his eyes at Elyas' lame attempts, but watched in fascination as the other man brought the meat to his mouth, staring at his lips as he chewed, then at his bobbing Adam's apple when he swallowed. The broom mechanic forced himself to look away, and instead started to roll another little ball of raw meat.

Karsten again mumbled in German, this time a rude request for the other man to shut up. And then Elyas was sitting back down, closing his eyes, and the German man couldn't not stare at him anymore. With his eyes closed while he talked, he seemed to command to himself all the energy in the cave, and the lighting accentuated his sharp features in a way that made him even more irritated that he was cooped up with him. This was not good. At all.

But of course he couldn't help staring. Damn it.

'Yeah, yeah,' he snapped. 'And I'm 34.'
 #39656  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah found his lips forming a small smile, but he didn't open his eyes. His keen senses were very aware that he was being stared at, which made him curious, but Elijah didn't want to ruin the moment by opening his eyes. What moment? a rational part of his brain wanted to know. Elijah chewed on his lip, unsure where the thought had formed from.

Clearing his throat to distract himself from his own thoughts, Elijah stood again, this time to remove his clothes so that he was only down to his underwear. He was used to this every month with his teacher, but doing so in Karsten made himself feel shy, which was a rather strange feeling. "No point ruining another outfit," he mused, before sitting back down again.

Under the blue glow of the cave, it was easy to see the strong muscles that moved underneath his tanned skin, albeit paler than usual due to the time of the month. It was also easy to see the scars that lined his back, faded now but still angry.