A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39022  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Location: Outside Todesfelde • Date: Spring 2004
Time of Day: Morning • Weather: The same, but windy

Karsten didn't usually apparate. He left that for traveling, for when he went to Lübeck, and even then, he generally favoured riding a broomstick. Apparition was for lazy people, and he generally fancied walking much better. He liked hiking.

What he didn't like, though, was spending time with Elyas. The less time he spent with him, the better. Even if he was attractive. Because he was attractive. The broom mechanic had reasoned that yeah, sure, the pair would be physically close as they traveled, but he could deal with that. What he absolutely could not deal with, though, was the prospect of a half hour hike, alone with Elyas, who would probably want to talk.

Karsten hit the ground, and landed on his feet, much more gracefully than he felt inside. Apparition made him feel queasy, yet another reason not to do it.

They were at the entrance of the cave, a long while away from Todesfelde. Karsten leaned against the rock, arms folded across his chest, and waited for Elyas to walk towards him, silent.
 #39033  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah didn't have a particular preference for his method of travel, although he too was slightly relieved that Karsten had decided against going by foot. As cheery and annoying as he was trying to be, it was going to be rather exhausting to keep his attitude up for that long, if they had to spend that much time together.

Steadying himself as he arrived at his destination, Elijah took a few deep breaths to get rid of the fuzzy head he often felt when apparating, before moving in Karsten's direction. He was rather curious as to why Karsten had picked this particular spot, whether there were memories attached to it or not, but knowing that the other man wouldn't be forthcoming with any information, he decided not to ask. "After you," he told Karsten, waving his arm to indicate that he should lead the way.
 #39043  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten raised an eyebrow as Elyas finally approached him, watching as he got hold of himself. He needed to stop looking at him right now. It was just as well that the other werewolf was telling him to go first, because it would be a bad idea for him to go last. He shouldn't even be considering admiring the view. It was bad news all around, and he clearly sucked at making good decisions. He ruined everything in his life, and if he tried anything, this would just be a new proof of it. Reason for his parents and brothers to exchange meaningful looks when they spoke about him. While he was at the same table.

Karsten indeed led the way, not bothering to mention to the other man that the way ahead was dark and treacherous, and that he should watch his step. He had been here often enough that he didn't need to lumos his way ahead. It was a good place to be alone with his thoughts. And now, he was going to be forced to share his secret place with this man he didn't even want to spend time with in the first place. Just great.

After a short, silent walk, they reached the part of the cave where the rocky ceiling was high, and the walls were far apart. This part of the cave was huge, and the glow worms bathed it in an eerie blue light. Karsten stood there, dimly lit, awaiting Elyas' reaction.
 #39125  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah tripped. He knew it was a cave, but he expected Karsten to warn him about the darkness and the uneven footing of the cave. Or well, on second thoughts, it made sense. Karsten seemed to be doing everything in his power to get rid of Elijah. Murdering him in a dark cave wasn't entirely out of the realm of possibility, he had to admit. He also had to wonder why Karsten had expressed interest in having a mentor, and then try to put barriers up everytime Elijah tried to help. What was it about him that Karsten didn't seem to like?

After tripping initially, Elijah soon became more cautious as he walked, his werewolf eyes growing accustomed to the dark cave. He was almost blinded when the narrow walls had petered out, and the eerie blue light met his eyes. He blinked for a few seconds, taking in the sight. It felt wrong, somehow, for Karsten to be sharing something so beautiful with him. Partly because he didn't believe the other man saw beauty in anything and partly because of how... intimate this felt.

Elijah glanced towards the other werewolf, eyeing him up to see how he'd react to his comment. Deciding that Karsten would be sullen, no matter what he said, he decided to speak his mind. "Bit of a romantic spot, Karsten. Trying to woo me are you?"
 #39171  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten hadn't been able to suppress some satisfaction as the attractive man had stumbled. It was petty, sure, but the situation was frustrating, and all he could do was make sure the other man suffered the brunt of it.

