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 #38837  by Michelle La Fratta
Location: Di Pietro Fashion House, Milan • Date: June 2004

Michelle had been watching the clock all morning. She normally had her head in her work until the sun set for the evening, but she was anxious. That morning she requested a meeting with her boss as soon as she could. Michelle had been feeling restless, feeling like she was about to burst at the seams. Not about her work, no. This was something else, something personal.

Once it turned to the hour she was supposed to meet Vieri, Michelle made a beeline to his office. His door was still closed, though, and she could hear talking on the other side. So, she waited. And waited a bit more. Michelle leaned back against the wall and folded her arms across her chest, holding herself by her shoulders.

Had the secretary scheduled it properly?
 #39041  by Vieri Di Pietro
"Bella!" the old man called out, just as it might have seemed like he would never arrive. Instead of stepping through the office door, however, the famed designer came from the same hall that Michelle had entered from. He was, as it happened, running a bit late.

"Come, come," he insisted, after greeting her with a kiss on either cheek. Vieri gestured toward the door and opened it to lead Michelle inside.

"I am sorry to keep you waiting. Did you need anything? A coffee?"
 #39056  by Michelle La Fratta
She smiled when she saw Vieri, finally, and made her way into his office. "No, I'm—" But when Michelle stepped in, the office was empty. She could have sworn she heard people talking in here while she was outside. But Vieri had come from down the hall...

Now wasn't the time to think about it.

"I actually just needed to meet with you for a few minutes," sitting down in a chair. Hopefully it would be a few minutes at least.
 #39063  by Vieri Di Pietro
"Well, no need to rush," the old man chuckled as he took a seat across from Michelle. No sooner had he sat down, however, Vieri got up and crossed the room to the fireplace, inspecting it briefly. When everything seemed in order he sat down again and lifted his wand to start the coffee pot.

"Unless, of course, it is urgent. Is everything alright?"
 #39142  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle sat on the edge of her seat now that she had Vieri's complete attention.

"I would like to take a sabbatical," she said. "But for eight months." She licked her lips slightly in nervousness. Michelle had never asked for time off this long before. She went away to Japan not long ago for a month and had barely been home before making her request now.

"To find my father's killer."
 #39230  by Vieri Di Pietro
Vieri raised his eyebrows, but did not show a sign of concern. Instead he seemed curious, as if the sentence had piqued his interest slightly. Then again, he was a very old man and his expression was often difficult to read.

"I see," he remarked, flicking his wand again to pour a cup of coffee for each of them. He levitated one carefully to the table nearest Michelle.

"This would be your...father in England, yes? You are not looking to take time off to hire an assassin, I hope?"