The cave was beautiful. He'd never brought anyone back here before. It was intimate, sure, but to Karsten, not in a romantic way. To him, it was a private place. He came here to be alone with his thoughts, to have a few drinks, and sometimes a smoke to unwind before he went to bed. It wasn't as though he could sleep without drinks and a joint anymore, anyway. Being a werewolf sucked.

He hated that he had to share his private sanctuary with someone else, especially someone who was getting on his last nerve the way Elyas was. He was going to ruin it for him.

Especially if he made such asinine comments. The comment made Karsten blush, but at least his expression remained unchanged. Irritated. At least the cave was dimly lit and he couldn't see the other man that well, which meant Elyas couldn't see much of him either.

'No,' he replied disdainfully, trying not to answer too quickly so as to not give himself away. Elyas was attractive, sure, but Karsten certainly wasn't trying to woo him. 'Shut up. This is the place I come to think.' That might not have been a very seductive thing to say, but it was already more information than he had intended on giving the other man.
 #39236  by Elijah Rhodes
"You, thoughtful?" Elijah couldn't help but quip. "Well, I never..." He raised his eyebrows, hiding his smirk as he walked further into the cave, turning his attention to the blue light that shone above them. Karsten might not think much of the cave in a romantic way, but it was certainly a place of pure beauty, and somewhere he would consider bringing a potential date.

"Is there any way of securing the entrance?" he asked, suddenly all-business and back to the matter at hand. They were deep enough in the cave that it probably didn't matter, but Elijah worried about what would happen if an unsuspecting human passed one full moon, on a romantic date. He wanted to do whatever he could to mitigate the risks.
 #39243  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten's scowl turned into a glare as the other man made his little joke. Oh, very spritiual. Hilarious. Sure, Elyas, take a dig at him, why don't you. The other werewolf was most definetely not funny. He thought he was being clever, but he was only succeeding in pissing off the German man even more. Seriously, how was there only one werewolf mentor available? Couldn't he have a little old Oma to deal with? She'd probably have old ideas, but he was used to that. He lived in this godforsaken village, after all. Elyas, though, that was a whole different kettle of fish.

'Do you not have a mute button?' Karsten asked, irritated. Why did Elyas have to talk so much? He sighed as the other man spoke. Yet again. 'Isn't that your job to figure it out?'
 #39277  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah grinned at Karsten's question. "Nope, no mute button." He was indeed succeeding in pissing the other werewolf off, but that was his aim. He wanted to rattle the other man, although he wasn't altogether sure why.

"I'm just making conversation," he replied with a shrug, still grinning. "You know, since I have no mute button." He did turn away at that point, however; to do a mental risk assessment of the cave. He ran his fingers over the cave's walls, as if he were asking the very cave itself to answer his questions. He looked thoughtful, and for once fell quiet in Karsten's company.
 #39282  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten clenched his jaw. Elyas was really trying to get his goat, wasn't he? Why? Was this really this bloke's idea of a good time? The guy should just get a life already. Maybe he could write the Ministry and request to be taken out of the program. He was not made to be some random English man's guinea pig. He didn't have the patience. It was a terrible idea. With his luck, though, they wouldn't be able to process it in time, and he'd still be stuck with stupid, attractive, stupid Elyas for his next transformation.

'Maybe I was too polite, then,' he said. 'Please just shut up.' Still polite. Elyas might not have figured it out yet, but Karsten wasn't a patient man. Tested much more, he would snap.
 #39329  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah rolled his eyes and carried on feeling along the cave's walls with his fingertips. He did stay silent though, thinking hard. His own first transformation had been in a cellar. Edward had ensured it was safe and sealed. It felt weird but right to be going through the same processes that his teacher once had, to ensure that everything was safe for Karsten.

"Okay, I'm pretty certain that I can use some protective charms on the full moon to make sure nobody unsuspecting could stumble upon us. That's a better option than a physical barrier, anyway." Magical wards were more likely to keep both muggle and magical visitors at bay. "I'll start working on those." He paused. "It might be good for you to practise with me, so you know the best charms to use, when I'm no longer here." He added this gently, already sensing Karsten's reluctance to do so, but genuinely believing it would be good for him.

"Of course, you don't have to do that just yet but... soon. Before I leave anyway."
 #39355  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten silently observed Elyas touching the walls of his cave, supremely irritated, but also biting his lip. At least he had stopped talking. That left Karsten free to chastise himself for looking. Elyas was irritating; why was he looking at him? There was no reason. There were plenty of attractive guys, more attractive guys, that he could get with, in bars or in clubs. It wasn't that difficult. Buy them a drink, go home with them. And they didn't make dumb conversation, irritate him, or pretend to care about him. And if they did, well, he could just leave. It wasn't like he was Ministry-bound to them. But he was bound to Elyas because he was so stupid. Ugh. Maybe he ought to go out tonight. Then tomorrow he would be able to see Elyas for what he was, and for what he was only, without that pesky attraction getting in the way. An annoying prick, that was what.

'Good for you,' he mumbled, because apparently it was too much to hope for prolonged silence. Ugh. 'That's your job.' He wasn't going to make Elyas' job any easier. He was the prickly werewolf who needed help with his transformation, not the other way around. Elyas was the one getting paid for this, not him. The other werewolf's mention of him not being there forever had Karsten biting his lip once more. Shit, why did that bother him?
 #39462  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah nodded and smiled a half-smile, acknowledging but ignoring Karsten's words. He pulled his wand and muttered an incantation. There was a flash of yellow, and the man began to feel along the walls again. He pursed his lips. They weren't strong enough. He thought for a few moments, before trying a different wand movement. This time, the flash of light was orange, but Elijah still wasn't happy.

He turned towards Karsten. "I'm going to grab some lunch and do some research." He hesitated for a second. "Fancy joining me?" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I get that you're probably eager to get back to your workshop but, well, a man's got to eat?"
 #39468  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten was just as talented in ignoring Elyas as Elyas was. Better, even, because he truly didn't care if the other man was having difficulties. He would be glad, even, if Elyas was struggling with something. Anything. If he got angry. Yeah, that would be satisfying. He totally didn't care.

'Ugh, fine,' came Karsten's unenthusiastic reply, a full minute before he realised what he had agreed to. Why had he just elected to go out for a bite with Elyas? The man with whom he wanted nothing to do? Why couldn't he just have used this perfect excuse to apparate the fuck out of here?

'Your treat,' he added. He wasn't going to make this pleasant for Elyas. He'd make his life miserable. And then presumably the other werewolf would quit, all on his own. And then, he wouldn't have to worry about having to deal with a man who was too attractive for Karsten's own good. Nothing good could come out of Elyas staying.
 #39470  by Elijah Rhodes
Elijah chuckled. "Fine, my treat." He wasn't entirely sure what the Ministry's stance was on him purchasing things for his charge, but he figured he could count this as a monetary contribution towards building their rapport.

"Let's get out of here - I'll come back later to figure the wards out, once I've done some research." It would actually be quite nice to have some private time doing some reading. Elijah was looking forward to it, more than he'd care to admit to Karsten.
 #39507  by Karsten Funkenfluss
And Elyas chuckled. As though Karsten had been making a joke. Ugh. He wasn't. He was only trying to inconvenience him. Ugh. Stupid Elyas.

Karsten hoped it would be steak. Probably not, because he didn't reckon there was much of a discretionary budget Elyas would be willing to spend on him, the ass, but lycanthropy really made him crave meat. And the rarer the better. He just didn't have much money for it. A lot of times he ended up eating raw ground beef on the sofa of his rundown home. Apparently this was his life now.

'Let's go, then, Elyas,' he said, linking his arm with the other werewolf's. Something he couldn't tell was pleasant or unpleasant ran through his spine as he approached and touched him. Ugh, screw everything.